Oct 23, 2019

Your Guide to Bankroll Management for Tournaments

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How to Fight High Variance in MTTs?

Downswings are a part of every gamer’s life and even the most-skilled poker players get a taste of it quite often. Here are a few points to follow as you build your bankroll for our upcoming biggie- GameChanger 2 Crore GTD (21st August- 25th August) that features a buy-in of only INR 5500!

Look out for your bankroll

One of the most common mistakes players make is that they are buying into tournaments that are higher than their bankroll.

As we know, multi-table tournaments come with heavy variance. An important factor to consider is that your higher buy-in can handle a significant blow or not.

Generally, the players aim to have at least 300+ buy-ins for the stakes they play, however, this also depends on the structure and the format of the game.

For example, if you play tournaments with a large field or games that are quick-structured such as turbos, then you need to have a larger bankroll (300-500 buy-ins).

However, if you like to play games with smaller fields or slow structured tournaments, then you can get away with a smaller bankroll (200+ buy-ins).

Move down in stakes when necessary

If and when you face a major blow to your bankroll, try to move down in stakes because this will help you build you bankroll once again and in a steady manner. Although it’s natural to hesitate in doing so, it does help you in the long run.

Sell action

Selling a percentage of your tournament action is a smart way to reduce the effects of variance. This helps because in doing so, you will be free to play the same kind of games you played earlier.

When you sell action, an investor gets to take a percentage of your profit which depends on how much they have invested.

Avoid playing while tilted

If you feel that you’re tilting and negative mindset is getting a hold of you, then try to be away from the felts as soon as you can. If you choose not to do this, it will simply affect you further. You’ll not be completely alert and will see yourself getting crushed by a fish.

Take a break because your bankroll is way more important than your need to keep playing.

Study aggressively

Downswings is a common phenomenon and a smart way to combat it is to review your hands and analyse your strategy.

You can also choose to approach another pro with whom you can productive discussions. This will significantly reduce the number of leaks in your gameplay.


Now that you’re ready to become invincible, gear up for India’s biggest online poker tournament- GameChanger. We are giving away FREE tickets as well, so stay tuned to our social media channels!

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