Feb 18, 2020
4-Card PLO Cash Drives You Faster On Pot Limit Omaha Tables

4-Card PLO Cash Drives You Faster On Pot Limit Omaha Tables

Feb 17, 2020 Events admin

Pot limit Omaha (PLO) lovers, you’re going to love this poker promotion! Its Omaha season on PokerBaazi.com with the 4-card PLO Cash Drive that is live from 5th February to 5th March. During this period, you can earn up to 80% rakeback on all 4-card online Pot limit Omaha cash tables. Love pot limi...

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How to Learn Poker Fast and Free?

Nov 22, 2016 Strategy admin

How to Learn Poker Fast and Free?

Poker is a fabulous game and you need to train yourself a lot before you can actually turn your learnings into real money in online poker. Do your research and study the rules of the poker variant if you haven’t started playing yet. Visit any live tournament venue in India to get the feel of the gam...

Learn The Art Of Post-Flop Play In Poker

Oct 25, 2016 Strategy admin

Learn The Art Of Post-Flop Play In Poker

We all know how a flop can affect your hand and can simultaneously improve the hand of your opponent. You will certainly need to decide how to progress once you have evaluated where you stand post-flop. However, you might want to consider a few basics of post flop play when playing online poker cash...

State of Flow

27-12-2017 maria

PokerBaazi Blog Post #9 State of Flow Maria Kirloskar PokerBaazi Team PRO In every sphere of life, the aim is to be in that sweet spot of the zone or in the state of flow – where work becomes pleasurably effortless, personal relationships are joyfully synergistic, and healthy living is vibrantly conscious. As we all know, living with this kind of focus in our daily lives is not an easy feat and we may not even realize it when we do somehow get into the zone.  However, it is a state of being that all self-help gurus advocate and try to help us attain through meditation, guided hypnosis, audiobooks, and more. Anthony Robbins, in his book, Awaken the Giant Within, urges his readers to write down goals and read them twice a day to build a neural pathway to achieve those goals.  Basically, this is to tune yourself to get into the zone in your...

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