Free Entry Tournaments

Quick Sum Up

Play for Free and Win – It’s that simple!

Free Entry Tournaments are getting more rewarding on, featuring an increased prize pool worth 25 LAC+ every month! These tournaments start early in the day, 365 days a year – and go on till late at night! These tournaments are designed and scheduled with the intention of providing an ideal playground for beginners to learn, play and win at poker for free. You’ll be presented with various situations during the course of the treatment, much like real money Poker tournaments, and need to make poker decisions based on Poker math , logic and intuition. Use the Real Cash Bonus you win here to level up the stakes you play, and rise through the ranks as you learn to perfect the game!

Time GTD
9:00 AM 2.5K Free-Entry
12:00 PM 4K Free-Entry (Withdrawable - RE)
3:00 PM 8K Free-Entry (RE)
6:00 PM 15K Free-Entry (Withdrawable - RE)
9:00 PM 5K Free-Entry
12:00 AM 10K Free-Entry (Withdrawable - RE)
2:00 AM 2.5K Free-Entry
Free Entry Tournaments worth 25LAC+ every month
Scheduled every 3 hours, all through the day
Winnings credited in Real Cash Bonus
Complete list of tournaments available under Free Entry Tournament tab in the game lobby