Baazi Super Sunday

Terms & Conditions

The Sundays on have gone from BIG to GRAND! 10 Tournaments having a total guaranteed prize of 1 CR+.

1:30 PM BSS Kickoff 5 LAC GTD (RE) 2000+200
2:00 PM BSS 1 LAC GTD (RE) 500+50
3:30 PM BSS Afternoon Sprint 1 LAC GTD 800+80
5:00 PM BSS (6-Max) Monsterstack 5 LAC GTD 2500+250
6:00 PM BSS Championship 35LAC GTD 7500+750
7:00 PM BSS Superstack 25 LAC GTD 5000+500
8:30 PM BSS HighRoller 20 LAC GTD 10000+1000
9:00 PM BSS (7-Max) SPRINT 5 LAC GTD 2000+200
10:00 PM BSS 2 LAC GTD 1000+100
11:00 PM BSS Night Sprint 1.5 LAC GTD 800+80
  • If you win a ticket to any of the above events, you will be directly registered to the tournament. If you then use a deposit code, the ticket from such code will not be valid and cannot be used or refunded.
  • If you use a deposit code or win a ticket through any other promotion and then win a ticket through a satellite, the ticket from a satellite can be reimbursed in Real Cash Bonus by emailing Reimbursement will be done within 24 working hours.
  • If you have used multiple tournament ticket codes (of different tournaments), the withdrawal criteria for all will be added up for eligibility. The criteria will be cancelled in case you reach zero account balance.
  • reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • By taking part in this promotion, you agree to allow PokerBaazi to share your name, username and images to social media and third party media channels.
Anurag Srivastava Won: 4,78,800
Rahul Pruthi Won: 6,14,185
Yogi-Raj Singh Won: 5,25,061
Zarvan Tumboli Won: 5,60,196