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Vikash Kumar


Vikash Kumar - Bihar

My name is Vikash Kumar. I have been playing Poker since 2018. The Cash games and Tournaments are very good in PokerBaazi. I love to play on PokerBaazi.

Biggest Win Biggest Win ₹5,500
Shagun Sarda - West Bengal


Shagun Sarda - West Bengal

I'm an actuarial consultant aged 25. Have been playing poker for 6 years now. This is my first big MTT win and looking forward to more."

Shagun Sarda Biggest Win ₹5,82,900
Shobhit Bhargava


Shobhit Bhargava - Delhi

Hitting a Royal Flush is as special as it is rare :) To make it even special it was of my favorite suit as well - Spades! Will be grinding the Baazi Cash games and try and get that Royal feeling again 😉 Cheers guys!

Shobhit Bhargava Biggest Win ₹60,707

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Poker Game – Play Poker Online India

Poker is one of the most popular skill-based card games across the globe. It is played among two to eight players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. In a poker game, all players bet or wager money as per the strength of their cards.

There are ten different card combinations in a poker game. The player with the best card combination wins the pot. The game originated in the 19th century and has witnessed multiple changes in its journey of almost 200 years since then.

There are ten unique 5-card combinations in a poker game. The goal is to make the best combination and win the pot. There is a unique position marked with "D" on the table. This position is known as the dealer. The cards are dealt to all the players from this position on the table in a clockwise manner.

These cards are known as the player's hole cards. The number of hole cards dealt to the players depends on the poker game variation. As the game progresses, five cards are dealt face-up at the centre of the table. They are known as community cards that can be used by all the players to make their best 5-card combination.

Chips are used as currency in all poker games. Players bet chips as per their hand strength in a series of betting rounds. At the end of the game, the player with the best 5-card combination or the player whose bet remains uncalled, wins the pot.

Evolution of Poker

14th-19th century

The earliest version of a poker game dates back to the 9th Century in China. However, the modern online poker variation is derived from the "Poque" game which was played in France in 1400. This game was played with a deck of 52 cards that resembled modern poker games.

Though Poque remains the closest ancestor, the Poker game acquired its complete form 400 years later in America. Finer and more crucial aspects of gameplay like wagering and raising were added to the poker game in the mid-1700s.

By the 1800s, the game was being played on every riverboat on the Mississippi river with a 52-card deck.

20th Century-21st century

Although the concept of community cards was introduced during the 19th century, it was first used in a game of Texas Hold'em in 1925. As the common people took a liking to the game, some branded it as a game of chance. However, in the late 20th century, these notions began to fade.

The late 20th century saw the birth of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 1970. Since then, the game's popularity grew exponentially. Soon, Texas Hold'em became the preferred game style and the most popular poker variant worldwide.

At the start of the 21st century, the game witnessed the dawn of a new era and became a well known mind sport. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker, an American poker player, won $2.5 million in the Main Event of World Series of Poker by qualifying through a satellite tournament in an online poker room for $39. This event spiked the popularity of the game among the masses even more.

While this global journey has been interesting so far, the game's journey in the Indian subcontinent has been nothing short of impressive. Let's take a look.

Journey of Poker in India

The gaming industry in India, especially card games, have always enjoyed enormous attention. With the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and mobile devices in the digital era, interested players could now easily play poker online.

Online Poker Industry in India

Facebook, the renowned social networking site founded in 2007, soon developed a 36 million player base in Poker. As a result, the social networking site became the world's largest Indian online poker site. However, live poker games battled with the Indian legal system.

The universal appeal of the online gaming industry offered direct money making opportunities and called for a regulatory framework. Hence, the Indian laws had to differentiate between games of skill and games of chance to regulate monetary offerings in the industry.

The definition of a skill game says that the outcome of the game depends principally on the player's knowledge, training, and experience.

The 'golden moment' of online poker came with the regulated RMG sector in India.

Aside from a few Indian states, players can play poker games online for real money on any licensed online poker platform. However, one can play free poker games in India on online poker sites without restriction.

