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Kings Corner Game

Kings Corner is a popular and thrilling card game enjoyed by players worldwide, especially Indian audiences. Also known as Kings in the Corner, this game is a dynamic and strategic solitaire variant that involves skilful planning and sharp thinking.

The objective of this card game is to strategically play your cards and be the first to discard all your cards. With simple rules yet engaging gameplay, it is a favorite among card game enthusiasts of all skills.

In the Kings Corner game, players aim to move their cards around the table strategically, building foundation piles while trying to discard cards from their hands. The game's strategic element, combined with its straightforward rules, keeps players coming back for more.

Whether played during family gatherings, game nights, or even online, Kings Corner promises hours of fun and entertainment. Its ability to foster friendly competition and social interaction has solidified its position as a favorite card game among Indian players.

There are multiple aspects to the Kings Corner game. So, let us start learning about them without any further delay.

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Understanding Kings Corner Card Game

There are multiple aspects of the Kings Corner Card Game understanding, which would help you to gain better understanding of the game. So let us begin.


In Kings Corner, the objective is to be the first player to play all cards from their hand and the draw pile into the foundation piles. You have to strategically move cards, utilise wild cards, and skillfully build your way to victory.


You will need 2 to 6 players and a standard deck of 52 cards to play the Kings Corner Game. Once done, select a dealer to shuffle and deal seven cards to each player, placing the remaining deck facedown as the draw pile.

Once each player receives the cards, they aim to create four foundation piles in the centre, with aces as the starting card for each foundation pile. So, arrange the players around the table, and let the strategic battle begin, guaranteeing hours of exciting gameplay and fun-filled moments for card enthusiasts of all ages.

Ranking of Cards

The cards in the Kings Corner game follow the hierarchy in descending order, where the King is the highest-ranking card and the Ace is the lowest. The ranking of the cards from highest to lowest in the game is Kings, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Ace.

How to Play Kings Corner: Step-by-Step Guide

A comprehensive guide on gameplay is necessary for players of all skills so that they can confidently venture into the realm of Kings Corner. With that said, let us begin without any further delay.

Starting the Game

To embark on this regal journey, you will need two to four players and a standard deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers. The dealer shuffles the deck and deals seven cards to each player. The remaining cards form the draw pile, with the top card flipped face-up to start the discard pile.

Moving Cards

In this game, players take turns placing cards from their hands on the discard pile, following the numerical sequence. In this game, you can play the cards in ascending or descending order without considering the suits.

Playing Kings

Kings are the rulers of this game since they have the power to block the game's progression. When you have a King, you can use it to prevent the next player's turn, causing a blockage and potentially disrupting their strategy.

Dealing with Blockages

While a blockage is frustrating, you must not lose your wits and cool during the game. You can play a card of the same rank as the blocked pile to unlock the path and continue the game.

Winning the Game

You must place all your cards on the discard pile first to win the game successfully. Once you empty your hand, they shout 'Kings Corner' to claim the winner’s crown!

Kings Corner Card Game Rules

The exciting Kings Corner Game Rules will keep you engaged for hours and help you gain a strategic upper hand against fellow gamers. So let us start.

  • In this strategic game, you have to make lawful moves until you can no longer continue. Once that happens, the next player takes their turn.
  • The objective is to be the first to drop the final card in the centre of the table while the remaining players score points based on their remaining cards. Each King left in a player's hand is worth ten points, and all other cards count as one point individually.
  • Players can challenge each other on the sides, where Kings build new structures for playing cards. If a card of the alternate colour and the lower ranking is available, players can add it to the relevant base pile, creating a descending, colour-alternating series.
  • Create strategic moves, watch out for opportunities, and play your cards right to become the winner! The game continues with each round passed to the left, and it concludes when a player reaches the predetermined limit, usually 25. The player with the lowest score claims victory, with the possibility of co-winners if tied.

Variations of Kings Corner Game

In the Kings Corner Card game, each variation brings its set of challenges and thrills, offering endless opportunities for fun and entertainment. Whether you prefer the traditional rules or want to try something new, it has something for everyone.

