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Call Bridge Game Online

The Call Bridge game has become extremely popular these days due to their multiple variations and uniqueness in gameplay. It is a trick-taking game played between four players with a standard deck of 52 cards.

The Call Bridge game is played extensively in the South Asian region, especially Nepal, India and Bangladesh. In this game, four players are allocated to each table and each player plays alone when playing the Bridge game online or offline.

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The players bid the number of hands they think they can win at the start of the game and then try to win the tricks they bid (at the beginning of each round) or more.

While much is there to be said and understood about the Call Bridge card game, let us start with understanding the Call Bridge card game.

Understanding Call Bridge Card Game

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, understanding the Call Bridge game is crucial to winning the game. You can engage in strategic gameplay, bid wisely, and outmanoeuvre your opponents to win tricks once you understand the different aspects of the game, including game history, objective, terms used in it, gameplay and rules.

Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy competitive matches and embrace the online world of Call Bridge card games for endless fun and entertainment without any inconvenience.

Call Bridge Game History

The origins of the Call Bridge game in South Asia, including Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, are not extensively documented. Initially played with a 32-card deck, the game adopted the standard 52-card deck as it spread to other regions eventually.

Over time, different regions introduced their variations and rule changes. For instance, the Call Bridge card game is known as Lakadi in Nepal and is played with a 24-card deck.

While traditionally popular among tier-3, tier-4 and rural communities, the Internet and mobile gaming have made Call Bridge online accessible nationwide, even in urban areas. Nowadays, it is a favoured pastime at celebratory events, social gatherings, and cultural festivals in South Asian communities.

Game Objective

Even from afar, playing Bridge games online might seem easy. In reality, the game is challenging and follows a trick-taking game pattern. So, when you play a Bridge card game, a player first places a card of a particular suit and all other players will throw a card belonging to the same suit.

The player who throws the highest card of the suit in play wins the trick. In the end, the player with the most points wins the game.

That said, you can sum up the game objective for Call Bridge online card game by saying that the winner is the player with the highest points by winning the number of tricks set at the start of the game or the maximum number of possible tricks.

Terms Used in Call Bridge Game

Another crucial aspect of understanding the Call bridge game is knowing about the terms used in the game. So let us get started.


The number of tricks you have to declare that you will win in a round before the game begins.


A trick refers to winning a hand by playing either the highest card of the suit led or a card from the trump suit if the player does not have a card of the same suit.


The act of distributing cards to each player is known as a deal.


The player dealing the cards to all the players in the game is known as the Dealer.


The suit chosen to surpass any card of a different suit, regardless of rank, is called the trump suit.


The first card played in a trick is the lead card and the player playing the first card is the lead player. The player who wins the round gets to lead the next trick.

Follow suit

According to Call Bridge game rules, players play a card of the same suit as the lead card.


When players do not wish to win any tricks during the game, they bid zero tricks. It is known as a call.


A hand refers to the set of 13 cards initially given to each player at the start of the game.


Breaking refers to playing a trump card to win a trick.


A cut occurs when a player plays a card from the trump suit to beat a card of a different suit.

How to Play Call Bridge Game Online?

You can divide the Call Bridge game online gameplay into five primary aspects for better understanding. Once you know these points, you can easily play the game and gain expertise. So without further ado, let us get started.

Making Bids

When the Call Bridge card game begins, players bid and wager on the number of tricks they can win by analysing the 13 cards they receive. The number of tricks bid help the player decide the gameplay style and strategy they follow to win the game. They also aid a player in knowing the number of points they will score in the game.

Collecting Tricks

The player sitting on the dealer's right leads the trick after the game begins. However, the player who plays the highest-ranking card of the hand wins the trick and leads the next. Players may play any card from the trump suit or any other card of their choice if they do not have the card of the same suit as the leading card.

Trump Cards

In the Call bridge card game, a feature of “trump cards” exist. With this feature, you can set a suit as a trump suit and any card of any rank of that suit can beat even the highest ranking cards such as ace or king of other suits. Spade is the default trump suit in the Call Bridge game.

