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Tash Games

Tash Game is the Hindi word for playing card games that are in practice for centuries and more now. Tash Games are played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards that are identical in shape and size with a polished surface on each side.

Tash ka Games are popular for many reasons, including that they are fun to play, improve skills and provide cash rewards if played with real money. However, every tash wala game requires unique guidelines and is played differently. So, you do not bore yourself playing the same tas game multiple times.

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Players can’t see other’s tash cards in the playing cards games which are played using real money or are played to win various rewards in tournaments. However, games like Cards Against Humanity allow players to see which cards other players receive.

So, if you become a pro-Tas game player and play real money Tash wala games, there are high chances that you will boost up your card game skills and win lucrative monetary rewards. With that said, let us start learning about the Tash Games History and more.

Tash Games History

The history of Tash games starts way before the 9th Century AD in the Tang Dynasty and with the start of the 11th Century, many European and Asian countries started to adopt tash ka games.

Slowly and gradually, different tash games came into existence and their popularity began to make its hold over the people. As time progressed, the fever to play cards became ten-folded. The number of tash and suits were few when these games were introduced.

Fast-forward now, a card deck has 52 cards that can be bifurcated into four suits of diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts. Each suit consists of 13 cards, which are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The value of the Ace card may vary from game to game.

These different tash/playing cards of different suits combine to become fun and full of entertainment games, which you can use to play real cash games as well. These games are popularly known as Tash Wala Game, Tash ka Game, and Tash Patti Game.

Now, with improving technology, Tash games are going online and many games don’t require a card deck to play these tash ka games. In these online tash games, you get to compete with hundreds of other virtual people for either fun or to win real money.

In the current time and age, technology has progressed so extensively that almost all kinds of tash games are available in mobile applications. As a result, you can download them to have a fun and immersive card game experience on your phone, tablet screen or any other mobile device.

Popular Tash Ka Games to Try Your Hands-on

Nothing is more fun, entertaining and can improve skills and relations than the tash games. From Teen Patti to Solitaire and the Hearts card game, there exist several challenging tash games that give a unique thrill when playing with your friends and family, test your skills, and create unforgettable moments.

So let us buckle up before we dive into the immersive and beautiful world of popular tash ka games for you to try your hands on.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti games are extremely popular in India and are mostly played during Indian festivities Like Holi and Diwali. It is considered similar to the Three-card Poker game and can be played between 3-6 people using the 52-card deck, excluding Joker.

In this game, the dealer distributes three face-down cards to each player who can play blind, chaal (after seeing the cards) or fold the cards. A blind player is someone who has not seen the cards and is obliged to raise the initial bet by their current stake, but not more than the double.

If you want to play Chaal, you can see your card and raise your bet by twice or four-time the initial bet. And lastly, a folding player quits the tash wala game, and their current stake gets divided among other players.

The tash game continues until either the Pot limit is reached or only two players are active on the table. In both cases, the card comparison takes place and the player with the best 3-card hand combination wins the pot money.

The hierarchical order of the teen patti game as per the hand combination/ranking is

  • Trio- Three cards of the same value
  • Straight run- Three numerically arranged cards of the same suit
  • Normal run- Three sequenced cards of different suits
  • Colour- Any three cards but of the same suit
  • Two pair- Two cards having equal rank
  • High card- If your card combination does not match any of the above hand-ranking, it can be categorized under high card.


Poker is one of the finest tash games and all card players have played this game of skills, thrill and deception. In this tash game, the dealer distributes hole cards (the number may vary according to Texas Hold’em and PLO poker) and each player tries to make the best five-card hand using two hole and five community cards distributed on the table.

After the cards are distributed, the players can either fold, check or raise. While checking in Poker means doing absolutely nothing, raising means increasing the wagering amount.

If you’ve raised the wager and another player raises it further, then you can call (match the wager), fold or raise (raise the increased wager).

The game consists of four wagering rounds, pre-flop, flop, turn and river. The dealer deals three community cards during the flop round after which the number of community cards distributed decreases to one card each in turn and river.

You’d have to wager money or chips strategically throughout the betting rounds and ultimately win the pot (money placed in the centre of the table). The remaining players who are still playing the hand finally reach Showdown when their cards are compared and the player with the best five-card hands wins the hand.

