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Mendicot Game

The Mendicot game is an Indian card game that originated from the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Similar to Dehla Pakad, Mendicot online is a trick taking game played with a 52 cards deck. The fun tricks and engaging gameplay has made this game of cards quite popular even beyond the borders.

Since winning in this game requires skill, a few tricks up your sleeve can give you an edge to win similar trick taking card games like Call Break and Dehla Pakad. If you are fed up with the hectic work schedule and wish for a nice relaxing weekend break, try playing the awesome Mendicot game online. Four players can play this game at a time in teams of two.

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How to Play Mendicot Game?

Ranking of Cards- The card ranking of this game differs from other games' strategy like poker hand rankings. Here, it goes from the Ace, King and reaches the Two’s.

Goal- The objective of the Mendicot game rules is to win three or more tricks of Tens in teams. If both teams score two 10s each, then the team who wins 7 or more tricks wins the Mendicot game. The top objective is to win a maximum number of 10s, the fastest way to win this game.

Players- The game is designed for 4 players, and they can play it with the standard 52 cards deck. As said before, the players will be in teams of two, and the games go anticlockwise here.

How to Play Mendicot Game?

Before the game begins, teams and setup gets determined, and when you play online, the tables are ready with the players' names. Interestingly, people even toss to decide the first deal, but in Mendicot online games, this process is automated.

  • The two players who draw the highest rank cards become one team and the other two players make the second team.
  • After this, the dealer shuffles the cards and deals them amongst the teams. The dealer gives 13 cards to every player on the table in the batch of four anti-clockwise.
  • Players then closely examine the cards to plan their game strategy.

How do you Decide the Trump Suit?

There are three known methods to decide a trump suit in Mendicot online games.

Method 1:

  • No trump suit gets decided forehand. The player to the dealer's right places one card face down. When trump is needed in the game, this card is revealed.
  • The suit of this trump card becomes the trump suit for the rest of the game as per the Mendicot rules.

Method 2:

  • Random Trump: The suit of this trump card becomes the trump suit for the rest of the game as per the Mendicot rules.

Method 3:

  • Players do not choose any trump beforehand. Once the game begins, when any player fails to follow the lead suit for the first time, the card he or she picks to play of any other suit becomes the trump suit for the rest of the Mendikot game.

Mendicot Gameplay

  • The player on the right side of the dealer begins the game by choosing the card for the first trick. And other players must follow the lead suit.
  • To win any trick, you must play a card of higher value of the suit in play.
  • According to Mendicot rules, the player has to pick a suit that earlier led to the trick if they own it. If they do not have cards of the similar suit, there is an option to flip any card from the hand.
  • Now enters the Trump card. When the player has no card of the suit in progress, they initiate the trump, also known as ‘Hokum’ in Hindi, for the trick during the round.
  • The trump card can beat even the highest card of another suit. Therefore, the more trumps you have, the more are your chances to win.
  • If the trump hasn't been revealed yet, a player can play a card from the suit that dominates their hand. thereby making it the trump card.
  • When no trump is played for the trick by another team, the suit's highest-ranked card can help win the trick. Hence, you should retain the other suit of higher ranks to win tricks when there are lesser trumps with you.
  • The winner of the last trick in the Mendicot card game would lead the trick in the next round. It is a common format that stays similar for most trick taking games.

The Mendikot game rules can be best understood after practising them through Mendicot card games online for free. It is mainly a skill-based game where you need to think well and make combinations to win maximum tricks in your favour at the fastest possible.

Mendicot Rules Online

In all, 13 Mendicot tricks are played throughout the game. Once they complete, the cards get examined by the dealer to decide the winner of the game.

Here are the things considered to identify the winning hand in the game:

  • The team that manages to grab all the 3 or 4 tens through its tricks becomes the winner of this game. If any partnership gets all the four tens, the dealer claims it as the ‘Mendikot’.
  • If one team wins all 13 tricks in a game, it is called a Whitewash.

Mendicot Game: Tips and Tricks

The Mendicot card game tricks and tips can eventually lead you to a winning hand at the end. The focus of your partnership must be on tens, and winning maximum tricks can help you win faster.

  • One way to do is to win those tens is to save the high ranking cards until your opponent team plays their tens.
  • Play your tens only when all the players from the opposing team play cards ranking 9 or lower.
  • To win more tricks in general and improve your count, save and play a trump when you have no card from the suit led, and when your opponent plays higher ranking cards. The idea is to waste their face cards with your trump so that they have less chances of collecting your 10s.

Due to the enormous level of mind tricks and strategic planning involved in this game, Indian families love to spend their Sunday afternoons tweaking their minds with this fun game. It is a legacy that has been carried through generations in the country.

Mendikot Game Variations You Can Try Today

The role of variations to play Mendicot online increases the challenge levels and adds more thrill to the gameplay. Although the basic game restricts four players, there are variations wherein around 6 to 8 players can also join the table. As such this game offers the perfect card setting for big family or friends groups.

Some other unique Mendikot rules to the game add even more thrill and spice to the experience. Here’s how.

Scoring Rules

The scoring system can vary in some versions. For example, there are fixed points for certain combinations of cards (e.g., 10 points for a pair of Aces), while in other versions, players may negotiate the points assigned before the game begins.

Trump Suit

The trump suit can be determined by drawing a card from the deck or through other methods just as we discussed above. Some Mendikot variations may have fixed trump suits for each round.

Winning Terms

The game is typically played over several rounds, and the first team to reach a certain number of points (e.g., 1000) wins. However, the target score can vary.

Penalties and Bonuses

Some players like to introduce penalties or bonus points for specific situations in the game. For example, you may get penalty points for failing to meet the bid or get bonus points for winning all the tricks.


Some versions of the Mendikot game use joker cards as wild cards, while others do not include jokers.


When players make bids for the number of points they expect to win, they can follow different rules. Some versions of Mendicot online might use a fixed bidding system, while others allow more flexibility.


In some variations, players can declare melds before the trick-taking phase begins, which can earn them extra points.

Multiple Rounds

While Mendikot is often played over multiple rounds, the number of rounds may differ in groups.

Mendicot Game FAQs

Q. How can you win Mendikot?

Scoring is the main idea behind playing and winning this. The partnership has three or four tens wins the hand. When every side has two tens, the winner would be the team having more than seven tricks. If any team wins all the four tens, then it becomes the ‘mendicot’.

Q. Can I Play Mendikot with 2 Players?

When 2 players get into this game, the Mendicot rules slightly vary. Every player gets 6 cards, and the leftover cards get laid on the table in a 4x5 grid of cards. Two rows for one player at the top and two at the bottom for the other player. Also, the upper card from the pair remains face down while the lower card is face up. Poker is also a good option for two player’s game!

Q. What is Mendicot referred to in English?

Mendikot or Mendicot is the only name, and even in English, it has the same relevance. This trick-based game originated from India, but people worldwide find it exciting and engross for hours to enjoy the game.

Q. What are mendikot card game tips and tricks?

If you want to reach the winning streaks in this game, the prime focus of your partnership should be on mendicot rules and the game design. Try to get the 3 or 4 tens in the first place so that you can head towards the victory. Even if there is a tie, the team having more than seven tricks will win the game, hands down. Getting tens and following mendikot card game tips and tricks is the only way to win this game.

Q. How to play Mendicot card game?

Mendicot card game belongs to the family of trick taking card games but with an added element of twist. The game is played in teams of two with a standard deck of 52 cards. The goal is to collect a maximum number of 10s to win this game or the most tricks than your opponents. Like all trick taking games, the Mendicot rules dictate the use of a trump card that helps players to enjoy more challenges to win more tricks.

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