Scoring Points

The scoring point in the call bridge online and offline remains the same. In this game, the player receives the points same as their bid if they win the exact number of tricks they bid. Moreover, players win 0.1 points on winning each additional trick.

On the other hand, if they win fewer tricks than they bid, the player receives negative points equal to the number of tricks they bid.

Declaration of Winner

Once all the rounds have taken place, the system or players tally the scores and the player with the most points at the end of the Call Bridge Taas game is declared the winner.

To sum up, this trick-taking game consists of 13 tricks, of which the player with the highest points will win. With the “How to Play” of the Call Bridge Game covered, let us move on to the Call bridge game rules.

Call Bridge Game Rules

Nothing matches the thrill of the Call Bridge online, especially when you learn the game rules and master them to use them to devise your gameplay strategies. Once you have an understanding and mastery of the game rules, you will have an immersive and engaging online gaming experience.

With that said, let us learn the Call bridge game rules and have endless hours of fun and challenging competition that exists in this captivating card game.

  • In the Call Bridge card game, the cards rank in terms of strength from high to low are A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • The bridge game comprises multiple rounds. However, the number of rounds may vary from platform to platform.
  • When playing the Bridge card game offline, there is a process to decide the dealer. Each player gets a random card and the player with the lowest-ranking card becomes the dealer and is marked with a “D” in the game.
  • Typically, the dealer deals 13 cards to each player in a counter-clockwise direction. Nonetheless, the direction of play and distribution may vary from platform to platform or region to region.
  • Spade is the official Trump suit in the game. However, in some scenarios, the suit of the first card played in the lead trick becomes the Trump suit.
  • Any card from the trump suit can defeat a card of another suit regardless of rank, as per the call bridge Multiplayer rules. For example, a Five of Spades defeats the Ace card of any other suit.
  • There is no upper limit on the maximum number of tricks to win.
  • The first player sitting at the dealer's left plays first, while the dealer acts last in the first round. The player who plays the highest-ranking card wins the hand and leads the next trick.
  • The player receives 0.1 points for every extra trick won.
  • Players or systems when you play online, tally the points once the game concludes after a set number of rounds. The player who accumulates the highest number of points is the winner. Additionally, the number of points that each player gets determines the monetary or bonus prize they earn in the multiplayer Call Bridge cash game.
  • The player with the Ace, king, queen, and jack of the trump suits gets the “honours”. Here, the person will get a bonus of 100-150 on the number of cards they hold.

Call Bridge Tips & Tricks

The Call Bridge card game is widely enjoyed and demands skill & strategic thinking to master the game. While hard work, dedication and consistency can make you the master in card games, you can use some strategies to gain an advantage against your opponents in the game.

These strategies include paying attention to the game & trump suits, observing your opponents, making the bid after careful thought and consideration, playing the low-value cards first, and maintaining a keen eye on the score.

Now, let us dive deep into each of these strategies to enhance your understanding.

Pay Attention to the Game

In a Call Bridge game, the Trump suit holds significant influence as even the lowest-ranking card of this suit can beat higher-ranking cards or face cards of another suit. Hence, any card of this suit can impact the ability to secure tricks.

Players use the Trump suit after thorough consideration and careful strategising to maximise their chances of winning tricks.

Observe Your Opponents

To gain an advantage in the game, it is crucial for players to carefully analyse their opponents and keep a close watch on the cards they play. It allows players to determine which cards they have played and are still in play, influencing their overall strategy.

Moreover, players can use foresight and strategic planning to make calculated moves and secure the highest possible number of tricks in the game


Careful Bidding

Large bidding in the Call Bridge game may seem appealing but is not functional. Hence, you must bid the perfect number of tricks, not too low or too high as overbidding without practice and strategy leads to negative points and low bidding leads to losing points. Hence, you must bid carefully after carefully analysing the cards.

Play Low-rank Cards First

Experienced Call Bridge players suggest and practice by often starting with low cards to conserve higher-ranking cards for later stages. This tip ensures the opponent plays better cards, limiting their options towards the end.

Track of Your Score

Tracking the score allows you to gauge your and your opponent's positions and adjust strategies accordingly. Consequently, you can minimise your losses and enhance your winning prospects.