With that said, here are some popular variations that will add a whole new dimension to your Kings Corner experience.

Multiplayer Kings Corner

The game retains its fundamental rules in this variation, but you can play it with multiple opponents with a thoroughly thought strategy, making it a test of skill and wit as you compete to be the first to place your final card in the centre. The more players, the greater the challenge!

Double Kings Corner

Kings play a significant role as they allow you to make double moves, providing a unique advantage to the player in this variation. You can use the Kings card strategically to unleash powerful card combinations and gain an edge over your opponents.

Countdown Kings Corner

It is a fast-paced version of the Kings Corner card game where players have a limited time to make their moves, adding an element of urgency and adrenaline to the game. As a result, you have to think on your feet and make the best plays before time runs out.

Tips and Strategies to Win Kings Corner Game

Mastering Kings Corner requires both skill and strategy. However, some valuable tips up your sleeve to gain mastery of the game can easily elevate your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Hence, we bring these tips and strategies to help you become a Kings Corner master and outmaneuver your opponents. With that in mind, let us start.

Manage Your Hand

You must observe your cards and plan your moves wisely. You must prioritise playing cards that can create movable sequences and build on the foundation piles. Moreover, you must discard high-value cards early to avoid getting stuck with them later in the game.

Create Movable Cards

Focus on creating movable cards that you can transfer to the foundation piles easily. You can free up space on the board by building sequences in descending order and opening up new possibilities for strategic plays.

Use Kings Effectively

Kings are powerful cards that can break blockages and open up new moves. You must use them strategically to unlock challenging situations and create opportunities to move multiple cards.

Plan Ahead

Try to anticipate future moves and plan your gameplay accordingly. Think a few steps ahead and consider the consequences of each move. This foresight will help you make better decisions and avoid getting stuck with unplayable cards.

Observe Your Opponents

You must observe your opponent's moves and try to predict their strategies. It is because understanding their gameplay can give you valuable insights and help you counter their moves effectively.

Aim for Empty Spaces

Always aim to create empty spaces on the board by moving cards to the foundation piles. These empty spaces will give you more flexibility and room to maneuver your cards.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

If you are playing Kings Corner with a time limit, you must manage your time wisely, avoid getting stuck on complicated moves and focus on making quick and efficient plays.


In conclusion, Kings Corner is a captivating card game that combines enjoyment with strategic thinking, making it a beloved choice for all. With its simple yet engaging rules, players can quickly immerse themselves in the game and experience the thrill of outmaneuvering their opponents.

Moreover, the strategic elements of creating movable cards, utilising Kings effectively, and planning add depth and excitement to each round. Kings Corner offers endless possibilities and challenges, making each game unique and enjoyable.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the King Corner card game's flexibility and dynamic nature ensure a rewarding and entertaining experience. You will generate a liking to this game if you are a fan of skill-based card games. However, you can also try Poker, the most famed skill-based card game globally, on PokerBaazi if skill-based card games give you the thrill and merriment you seek.

Kings Corner Game FAQs

Q. Can you play Kings in the Corner online?

Kings Corner game is a multi-player game played in solitaire style with a standard deck of 52-Cards. Players can check out free online tutorials and then enjoy the interactive Kings Corner game with friends for free!

Q. How to play Kings in the Corner online?

You can play any of the Kings in the Corner variations by dragging cards from your hands into the foundation piles. If you are fanatic about the Kings Corner game, try Texas Hold’em and omaha poker games at PokerBaazi to win real money.

Q. How do you play Kings Corner game with 2 players?

Kings Corner Solitaire is based on shedding of cards onto foundation piles, and players can easily find it online. 2 players can also play this card game online but may include additional Kings in the Corner rules to extend time limits.

Q. What are the rules for Kings in the Corner?

The basic Kings Corner card game rules are laying off cards from hand to the 4 piles kept in face-up position at the 4 sides of the stockpile. Thus, kings are at the corners forming new piles below, then, in lower rank sequence with opposite suits.

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