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Uno Card Game

Playing the UNO game online is simply irresistible and fun-filled! Once you start an Uno card game session, it is hard to stop. This popular card game is a shedding card game and can be played with multiple players, meaning more shedding of cards and double the fun amongst a group of best friends or siblings.

If this is your first game of UNO, our beginner-friendly guide has everything you need to know to get started. We have details on setting up the game and the basic rules to help guide you through their first round.

In the UNO card game, players race to empty their hands by shedding all cards in their hand and catch opposing players with cards left in theirs, which scores points. Players attempt to play a card turn-wise by matching its colour, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile.

If unable to play, they draw a card from the draw pile and if they are still unable to play, they pass their turn. There are also a bunch of wild cards and special cards that spice up the gameplay further.

With that said, let’s start learning about the different aspects of the game and check out the Uno rules and their features, starting from the Skips to the Draws to the Wilds!

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Understanding the UNO Game

The world of the UNO card game is surprising and exciting at the same time. The thrill of discarding the cards and tricking other players by playing trick cards is second to none. That said, there are several aspects of the game that players ought to know to understand the game. So, let’s get started.

UNO Game History

Merle Robbins of Reading, Ohio, invented the game in 1971 which was then popular only amongst friends and family. However, as time progressed Robbins sold the game locally from his barbershop. Moreover, other local businesses started to sell it.

Later, he sold the game for $50,000 plus royalties of 10 cents per game to a group of friends headed by Robert Tezak. Tezak formed International Games, Inc to sell the game and in 1992, the International Games became part of the Mattel family of companies, who are the current and sole owner of this widely famed game.

Game Objective

The objective in the UNO game is to be the first player to score 500 points in single or multiple rounds and discard all the cards in hand before other players. The game takes place turn-wise, where players match the colour, number or symbol on top of the card in the discard pile.

Card Value and Ranks

Each card in the UNO game has a specific value and rank. Number cards have a value corresponding to their number, while action cards like Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two have unique effects.

Wild cards allow players to change the colour of play, while the Wild Draw Four cards combine colour change with a penalty for the next player. It may seem simple, but learning the values and ranks of the cards is crucial for strategic gameplay and winning the game.

Game Features & Actions

Players have access to various game features and actions that add excitement and strategic depth to the gameplay of the UNO card game.

There are many features you get to enjoy when you play UNO online because of the card deck, which consists of 108 cards. With four colour cards (red, green, blue and yellow), each colour consists of 1 card of zero value and two sets of cards with values from 1-9.

The deck also contains six action cards, two Skip, Reverse & Draw, of each colour and four ‘Wild’ and four ‘Wild Draw Four’ cards.

Action and Wild Cards in UNO

Action cards such as Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two allow players to disrupt their opponent's turns and gain an advantage. On the other hand, Wild cards provide the opportunity to change the colour of play.

Moreover, players can use the Wild Draw Four cards to change the colour and force the next player to draw four cards. Additionally, players can use the Swap Hands card to exchange their hands with another player and the 7-0 card to swap hands with any opponent.

Here are the UNO cards rules for the functions of the action cards (wild cards) you should know to play them effectively.

  • Skip- The following player in a sequence abstains from the turn.
  • Reverse- The direction of the play switches from clockwise to anticlockwise.
  • Draw Two (+2)- The next player draws two cards and sequences and misses the turn to shed a card.
  • Wild- The player takes a call to decide the next colour for a match with the card.
  • Wild Draw Four (+4)- The player decides on the next colour for a match, and the following player in the sequence draws four cards and misses the turn.

UNO Cards Rules

The popular game of UNO may seem complex to understand at first glance. However, the game is easy to learn if you apply the UNO card rules appropriately. For clarity’s sake, we have divided the rules into basic and other gameplay rules.

Basic Uno Game Rules

  • Play a card that matches the discard card in either number, colour or symbol.
  • Play a Wild card or the Wild Draw 4 Card as required.
  • Draw over the topmost card in the deck and play along if possible.
  • Continue the play by laying them with the face-up at the top of the discard pile. Proceed the play clockwise on your online table.

Secondary UNO Game Rules

  • In Uno online multiplayer games, the player who draws a card from the deck should either play that card or keep it in their hand at that turn.
  • As per Uno cards rules, players can opt for the Wild card at any point, even if they have other card options left.
  • The player can pick a Wild Draw Four card only if he refrains from having any other option for the current card colour. Players might have different colour cards matching the current symbol, number or wild card, yet they could play the Wild Draw Four Card.
  • Any player with a Wild Draw Four might get challenged with the next player in sequence to ensure their hand is in sync with the above condition.
  • If the complete deck is used in the play, the player keeps the top discarded card aside, the remaining pile gets shuffled for the next deck, and the play continues normally.
  • It is against the UNO card rules to exchange cards with other players.
  • As per the Uno rules, when you play the second last card, the player must say ‘Uno’ as a warning to the other players on the table.


