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Poker Championship India

Tournament NameDay/TimeEvent NameBuy InGTD
The EndBoss20th to 24th Oct 8PMThe EndBoss 2nd Edition10000+10005 Cr
Indian Micro Poker Series(IMPS)12th to 26th SeptemberIMPS Gold Edition"Value Blast 10L GTD @110 Buyin, Mini Main Event 30L GTD @ 1650, Buyin Main Event 50L GTD @ 2200"3 Cr

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Find the full details here of The endboss 2021 and Indian Micro Poker Series

The Poker game is widely popular, especially in Europe. Poker game is a strategy-based game that combines deceit, and a smart Poker Strategy. Today, it is almost a tradition for the guns and even emerging champs to participate in Poker Championships. The idea of meeting your arch rivals head on in an Online Poker Championship or maybe even the Poker Tournaments is enough to get your head in the game. The objective of online poker games is to make the game more popular by allowing players from all around the world to play. Here, you shall find various Poker tips and tricks to ace Online Poker Championships, the Doubles Poker Championship, and poker strategy on how to grab a seat at the Biggest Poker Championship Free Gems.

Basic Rules to Participate in a Poker Championship

When you participate in an Online Poker Championship the rules can be very new and the forum can have different laws. However, in general, there are some rules to be maintained and followed when you play a real money poker online.

Here is the list of general rules that the Poker players Championship has in common.

  • The poker rules is strictly maintained everywhere for Poker Championship online or Poker Championship games. You will be given a fair chance to play, and you have to respect everyone's choice of playing fairly without any fault.
  • Everyone should register on time and be qualified for the Poker players Championship qualifications as stated in the poker tournament rules.
  • All players must pay a fixed buy-in for entry to the Online Poker Championship and shall receive exact number of chips to start with.
  • If you are playing on our Poker Championship app, make sure that you are eligible for the Poker Championship game before registering, otherwise your registration will be cancelled.
  • The Poker Championship online has a very vast set of rules, but some rules are fixed to ensure fair play and less confusion.

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  • Limits and blinds increase at set intervals as per the game rules.
  • The final payouts will be determined once all re-buys, re-entries and add-ons are calculated and registration is closed. Prize pools may change or vary depending on the number of re-buys and entrants in the Online Poker championships.

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Rules of Poker Championship in India

If you are playing Poker Championship in India, then there will be a set of rules that is different from the European casino version. However, the chance of enjoying fair play and having a proper protocol with a distinct set of regulations on how to play Poker is common and is followed according to global standards.

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The Rules of Poker Championship in India:

  • Indian Online Poker Championship is known for its set of rules because it is unique from European Poker especially, Texas hold 'em down. The motive of Indian poker championship app games is to win the bet that all the players have placed unitedly in every hand.
  • The available set of the rules is all the same as each player starts clockwise or anticlockwise with one dealer who deals with the Deck of cards containing 52 on each set.

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  • Across all Online Poker Championships in India, each player is given a chance to check, bet, raise or fold. These four options have different functions in the game that are used, playing different strategies to win the bet.
  • To check is when a poker player does not place any bet but instead checks the card they have in terms with other players.
  • To bet is to place the amount or the chips assigned to the player, increasing the pot value.
  • To raise is to raise the amount of betting that was circulating among the players based on the Poker strategy. There is also an option to go all-in by giving all the money into betting that you have in the same round in online.
  • To fold means that you are quitting, but you will lose the amount that you have bet, leaving your money for other players to win in Indian poker events or even World poker championships.

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Poker Championship - FAQ

Q What is the Doubles Poker Championship?

When poker events such as the biggest poker tournaments is held at the global level, the rankings of the top most 32 winning players that buy-in for $50,000 combine as a team of 2, going into a 13-week tire competition for winning money $1000000, where those playing as a team is known as Doubles poker championship. The show is live and is hosted by Lacey Jones. There are various categories, and the topmost players that played in the competition are Phil levy, Tom Dwan, Phill Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, David Benyamin, Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, and Jennifer Harman.

Q How to Earn World Poker Championship Free Gems

Here are some free tricks that you can reasonably get gems.

  • If you register online to play the Poker Championship, there are few best poker sites that offer free gems while you are registering into their platform so that you can use them to play and learn.
  • There are various poker offers and bundle packs for you to buy chips on different occasions. For Indian Poker Online, Diwali is when you get lots of discounts and free gems as a custom.
  • You can also opt to play on tables with lower ranked players, those who are likely to fold out of your bluffing, winning some free gems without any strategy.
Q Does a Poker Championship Use Real Money?
  • The World Poker Championship does not utilise real money, but you must purchase chips with real money.
  • Chips are used to bet in the Online Poker Championship, and the chips you bet cost real money. To play further into betting, it would be beneficial if you purchased a packet or a bundle of poker chips
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