Over the years, the poker industry in India has seen a steady rise at an impressive rate of over 30 percent annually despite being still in its early stages. As per recent studies by industry experts, the Indian Poker Industry is expected to reach a staggering $7 billion benchmark in the coming five years.

Today, a variety of poker games are played globally and have gained popularity over the decades. However, since the advent of online poker, a couple of variations have enjoyed more attention than others.

Texas Hold'em poker, 4 Card Omaha Poker, 5 Card Omaha Poker and 6 Card Omaha poker are the top variants played globally, especially in online poker apps.

However, if you had to choose one variation of the game to get the taste, Texas Hold'em poker games rank the highest in popularity worldwide. A game of Texas Hold'em begins with just two hole cards dealt to each player. Therefore, it is an easy to understand game for beginners that allows them to catch up with the gameplay with ease.

Omaha poker, also known as PLO, is the 2nd most popular poker variation in the world. The main difference between Omaha poker and Texas Hold'em is the number of hole cards.

In this variation, four, five or six hole cards are dealt instead of the two in Hold'em. The difference in the number of hole cards affects the gameplay and strategy. Both variations of Poker are equally fun and are available on PokerBaazi.

Other popular versions of the game are- 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Omaha Hi-Low, and Razz Poker among others.

The action in every round of Poker starts with the dealer, marked by a 'D' on the table, that moves in a clockwise direction. The cards are dealt to the players, starting with the player on the dealer's left. The gameplay of Poker consists of the blinds, hole cards and four betting rounds known as Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and River.

Players can take five different actions in these betting rounds namely- call, fold, check, raise and all-in which we shall discuss in length below.

Key Poker Terms


Before the beginning of each hand, the first two players seated on the dealer's left place a fixed amount of forced bets in the middle of the table, known as the Pot. The first person on the dealer's left is called the Small Blind and the second person is called the Big Blind. As per the stakes, the amount placed by the Big Blind is always double the Small Blind.

Hole Cards

After the blinds are placed in the pot, the dealer then distributes two hole cards to each player on the table. The cards are dealt one by one from left to right starting with the small blind and ending with the dealer.

Actions on the Poker Table

Once the blinds are placed and the cards are dealt, the players on the table can choose to take either of the five actions based on their hole cards. These actions are:-


Fold means to exit the game without putting in any more chips. This action is used when you feel your cards are not strong enough to play the game.


Call means to match a bet in the game. So, if a player before you bets 5 chips, you also have to put 5 chips in the pot to call or match his bet if you wish to stay in the game.


Raise means to increase the bet by putting more chips in the pot. In the preflop stage, the raise has to be a minimum of twice the big blind.

You raise when you feel your cards are really strong or to force your opponents to fold their cards.


Check means to pass the action to the next player without placing any bets. You can only check if the player/s before you have not made a raise.


You can choose to put all your remaining chips in the pot during any stage of the game. This action is called going "All-in".

Stages of the Poker Game

Each round of a poker game consists of five stages. These stages are called- Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, River and Showdown.


Before the cards are dealt, the two players to the dealer's left, put the forced bets called Blinds. After this the hole cards are dealt one by one to each player in a clockwise direction. The Pre-flop stage ends after the first round of betting.


Once all the active players during pre-flop have placed their bets, the second betting round begins. The dealer deals three community cards together, known as the Flop, face-up at the centre of the table.

Betting in the Flop stage begins with the first active player on the dealer's left.


Once all the active players have placed their bets, the fourth card, called the Turn, is dealt on the table. Players continue to bet as per the strength of their hands.


After the Turn stage, the fifth card, called the River, is dealt on the table. Now, the final round of betting takes place and all the remaining active players reach the final stage.


This is the stage of the poker game that determines the winner. All the active players reveal their hole cards and compare their 5-card combination. The player with the best combination on showdown wins all the chips in the middle.

The poker hand rankings are the foundation of any Poker game that decide who wins the pot after playing a certain hand. Here is a list of the poker hand rankings from lowest to highest in strength:

High Card

When a player fails to hit any of the poker hands mentioned below in the rankings chart, it's called a high card.

