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Money Earning Sites

Genuine Money Earning Sites in India

Virtual games have become very popular since the lockdown. Many people are switching to online money earning sites to play and earn some cash just by chilling at home. These platforms offer various free online games that can be easily learned and attain expertise in a very short span of time. Interested people can register themselves on genuine money earning websites that launch regular real money cash games and tournaments to keep players entertained and offer different cash prizes.

However, you must ensure that it is a trusted site to make money. You can check this by reading its money-related policies and visiting public platforms where you can get genuine public reviews about the money earning sites in India. Even as a beginner, you can monetize your online gaming skills by playing skill games on the best websites to earn money. Here, you are offered certain points after every win which can be further redeemed into cash.

Free Poker Tournaments

If not, you can use these points to play more cash games online online that can open a gateway to winning high-end lucrative tournaments. Indeed, if you are running out of options, playing online games is indeed, one of the smart ways to make online money. Once you become a pro player in a particular cash real money game, there is no going back.

Earning through virtual gaming sites is the best way to make online money hassle-free. However, you must remember these online earning sites are not a replacement for a stable job. So, you can schedule your gaming time accordingly and make this an alternative income source during your spare hours.

How Make Money at Online Money Earning Sites

The major motive of online earning sites is to create traffic on their website. They do this by scheduling cash tournaments that attract user’s attention and help their online business grow. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. The best earning websites understand that people now have access to the internet and are attracted to offers that help them earn money at the comfort of their home.

Also, the pandemic has immensely boosted the demand for best earning websites that help people earn money without any guilt of wasting their time. Here, the players can register on trusted sites to make money online. These platforms contain various online games that are relevant for both beginners and experts. The winner of such a cash tournament is rewarded certain points from the online earning sites which can be further redeemed into real money.

Not only this, but you can also refer these top-earning websites to your friends, or family and earn points through referral programs. The best earning sites offer a variety of ways to help users earn money ensuring that the medium of online transactions are safe and secure to maintain credibility. So, you can surely trust them while deposits and withdrawals money or paying for cash tournaments.

Money Earning Features

  1. Excellent UI interface

The best online earning sites contain a super extensive user interface to ensure that people can easily navigate through the platform. And, to win any virtual game, you need to be quick in taking action. A clutter free user interface indicates that the platform offers top of the line user experience.

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 2. Secure payment channel

Before registering on any online earning sites, you must read their payment secure policies beforehand. This will help you stay away from gaming websites that might give you a headache while withdrawing money. You can check this by reading an online review of the money earning website in public portals and then take any further steps.

 3. Variety of tournaments

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The best online earning websites offer a variety of multiple tournaments to keep their users entertained. As players, you will want to register yourself on a genuine online money earning site that provides enough chances to win cash prizes. So, before committing to any money earning site, you must double-check the type of featured cash games tournaments, different variants and whether they are affordable to players of all stakes and caliber.

  4. Play with friends

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Genuine online money earning sites allow users to play with their friends. This will help you stay entertained for a longer period and also accelerate the level of competition. You not only get rid of boredom but also enjoy your time online on such online earning sites when playing with folks from around the globe.

  5. Responsible gaming

A major job of genuine online money earning sites is not just to keep users hooked to the platform but also to safeguard them from getting addicted. Opt for only those trusted sites to make money online that allow responsible gaming to help you keep track of the time you have spent on the platform. Such online earning sites allow users to set deposit limits, time breaks, or game restrictions to effectively monitor their online gaming time.

Games to Play on Online Earning Sites

 1. Texas Hold’em poker

Texas Hold’em is amongst famous real money poker online offered on online earning sites in India. Here, players can register themselves and virtually compete with opponents across the online poker community. To play Texas Holdem poker on online earning sites, you can register on our trusted online poker platform, PokerBaazi and find different cash games or poker tournaments across stakes to earn real money daily.
We one of India poker platform that feature regular real money games of poker across variants to help you win real money. At PokerBaazi, we offer both free entry poker tournaments and cash games across stakes to encourage users to take their first step and win handsome money by registering on such online at best poker sites.

 2. Pot-limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em poker game. It can be found on all online games money earning sites where both beginners and experts play to win money. In contrast to Omaha poker game, the dealer distributes four hole cards in place of two with five community cards that tweaks the level of competition. The players have to arrange five cards making the highest-ranking hands. Money earning websites provide the winner with actual cash prizes. It is free and a feasible option for people who want to monetize their poker skills through real money games. Make sure you are registering with an online earning best poker site that is trustworthy and has a decent review to safeguard yourself from any future monetary traction problems.

