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PokerBaazi is here to help you play your cards right,
on and off the felts.

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Things to Consider

What drives us?

Poker is a game loved worldwide, and with good reason. It’s thrilling, it’s fun, and it’s rewarding. But like every good thing, it needs to be practised in moderation and with the right checks in place.

At PokerBaazi, we want you to have a wholesome gaming experience. This includes alleviating any potential negative effects that excessive gaming might cause. We constantly work with user data to monitor patterns of gameplay, deposits and stake levels, and try to personally reach out any time we spot a concern or anomaly. While we continue building towards a data and AI-led system that works to intuitively and seamlessly create optimal gaming conditions for you, we also incorporate features that give you tools for self-regulation such as limit-setting and self-exclusion and provide any assistance you might need while navigating the world of poker.

Here’s how you can use these tools to play the way that will bring you the most amount of benefit. Please make sure to also go through the Terms & Conditions of Responsible Gaming along with this page.

Accessing Responsible Gaming

All you need to do is log in to your PokerBaazi account, and the tools to regulate the way you play will be at your disposal. Follow these instructions to access features and play responsibly.


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Desktop User:

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Mobile App:

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Setting Deposit Limit's

This feature of Responsible Gaming allows you to effectively manage your bankroll for playing poker online. From daily, weekly to monthly, you can set your deposit limits and transaction counts suitably. You are free to request changes in these limits at any point of time. We encourage you to take a call wisely - If you have a propensity to grind for long stretches of time despite losing, set your daily deposit limit to a lower amount. Find more about this on the ‘Deposit Limit’ tab of Responsible Gaming on your dashboard.

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Setting Cash Table And OFC Table Limits

High stakes cash and OFC games may carry a lot of thrills, but should not cause you harm. We provide you with the opportunity to manage your bankroll wisely by limiting the stakes for cash and OFC tables.

Find more on the ‘Cash Table Limits’ tab of Responsible Gaming on your dashboard:

Log in My account Responsible Gaming Cash Table Limits

Find more about the ‘OFC Limits’ tab of Responsible Gaming on your dashboard:

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Poker Break

Are you often playing till you lose your last rupee or neglecting your personal welfare for poker? Have you borrowed funds to play or felt self-destructive lately? If gaming becomes a hindrance in your daily life and upsets people around you, we encourage you to take a poker break.

Self-exclusion, a feature of our Responsible Gaming will allow you to cool down by taking a break from playing poker for a duration of your choice. During this period, you will be unable to access your PokerBaazi profile. Your time-out will be irreversible for the selected duration.

Find more on the ‘Poker Break’ tab of Responsible Gaming on your dashboard:

Log in My account Responsible Gaming Poker Break

If you’re facing continued problems and our Responsible Gaming tools seem inadequate, don’t worry. Baazi Care is here to solve your issues.

Baazi Care

If you're facing continuous problems, our team will connect you to one of our Baazi Care experts. They are counsellors and psychologists who work with clients facing emotional, physical and mental struggles in their personal and professional lives, and can guide you towards wellbeing and resolve your issues. To connect with one of our counsellors, write to us at

Our Experts:

Dr Nisha Khanna is a PhD in Psychology from NIMHANS, a certified EQ coach & motivational speaker. She is a member of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) India, Indian Association of Family Therapy (IAFT) India & Headington Institute’s CARD Directory California.

Ms Aliya Singh is an experienced counselling psychologist who has worked as a counsellor at Ambrosian Wellbeing, iCALL - Psychosocial helpline, Mount Litera School international, Vitality Living College, and Arpan. She uses a unique mix of talk therapy and somatic work and is trained in healing modalities such as CBT, Narrative Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Breakthrough Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, PSYCH-K, The Journey, Emotion Freedom Techniques and Mindfulness for Educators.

How to Play Safe Online


You should treat poker as a source of entertainment, not as a source of income.


You should make frequent withdrawals from your account when you win.

Chasing Losses

You should not try to compensate for your losses by playing higher stakes.


You should set deposit limits to make sure you don’t deposit more than you can spare to neglect.

Poker Break

You should avoid playing when you’re feeling low, depressed, tired or impulsive.

Bankroll Management

Look out for your bankroll:

One of the most important things to consider is that you don’t sit in the games that are higher than your bankroll. Generally, the aim should be to have at least 100+ buy-ins for the stakes you play, however, this also depends on the structure and the format of the game. For example, if you play tournaments with a large field or games that are quick-structured such as turbos, then you need to have a larger bankroll.

Move down in stakes when necessary:

If you are down on your bankroll, try to move down in stakes because this will help you build your bankroll once again and in a steady manner. Although it’s natural to hesitate in doing so, it does help you in the long run.

Don’t chase losses and avoid playing while tilted:

If you feel that you’re tilted and negative mindset is getting a hold of you, then try to be away from the felts as soon as you can. Take a break because your bankroll is way more important than your need to keep playing. You should never try to chase your losses.

Study your game:

A smart way to get better at your game is to review your hands and analyse your strategy. You can view your game history under the ‘History’ tab in your dashboard once you login on the PokerBaazi website. You should do this regularly to keep evolving your game.