Example: A♣, 7♠, 4♠, 2♣, 9♠

One Pair

One Pair hand includes two cards of the same rank and three different cards.

Example: A♣,7♠,4♠,2♣,2♠

Two Pair

Two pair hand consists of two pairs of one rank and two cards of another rank and one different card.

Example: A♥, A♣, 9♠, 9♦, 6♠

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same rank and two different cards make three of a kind.

Example: Q♥, Q♦, Q♣, 10♣, A♠


5th in strength, a straight is made up of five consecutive cards of different suits.

Example: 6♦, 7♥, 8♠, 9♥, 10♣


Five cards of the same suit but in no sequential order makes a Flush.

Example: 7♥, 3♥, 8♥, 10♥, J♥

Full House

A Full House consists of three cards of the same rank and one pair. It is the 4th highest poker hand in strength.

Example: A♠, A♦, A♣, 9♥, 9♣

Four of a Kind

A powerful hand that ranks 3rd in strength, four cards of the same rank and one different card makes Four of a kind .

Example: K♠, K♥, K♣, K♦, A♠

Straight Flush

Second highest in strength, a Straight Flush is a sequence of five cards of the same suit. The highest straight flushis the Royal Flush.

Example: Q♦, J♦, 10♦, 9♦, 8♦

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is the highest and unbeatable of all poker hands. It is made of the top five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Example: A♦,K♦,Q♦,J♦,10♦

You can find below the Poker Hand Ranking table along with the number of ways it can be formed and the probability of their occurrence.

Poker Hand Distinct Hand Combinations Probability of Making the Hand
High Card 1,302,540 50.25
One Pair 1,098,240 42.37
Two Pairs 123,552 4.75
Three of a Kind 54,912 2.11
Straight 10,200 0.39
Flush 5,108 0.19
Full House 3,744 0.14
Four of a Kind 624 0.02
Straight Flush 36 0.001385
Royal Flush 4 0.0001539

While there are many poker game variations, here are the most popular of the lot:

No Limit Texas Hold'em

This is perhaps the simplest of all variations to learn.

Each player is dealt two hole cards and five community cards, common to all players, are dealt on the table. Players make the best five-card hand out of these seven cards. The game is called No Limit Hold'em because at any stage of the game, the players can put all their chips in the middle of the table, known as pot. This action is called going All-in.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker

All variants of Omaha follow similar rules, such as the type of rounds and hand rankings. However, there are three unique rules in this variation.

  • Firstly, you get 4, 5 or 6-hole cards, depending on the variation you play.
  • Secondly, unlike Hold'em where you can go All-in, your maximum bet in Omaha should be equal to the number of chips in the pot, hence the name, Pot Limit.
  • Third and the most important rule is that you must use two hole cards and three community cards to make the best five-card hand.

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud was the king of all Poker variations until Texas Hold'em was born. The dealer deals seven cards throughout the hand, out of which only the strongest five card hand wins the game.

Five Card Draw

In this poker variation, players are dealt five cards together after which the 1st round of betting takes place. After you place your wagers in this round, you can exchange up to three different cards with another player and proceed to the second and final round of betting. The player with the highest poker hand wins.

PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform hosts a variety of online poker tournaments and cash games of all the most popular variants of poker.

Here's a complete list of the Poker variations you can play on PokerBaazi.

  • No Limit Texas Hold'em
  • 4 Card Omaha
  • 5-Card Omaha
  • 6-Card Omaha
  • OFC Poker

Truth be told, there are many life skills to gain from playing poker online. Poker is a multi-dimensional game that teaches you many real-life skills. The player can apply these skills in their business endeavours, the passions and hobbies they follow and daily interactions.

The many advantages that you can gain by playing Poker online are:

Poker Enhances Your Math Skills

Maths is an important aspect in the poker game play. The maths in poker is simple, and ebay to understand. However, there is nothing to worry about as you already have a basic understanding of maths. With continuous practice, you'll be able to master this aspect and do the calculation at your fingertips.