 3. OFC poker

OFC poker or Open Face Chinese Poker is a beginner’s poker game. It is available on most online earning sites to make real money. If you want to try something new in poker, OFC Poker is a fun variant that you can play to make handsome money on the best online earning websites. This poker game can be played between 2-3 players and each one will receive 13 cards from the deck. Your job is to arrange three hands using the available cards. The first hand will contain three cards which will have the lowest ranking followed by two five hand cards with one ranked over another. The player who arranged the cards first will win cash prizes from money earning websites.

Play & Earn Through PokerBaazi

If all this talk about best way to earn online money has got you going, register yourself on PokerBaazi and enjoy the best of online real money games oday across stakes starting at just INR 1! We are definitely not kidding about that and invite you to enjoy the best of online gaming today with our best poker promotions to help you maximize your returns every time you hit the felts online. With our easy deposits and withdrawal systems right in place, PokerBaazi prides itself to be one of the best poker sites to make money online in India. All the best!

  1. Rummy

Rummy is an epic game just like poker game, where you match same cards suits or sequence. Players can easily register themselves on online earning sites to play this amazing game. Here, the dealer distributes a certain number of cards to each player, and the remaining cards are placed in the stockpile. The motive of the game is to get rid of all cards and win the game on the money earning website. Playing rummy online is one of the best way to make online money with fewer efforts. The players just have to discard cards that are similar in rank or three or more cards that form a sequence. Best online sites launch regular rummy tournaments to attract more players and in turn, give them cash prizes and exciting rewards.

 2. Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports have become a new trend on online earning sites. Here, the players have to assemble sports players into a credible fantasy team that can help you win a match. These real money games are very popular among millennials on money earning websites today. You can make your own Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Baseball, or basketball team after analyzing the performance of each game player and earn points to win real money. There are various free sites to earn money by playing fantasy sports. Make sure you are choosing a genuine online money earning website to ensure your time and investment do not go in vain. You can opt for PokerBaazi that contains a vast user base of over 6 Million with daily sports contests to win real money.

 3. Teen Patti

3 Patti is another very famous card game or tash game. As the name indicates, it is played with three cards and the player with the highest-ranking hand wins the match. Online earning sites contain multiple 3 Patti real money games to encourage users to play for real money

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If you are looking for a simple game to start your journey to earning money through money earning websites, then play Teen Patti card game online can be a suitable option. The best online learning sites launch daily tournaments that players can play to win extensive cash prizes. It is a super easy and fun option to earn extra cash just by sitting at your home.

 4. Razz poker

Razz poker is the opposite of all basic poker games. Here, the players strive to get the lowest poker hand to win the match. It follows a California system called the “Ace to five” to rank the lowest hand. Flushes and straight are not considered in the ranking system. The Ace card is represented as the lowest card, having a rank of 1’s. The best Razz Poker card a player could get is 5-3-2-A.

 5. Horse poker

Horse poker combines five poker games, including Hold’em, Omaha hi/lo, Razz, Stud, and Eight or better. The Horse poker game is played for high stakes where you need to be a specialist of all games. The game starts with Texas Hold’em, and with each round, the players change the game type, and by the end of the match, only one player could survive.

 6. Blackjack

Blackjack is a unique card game, also known as twenty-one. The objective of the Blackjack card game is to get a combination of cards that beats the dealer and sums up to twenty-one. Each card has been offered a number according to its rank, like the King, Queen, Jack, Ten, values 10. And, the ace can both be valued at 1 or 11. The other cards hold a value equal to their card number. A combination of two aces of hearts can beat all hands and values 22.

 7. Baccarat

Baccarat is a very famous card game which is played between the player and the dealer. Like the Blackjack, each card here is offered a number that matches its rank. Baccarat card game starts when the dealer provides two hole cards to both parties. Here, there could be only three situations: either the player or dealer will win or a tie. So, if you bet on the player, you will get double your bet. And, if you are stuck on a dealer, you will be provided with 95% of your bet.

  8. War card game

It’s a beginner level card game which is extremely easy to understand. The deck is divided equally between all players one by one, and each player displays their card. The player with the highest-ranking card wins the war card game. And, if the cards are of similar rank, this will be called a “war”. The players will then place three face down-cards with one face-up card, and the one with a higher ranking face-up card wins the game.

Money Earning Sites- FAQs

Q. Which site is best for earning money?

SKill based online games are one of the best ways to enjoy a side income and have fun at the same time. Sites like PokerBaazi are one of the top and oldest platforms in India where you can play skill based games like Poker and win real money. Players have the option to play free games and cash games and tournaments across stakes starting as low as INR 1 and rank high on the leaderboards to earn real money.

Q How can I make 1000 a day?

One of the best and most fun ways to make a side hustle is to play skill based online games. In terms of making a decent income, Poker is a great option to fiddle your brains with. However, you must follow the learning curve thoroughly to develop the set of skills required to be a winning player. There’s no shortcut to making money online but make sure you choose a trusted money earning website such as PokerBaazi with a stellar reputation to enjoy safe and secure transactions.

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