The superiority of the hand is decided as per the universal hand ranking list in the poker tash game. The hand ranking in a universally accepted hierarchical order of the poker game is:

  • Royal Flush- Royal Flush contains Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 identical suits.
  • Straight Flush- Five cards of identical suit arranged sequentially are called Straight Flush
  • Four of a kind- Four cards of the same rank with an odd card are called a four of a kind.
  • Full house- A combination of three-of-a-kind and a pair make the best five-card hand of the same rank with of card pair.
  • Flush- Five cards of the same suit, not numerically arranged.
  • Straight- Five cards numerically arranged, irrespective of their suits make up the straight hand in poker.
  • Three of a kind- Three cards of the same rank with two different cards
  • Two Pair- Two pairs of cards with identical ranks and a different card.
  • One Pair- Two cards with the same rank and the other three odd cards.
  • High card- If your card doesn’t fit in any of the categories mentioned above, then it’s a high card.

While the basic and general gameplay remains same for the PLO poker, the difference between Texas Hold’em and PLO is the number of hole cards distributed to each player. Another category of Poker is Open Face Chinese Poker, where each player uses 13 cards to create three rows that consist of one 3-card and two 5-card hands.

The 3-card hand is the top row, while the bottom two rows contain five cards. Of these three rows, the top row ranks the lowest, the middle row should rank higher than the top row and lower than the bottom row and the last row must have the highest five-card hand combination.

Call Bridge Tash game

If you love long-run games, then Call Bridge is undoubtedly for you. Call Bridge game, also known as Call Break/Lakadi/Gochi, is extremely popular in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. It requires four players and a dealer that will take care of all rounds.

Each player in the Call break tash game gets 13 cards and five rounds to complete the tash ka game. After all the cards are distributed, the dealer asks the number of hands they could win out of 13 hands. Every player has to declare a number between 1-8.

Your aim should be to bet the number that is neither too high nor too low. If you’re able to win the number of hands you bet, then you get one point for each hand won. However, if you win more than the quoted number of hands, then you’ll receive extra 0.1 points for each additional hand won.

On the other hand, if you’re unable to win the number of hands you quoted, you will receive negative points equal to the number of hands quoted.

For instance, if you quoted three hands and win five, then your total score for the round is 3.2. Three points for winning the quoted number of rounds and 0.2 points for two additional hands won. However, if you quoted five hands and could only win three hands, then your total points will be -5.

The Call Bridge tas game starts with the person right next to the dealer; the player has to throw a card, and the other player will respond by betting a card of the same colour. The player who plays the highest-ranking card wins the hand. Due to its immense popularity, Call Bridge is also available as a money-earning tash-wala game online on many platforms.

There are many more Tash wala game variants, including Rummy game, Dehla Pakad, Bhabhi card game, Satte pe Satta, Blackjack card game, Bluff, Baccarat, Hearts and Solitaire that you can try apart from the one mentioned above. Like the above-explained games, you can win cash rewards in these tash wala games as well.

Benefits of Tash Games

Multiple Card games

A deck of cards is not limited to just a single tash ka game; there are so many variants that you can play to entertain yourself without getting bored. Some of these tash games are not limited to specific rules as every region or family follows different rules set by their ancestors. Several tash games are available for play with the standard deck of 52 cards.


Tash/playing cards are the easiest to carry as you don’t require big spaces to fit in these cards. Perhaps, it is why the tash games were more popular between sailors and soldiers in the old days than common people.

In present times as well, people buy playing cards and play them for the same reason. It keeps everyone entertained without letting them worry about how to carry or pack them since they fit right into their pockets.

No tiring hours

Even if you play the most famous online games, like 3 Patti, Poker or Call Bridge, you are not obliged to be seated for long hours. Card games are refreshed after every round as it helps people take short breaks without worrying about the Tash wala game.

Perfect combination of skill and fate

Most board games are based on luck. As a result, all players, including you, lose interest in the overall game. In contrast, Tash games focus on skills and luck, of which some tash games like Poker are heavily inclined towards skills.

So if you are looking for games that you can use to improve skills, have fun and maybe earn real money, then tash games are the perfect fit for you.

Tash Games - FAQ

Q. What is tash game?

Tash games are typically all games that involve a deck of cards. Tash wala games can be both based on chance and skill and can ensure hours of fun. Poker Indian Rummy Call Break Blackjack are some of the most popular card games played worldwide. You can play them for free or to earn real money.

Q. How do you play the game Tash?

Tash games are played with a French deck of 52 playing cards. There are different type of card games one can play such as matching games, shedding games, staking games and trick taking games that require a vast range of skills and strategy and the application of specific rules to win these games.

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