Poker Enhances Risk Management Skills

Poker is about risk management that teaches you about the risk vs reward principle. When you play poker, you need to take calculated risks to win money on the felts. You assess the changing dynamics such as your hand strength, board texture and your opponent's actions to calculate your possible rewards.

Likewise, Poker teaches you how to read different situations in life and take calculated risks instead of acting blindly with incomplete information.

Poker Teaches Discipline

Poker teaches you how to master this crucial life skill. When you play poker online, every move you make in the game demands discipline.

You learn the importance of game selection and table selection in order to win. You also learn how to size your bets in each round and maintain your calm when caught in a spot. This shows that successful players exercise high levels of discipline. When you play poker games online every day, the discipline you apply at the tables shall automatically reflect in your daily endeavours.

Improves your Observation Skills

Playing poker requires you to observe your opponent's moves and reactions carefully. Only by understanding the behaviour of your opponents can you figure out their strategy and beat them in their own game.

If you play poker passionately and regularly, you can easily assess the playing habits of different opponents. Not to mention, observation is a skill which you can apply in your daily life and excel at many things.

Keep a better check on your emotions

When you play poker online, you cannot react carelessly and give in to the situation lest your opponents figure out what cards you may have. Your job is to keep them guessing. Maintaining a poker face is a virtue you learn well from this game.

Consequently, playing poker online helps you keep a check on your emotions, refraining you from getting disturbed easily. It helps you to achieve emotional maturity by maintaining calm under stressful circumstances.

PokerBaazi offers you a bunch of perks you don't want to miss out on if you love to play poker games online.

India's biggest Poker Platform

By joining PokerBaazi, you join 30 lakhs+ poker players from all across India and share the celebration and glory of the game. With a variety of tournaments, game variations and exciting new formats, no matter which table you choose to play, the action stays on round the clock. Not to mention, ours is a trusted gaming ecosystem that ensures honest gameplay.

The Convenience of Play

The ease and convenience of gaming are the major features that our users love about the PokerBaazi app. You can directly play on the desktop while working side by side or download the app on your smartphone and get gaming instantly.

We flaunt the most intuitive, cleanest and snappiest User Interface and ensure regular updates and bug fixes so that you can freely explore a variety of games and hit multiple tables at once. As a result, you can have the best user experience on PokerBaazi.

Multiple Variations, Unlimited Games

We host several variations of poker games online round the clock. These include various Freerolls across variations, cash tables and tournaments arranged in different formats. The choices are limitless. Even if you are busy during the day, you can still play after hours and have a good time.

Private Tables

PokerBaazi lets you create your own online poker room and handpick who you wish to play with. You get to set the stake limits, minimum and maximum buy-ins and choose a game variation along with the number of players. You can send exclusive invite codes to your friends and play together.

Year-Round Promotions & Offers

PokerBaazi never misses an opportunity to give back to its players. Feel free to enlist in different promotions and enjoy numerous perks along your poker journey. From Referral bonuses to year-round promotions such as the famous Cash Royale, the more you play and refer, the bigger your returns on PokerBaazi.

Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Never wait to get your winnings credited to your registered account or pause your game due to lack of funds. Get KYC verified on the PokerBaazi app to enjoy immediate deposits and withdrawals aside from the opportunity to play more and make more money. We offer multiple payment options, such as American Express, Paytm, OLA money, Mobiwik, and Net Banking to ease transactions.

Responsible Gaming

Our Responsible Gaming tools help users to play the game in moderation and keep their funds in check. It allows the alleviation of any potential effects that comes from excessive online gaming.

Want to play poker online and earn real money? If that's a yes, PokerBaazi invites each one of you to India's biggest poker hub where your poker dreams shall come to life. Enjoy exciting variations of Poker such as Texas Hold'em, 4 Card, 5 Card and 6 Card PLO and play exclusive variations such as All-in or Fold and FAST. We also host freeroll tournaments round the clock for beginners to learn and play poker online from scratch.

Simply pick your game, choose your stakes,and start playing!