  • If any player does not say ‘Uno’ after shedding off their second last card and gets caught by the next player, then the said player will draw up two more cards as a penalty. However, the said player can skip the penalty if the next player does not catch them in the sequence or the player says ‘Uno’ before being noticed.
  • When a player puts forth the Wild Draw Four Card, the next player can challenge its usage. The player will then privately show the cards to the challenging player that they have no matching cards left. The challenger will pick six cards that include the four regular ones if they are at fault.

How to Play UNO Online?

The popularity and fun aspect of playing UNO online or physical card games is no surprise to anyone. The basic gameplay is based on discarding the cards in a matching sequence of numbers, colours or symbols. The first player to do that and score 500 points is the winner.

Nonetheless, a lot more exists about the gameplay of the UNO card game that needs to be understood. So without further ado, let us get started.

  • The dealer must shuffle the cards properly and distribute seven cards to each player according to the direction of play, which is generally clockwise.
  • Once the player distributes the cards, they must keep the remaining cards in a separate pile to make the draw pile.
  • Pick the top card from the draw pile and keep it next to it face-up, creating the discard pile. This face-up card starts the game. The next player plays the card according to the colour, number or symbol of this card.
  • Players must take a new card from the draw pile and add it to their hand in case a player can not play the card of the same number, colour or symbol. Players can play this card if it matches the card's number, colour or mark.
  • Players must carefully play the action cards like reverse, draw two, draw four, wild card, wild card four and skip, as they can change the game's scenario.
  • Players must say “Uno” if they have one card left in their hand. However, they will receive a penalty of two cards if they forget to say “Uno” and other participants notice it.
  • Play the last card and finish your hand before other players to win the game or round (in case, the game comprises multiple rounds).

Tip: The player must keep the Wild card in their hand till the end because it will help to play/discard the card and win the hand.

  • Once the round/game ends, the winner receives points by totalling the number of cards in each player's hand. As per UNO cards rules, the game continues until one player receives 500 points. Winner receives:
    • 20 points for each Draw 2, Reverse, or Skip card in the opponent's hand.
    • 50 points for Wild and Wild Draw four cards.
    • The points are equal to the face value of all numbered cards (for example, an 8 card equals 8 points).
    • 40 points for the wild shuffle hands card and the wild customisable card.

UNO Game Online Variations

When any card game is as popular globally, it is natural to find variations of the game. Therefore, it is of no surprise that so does the UNO Card game. Multiple variations of UNO games online exist and the popular ones are listed below.

Challenge UNO

Challenge UNO is an exciting variation of the classic card game that introduces an additional element of strategy and risk. In Challenge UNO, players can challenge their opponents if they suspect that a player did not follow the UNO rules.

If the challenge is successful, the accused player must draw extra cards. However, if the challenge fails, the challenger must pick up the cards instead. This variation adds a thrilling twist to the game and keeps players on their toes as they carefully decide when to issue a challenge.

Elimination UNO

Elimination UNO is a fast-paced version of the popular card game where the objective is to be the last player standing. In Elimination UNO, players must strategically play their cards to avoid accumulating points.

The first player to reach a predetermined point threshold gets eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one player remains. Elimination UNO requires quick thinking, strategic card play and a bit of luck to outlast the opponents and emerge as the ultimate winner.

Speed UNO

Speed UNO is a high-energy version of the classic card game that tests the reflexes and quick thinking of the players. In this fast-paced variation, players race against each other to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible.

There are no turns, and players can play their cards at any time till they follow the rules. Speed UNO demands rapid decision-making and swift card placement, making it a thrilling and adrenaline-fueled experience for players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay.

Pirate UNO

Pirate UNO is a fun and adventurous twist on the traditional UNO card game. Here, the cards feature pirate-themed designs and illustrations, adding a playful and immersive element to the game.

Pirate UNO follows the same UNO rules as the original card game but with a thematic twist that appeals to fans of pirates and adventure. It is a great way to bring some swashbuckling excitement to your UNO game nights, adding a fancy touch to the gameplay.

So, players can enjoy a unique and entertaining gaming experience and set sail on a pirate adventure with Pirate UNO.

Tips & Tricks for UNO Card Game

Understand the Cards

Players must learn about the different cards in UNO, such as number cards, action cards, and wild cards. The veteran players suggest this because knowing how each card works will help them plan their moves and anticipate the action of their opponents.

Play Strategically

Instead of playing cards randomly, players must try to create a strategy. They must focus on playing action cards to disrupt the opponent's turn or to protect themselves. Players can also use skip cards to prevent certain players from playing or Reverse cards to change the direction of play.

Keep Track of the Colours

It is necessary to pay attention to the colours played in the game and players must try to match them whenever possible. It will help players to maintain game control and minimise the number of cards in the hand.

Timing is Crucial

Timing the moves can make a significant difference in UNO. Holding onto the powerful cards until the right moment to maximise their impact is a power move that many veteran players employ.

According to the seasoned players, players must use the draw two and draw four cards strategically. It is because a well-thought and planned move like this will force the opponents to draw cards and increase the number of cards in their hands.

Adapt to Online Gameplay

When playing UNO online, players must take advantage of the features available on the platform. They must communicate with other players through chat or emojis to form alliances or negotiate strategies. They can also use online game modes and tournaments to test their skills against players worldwide.

