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Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a fantastic series of first player multi-player shooter video games, the first of which was released in 1999. In this extremely popular game, you play as a part of different terrorist teams and spread terror by bombing, taking people hostages and conducting assassinations.

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On the contrary, there are a group of counter terrorists who try to prevent the attacks by defusing bombs, rescue the hostages and escorting various missions. The original game, Counter Strike was released as an alteration of the game, Half Life before the modification rights were taken by Valve who were the developers of the game Half Life game. They then turned the game into a retail product and released it in the year 2000.

What followed next in the series was Counter Strike: Condition Zero which was produced by another company called Turtle Rock Studios and was released in 2004. A little later, a remake of the original game, Counter Strike: Source was released, followed years later by the 4th installment of the series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also popularly known as CS GO online.

So, how do you play all these excellent games after all? Let’s find out.


As we earlier established, Counter- Strike is a mission oriented first person multi-player shooter game. The two teams in play, the terrorists and the Counter terrorists compete against one another to finish different missions throughout the game.

When a round ends in the game, all players are given points as per their individual performance with the help of in-game currency. Players can use the currency to buy powerful weapons that they can use in ensuing missions.

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Winning a round in all Counter Strike games, be it Counter Strike Condition Zero or CS GO online rewards you with more money. If players complete their objectives successfully, they are awarded with cash bonuses in the game. Conversely, if a player acts in a way that harms his or her teammates, he or she receives penalties. For instance, killing a teammate by accident or misidentification will result in a penalty. Now, let’s talk about two of the most popular games in the Counter Strike series.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero

Counter Strike Condition Zero came out as the follow up of the original game in 2004, however, with some new features. Unlike the former, Condition Zero features single player mode layered featuring a full campaign and several bonus levels. The game however, faced mixed reviews which led to a further installment to the series named Counter Strike: Source.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

This one came out in 2012 as the 4th release in the multi-player shooter game series and received positive reviews. It features 9 game modes with distinct characteristics. CS GO online also supports matchmaking, allowing players to enjoy the game on Valve servers besides community hosted servers. Later in 2018, CS GO online released a ‘Danger Zone’ battle royale mode.

You can play Counter Strike on MS Windows, Linus, Playstations and Xbox 360. If you haven’t tried this game already, go get the best of shooting action and pump up your weekends.

Counter Strike - FAQ

Q. Is Counter Strike free?

Yes, Counter Strike series are free to play games that are available on Microsoft Windows. You can also play the game on various streaming platforms such as Steam with your friends for free and have a lot more fun than playing solo on the computer.

Q Is Counter Strike only on PC?

Counter Strike is available to play on the computer as well as on online streaming platforms such as Steam..

Q Is CS: GO free right now?

Yes. CS: GO online is available to play for free right now. You can download the video game on your computer or play it online on Steam with friends, a popular online games streaming platform.

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