With 8+ years of poker pioneering in India, PokerBaazi guarantees a trusted gaming ecosystem for beginners and pros alike. Enjoy fair play and responsible gaming with us and witness your poker journey turn you into an expert you dreamt to begin with.

Poker games for real money are allowed by the majority of the Indian states as per the Gambling Act of 1867 of Indian law. However, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Odisha are the states that don't allow playing an online poker game with real cash.

Today, you can play a variety of online poker games and tournaments round the clock on credible poker platforms like PokerBaazi. This has led to the rise of many prominent poker players in India who have made a name for themselves in this spectacular game of skill.

Here is a list of the brightest poker minds in the world from the Poker Hall of Fame. These poker sharks are worldwide sensations across generations that you may choose to follow and stay inspired.

S.No Player Name Country Winnings
1st Justin Bonomo United States $60,279,954
2nd Bryn Kenney United States $57,582,665
3rd Daniel Negreanu Canada $50,425,108
4th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $47,294,275
5th Jason Koon United States $43,794,726
6th Erik Seidel United States $42,764,394
7th David Peters United States $42,360,184
8th Dan Smith United States $40,451,957
9th Mikita Badziakouski Belarus $38,858,021
10th Fedor Holz Germany $38,562,099
11th Phil Ivey United States $38,281,866
12th Cary Katz United States $36,511,479
13th Jake Schindler United States $35,449,524
14th Steve O'Dwyer Ireland $35,070,448
15th Isaac Haxton United States $34,548,817
16th Adrian Mateos Spain $32,820,040
17th Sam Greenwood Canada $30,829,963
18th Timothy Adams Canada $30,773,322
19th Nick Petrangelo United States $29,114,010
20th Daniel Colman United States $28,925,059

What is the best online poker game for real money?

No poker game shall rank higher in terms of making money. It all depends on the player's choice and expertise in the game they choose to play. Texas Hold'em and 4 Card PLO are the top picks if you wish to make decent money. These poker variations are easily accessible on credible online poker platforms of the day. Not to mention, tournaments on PokerBaazi are an excellent choice if you want to win bigger cash rewards.

How to play online poker for free on PokerBaazi?

PokerBaazi has got just the perfect selection of games to get you started. Simply download the PokerBaazi apk file on your Android smartphone from the website or head to the App Store to download the app on your iOS device. Conversely, Windows and Mac users can download the exe & dmg file from the website respectively.

Next, install the PokerBaazi app and sign into your account. Directly head to the lobby and tap on the "Freerolls" tab. Select the game you wish to play and get gaming right away.

Is Poker Legal in India?

Yes, Poker is legal to play in India. However, the misconceptions regarding the legality of the game can be misleading. The Supreme Court in its various judgements has stated games of skill as a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. Therefore, Poker is permitted by the Indian government as a legal activity since it demands a substantial degree of skill to play well.

However, the states reserve their constitutional right to make their laws. Therefore, aside from the states of Assam, Telangana, Nagaland, Sikkim, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, citizens of India can play cash games or tournaments of live and online poker.

Is poker a mental game?

Yes, Poker is a mind sport that relies heavily on the mind. You need to carry a specific set of mental skills- emotional maturity, strategic thinking, undivided focus on the table, acute observational skills to deceive your opponents and basic mental maths to make informed decisions.

Can You Win Real Money in an Online Poker Game?

Yes, you can win a substantial amount of real money if you learn and study the subtleties of the Poker game. Exercising your mental skills and picking the right online poker games on a licensed and player-oriented platform can give you opportunities to win real money.

Try the PokerBaazi app if you haven't already and enjoy a variety of options, from cash tables of the lowest to the highest stakes or simply pick your favourite tournaments, and make it to the top to earn huge cash rewards.

Can Poker be a career option?

If you regularly play poker online with undivided attention and study the game well enough, you can turn it into a viable career option and make substantial money. In fact, learning to play poker can open multiple doors to parallel career opportunities as it teaches you various mental skills that can further your current career and take up bold options such as entrepreneurship.

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