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Poker Sets

What are Poker Sets?

A poker set is an integral part of a game of poker. This poker kit is equipped with all the right tools to enjoy a seamless game of poker. A traditional poker set online most often comprise of the following:

  • These poker sets are ideal for 6-10 players
  • They consist of 500 chips of five different colours
  • - A big bling, small blind and a dealer button
  • - 2 decks of playing cards
  • - A superior lockable aluminium case
  • - A tray organizer for the chips
  • - A protective interior cushioning to protect your poker accessories
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A game of real money poker involves the exchange of cash. Coins and paper money became a non-viable as the sport grew in popularity. In came poker chips, a powerful new currency that replaced real cash in games around the world. The new currency along with the rest of the accessories required for a poker game is what today’s modern poker set. This poker kit brought poker to the homes of several players.

Starting with poker and wondering how to buy a poker set online and more importantly how to use it? We’ve got you covered by explaining the standard values and how to use your poker set at home.

How to determine Chip Values in a poker set?

A poker set consists of poker chips of different colours. The colours don’t usually have or come with a pre-assigned value. The chip denomination for each colour is to be set by the house at the beginning of the game. As a player, it’s not important to memorize these denominations as they do differ from game to game. But here’s a rough denomination breakup that might help with your poker kit:

  • White – Assigned the lowest value in a poker kit. Most often this value is equal to the lowest possible wager in the game (i.e small blind).
  • Pink – Assigned in the second lowest value in a poker kit. Most often this value is equal to the big blind amount.
  • Red – Assigned a value that’s 2x of the big blind value.
  • Blue – Assigned a value that’s between 3x - 5x of the big blind.
  • Yellow – Assigned a value that acts as a change system for when the white chips run out.
  • Black – Assigned a value that's double of the yellow chip denomination.

Like mentioned earlier, a poker set comes with no predefined value for each chip colour. As the organizer of the game, it’s our duty to assign the right value depending on the stakes, the blind levels, the type of poker game etc. If you’ve picked up a poker set online and want to get rolling with a home game, here are a few tips to recreate the perfect atmosphere with your poker kit.

How to determine Poker Chips Values and Colors in a poker set?

Poker chips of varying colours in a poker set are used to represent money in both poker cash games and tournaments. Based on the stakes involved, poker chips are assigned denominations. Here’s a look at a cash game and how to use your poker kit to determine chip denominations:

Let's say it’s a cash game with a Rs.500 buy-in. Starting blinds at 1 / 2, choose four colours from your poker set and assign these denominations to a colour of your choice.

- The lowest denomination to be the value of the small blind, Rs.1 - The second denomination is usually a multiplier and an average wager value, Rs.5 - The third denomination is a higher multiplier, say 20x, Rs.20 - The fourth, usually the highest value denomination, Rs.100 Now it’s important to understand the distribution of these chip denominations when it comes to the buy-in amount. Assuming a player is buys-in for Rs.500 on this cash table, the following will be the starting stack which you can form from your poker set:

  • Rs.1 = White = 50 chips = Rs.50
  • Rs.5 = Red = 30 poker chips = Rs.150
  • Rs.20 = Green = 10 poker chips = Rs.200
  • Rs.100 = Blue = 1 poker chip = Rs.100

A player must keep in mind that as a game of poker progresses so do the blind levels and therefore the lowest denominations of chips from your poker set have no value and need to be replaced with a chip denomination of a higher value. Adding progressive higher denominations by introducing a new chip colour from your poker kit is known as ‘chip up’ in a game of poker.

When it comes to organizing a poker tournament as a player one must remember that chip values do not represent real money. A tournament buy-in has a predetermined fixed starting stack for each player. Players compete to gather as many chips and remain the last standing. However, when a player runs out of their chips, he/she is either busted from the game or finished in a position that pays a predetermined prize amount. The value of chips in hand is not consequential to the prize amount in poker tournaments.

Similar to a cash game as players progress through a tournament, lower value chips may be “coloured off” with more coloured chips with larger denominations making their way in from your poker set. Here’s a look at how to assign denominations to your poker set for a poker tournament:

  • White - 25
  • Red - 50
  • Orange - 100
  • Yellow - 500
  • Green - 1,000
  • Black - 5,000
  • Purple - 10,000

What are coloured Plagues in a poker set?

Several poker games require larger denominations. A rectangular object known as a ‘plague’ is often used as chips and is most common in later stages of the poker tournament. The plaques are unique in low stakes poker games and come in unique colours when you buy a poker set online. These accessories stand out because of their different shape and size and bring some pizzazz to your home poker games.

So what’s holding you back from buying a poker set online and enjoying a game of poker at home with your friends!

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