In conclusion, there is no easy way to master the Call Bridge card game without practice, dedication and consistency. However, you can certainly increase your chances of winning in an Online call bridge multiplayer game if you follow these tips and tricks. This is why veteran players and coaches tell players to stay focused, be strategic and adaptable throughout the game to come out on top.

Call Bridge Card Game Benefits

Call Bridge is a centuries-old game cherished for its entertainment value and numerous advantages. It provides hours of fun, excitement, and valuable benefits that apply to daily life. Regular play improves concentration, strategic thinking, and memory, reduce stress, and enhances social interaction. Let us explore each benefit of playing online Call Bridge games individually.

Improves Concentration

Call Bridge demands concentration and focus, enhancing your ability to stay focused and attentive. You can improve your concentration skills through practice, which increases productivity in various areas and tasks.

Develops Strategic Thinking

You can nurture innovative and strategic thinking to outwit opponents, securing more tricks and winning the game by playing call bridge. Regular practice improves your strategic mindset and decision-making skills, enabling you to make effective choices.

Enhances Memory and Cognitive Skills

In Call Bridge, players should carefully watch the game to recall the cards played by opponents. Regular practice in remembering and processing rapidly changing information improves memory and cognitive abilities.

Reduces Stress

Playing the online call bridge card game can be a fantastic way to relieve stress. Its immersive gameplay allows players to detach from daily pressures and concentrate on the game, reducing stress and enhancing mental well-being.

Social Interaction

The availability of Call bridge online multiplayer games enables players to play with their loved ones, foster social interaction and strengthen relationships. As a result, players can utilise this opportunity to enhance their social skills and deepen connections in all aspects of their lives.


Despite its age, Call Bridge remains highly popular, offering hours of enjoyment and entertainment. The online version allows players to enjoy the game at their convenience, which makes it a fantastic way to pass the time effectively and have fun.

Key Differences between Call Bridge & Poker game

If you like to play poker online, you will know how different the game is from Bridge games online. That said, let us start comparing both games.

  • Poker is a card comparison game, while the Call bridge is a trick-taking game.
  • In Poker, you use seven cards (two hole and five community cards) to make the best five-card hand combination as per the universal poker hand rankings. However, in the bridge game online or offline, you have to win as many tricks as possible or at the least the number of tricks you bid. As a result, the player with the most points wins the game.
  • You can play Poker among two to nine players in a single table, whereas the Call bridge game requires only four players.

Now that we have covered all aspects of the call bridge game and the difference between call bridge card game and poker card game, we encourage you to try these thrilling card games and have a whole lot of fun.

Call Bridge Game FAQs

Q. Can you win money playing bridge?

Yes, you can win some extra cash by mastering the bridge game. Various online card gaming platforms offer call bridge game online tournaments, encouraging more users to sign and win real money. These games are both free and paid, so you can start with the free one and then excel to the cash version.

Q. How do you play call bridge game?

You play the Bridge Call Break game in partnerships of two. It is a trick taking card game that requires players to collect the highest number of tricks in order to win the game. You need to estimate the number of tricks you can collect based on the cards you are dealt and then collect the minimum number of tricks called to win the game.

Q. Is bridge a gambling game?

No, Call Bridge is not a gambling game. It is a pure skill-based real money game that you get through consistent practice. You can openly play this game online without any legal complication on BMG, India’s most trusted gaming platform' and play real money games of cards.

Q. What is the best bridge card game app?

There are various card game sites where you can just play bridge online free games. Download the BMG app to play Call Break cash games and earn money online without burning your pockets!

Q. What are the two types of bridge games?

There are many variations of the Call Bridge game. However, the most popular ones are Duplicate Bridge and Rubber Bridge. The first one is typically played in tournaments where all players are dealt the exact same hand while Rubber Bridge is played with a specific scoring system. It is best played with real money as the payout system follows a per point scale.

Q. What is the best free bridge game?

Classic bridge is the best free Bridge game to get started as a beginner. It follows the simplest rules that players can easily grasp and a couple of demo games is enough to get your game mode on.

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