Be Mindful of the Clock

In some online UNO games, a time limit exists for making moves. Hence, players must stay focused and make decisions within the limited time to avoid missing the turn or receiving penalties.

Learn from Opponents

Players must observe how other players approach the game. Players must learn from their strategies and adapt the gameplay accordingly. Since each player has a unique style; therefore, studying their moves can help to improve their skills.

Practice and Experience

It is a common saying that practice is the key to perfection and the UNO card game is no exception. The more time a player spends playing UNO, the better they will become. Therefore, players must practice regularly to enhance their understanding of the game dynamics and develop their winning strategies.

By implementing these tips and adapting to the online UNO environment, they can improve their gameplay, increase their winning chances, and enjoy the thrill of this classic card game with players universally.

Why Should You Play Uno Online?

With UNO online, players can discover the advantages of playing UNO anytime, anywhere as per their comfort. They can also find other benefits like improved, more and better social interaction and multiplayer options and connecting with friends and family.

Players can also explore the variety of UNO game variations and options for endless entertainment. With that said, let us start learning about the benefits of UNO online to have more fun while playing the game.


Players can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of playing UNO anytime, anywhere in their comfort. Moreover, players can connect with players widely, enhance social interaction and make new friends with online UNO.

Multiplayer Games and Variations

Players can play and enjoy thrilling multiplayer matches, challenge their skills, and showcase their strategic prowess when playing the UNO game, irrespective if it is an online or offline version.

Moreover, UNO Online offers several game variations and options, which allows players to customise their gameplay to keep the excitement fresh. They can also explore different rules, themes, and challenges to keep the game fun and dynamic.

Tournaments and Cash Rewards

Additionally, the online world provides platforms that offer tournaments and competitive play for UNO online games, which serves as means to test the skills against skilled players and climb the leaderboard.

These tournaments also offer cash rewards that aid in building interest. Moreover, players can participate in online UNO communities, share their experiences, and learn from other players to enhance the gameplay.

State-of-the-Art Gaming Experience

Another benefit of the UNO online is players can experience an immersive and eye-catching gaming experience due to the cutting-edge graphics and animations. Players can enjoy the vibrant colours, sound effects, and smooth gameplay, making this famed card game even more enjoyable.

Considering the above benefits, there is no doubt that the online platform offers an exciting and rewarding way to play the game they love, making the game more fun than ever.

So, if you want to take a shot at it, we suggest you go through the thoroughly and watch our tutorial to get hang of the basic rules.Once you are confident about the game, make use of our tools to enjoy healthy gaming sessions of real money games without making it an obsession in your life. This way, the fun and earnings shouldn’t stop any time soon!

UNO Card Game FAQs

Q. How do you play Uno online?

You can go to any Uno app and create a private room to start a new game. Invite friends and start the interesting Uno card game with the deck of 108 cards that aim to shed cards fast and to score from the remaining pile with the other players on the table.

Q. Can I play Uno online with friends?

Many user-friendly apps offer multiple consoles online play for the players to access the room from various locations. Learn the basic Uno game rules and start playing Uno online games from the comfort of your home.

Q. Is there an app to play Uno with friends?

The Classic Uno game is available on all Android and IOS devices. Simply download from Google Play store and start playing. For more such online card games, play online poker at PokerBaazi and earn real money daily.

Q. Can I play Uno online with family?

Yes, you can play Uno online games with your friends and family anywhere on the go. This is perhaps the most popular reason why online free UNO games have acquired such a huge fan base in the country.

Q. What are the rules for playing Uno

The basic goal of an Uno game is to be the first player to shed all your cards and receive the maximum number of points. The first player to score 500 points becomes the winner in the Uno card game. There are a variety of power cards such as action cards and wild cards that you can use as per the UNO rules to maximize your chances to win the game.

Q. How do you play 2 player Uno cards?

Although most Uno card game rules for 2 player Uno remain the same, there are a few changes in the list. The ‘Reverse’ card should be considered a ‘Skip’, and the other player's hand misses out. Apart from this, other standard rules are applicable for the 2 player game.

Q. Can you play poker with UNO cards?

Pack of Uno card game is suitable for other games such as snap that follows the colour and number theme or the cockroach poker where players need to palm off as many cards as possible. However, Poker cards can be used for other tash games but not Uno as they differ from each other. For the real money games of poker, you must try authentic poker sites like PokerBaazi and enjoy without the use of hard cards!

Q. What are the house rules in Uno?

The house rules of Uno involve the use of special cards known as Wild cards and Action cards. These cards impact your chances of winning the game significantly. These cards are:

  • Draw 2 - Player needs to draw 2 cards
  • Reverse - It reverses the direction of play
  • Skip - The next player has to skip his or her turn
  • Wild - The player gets to choose the colour he wishes to play
  • Wild Draw 4 - The player gets to pick the colour of the card to continue the game. Additionally, the next player draws 4 cards and skips his or her turn.
Q. Can you play Uno with regular playing cards?

No, you can't play Uno with a regular deck of cards. You need to use only UNO cards to play this game as it contains unique cards such as action cards and wild cards that contribute to the rules and features of the game.

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