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Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, is a popular card game that originated in India and is widely played in the Indian subcontinent. You can call it a simplified version of poker which is played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers. The game is best enjoyed among 3 to 6 players.

The Teen Patti rules are probably one of the easiest rules to understand; hence it is easy to get familiar with them within a few minutes. With simple and easy-to-understand rules, it is no wonder why Teen Patti is the most-played card game in every Indian household.

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3 Patti Rules Chart

Let’s start with the game objective. The aim of the Teen Patti card game is to have the best three cards to form the strongest hand and win the money in the pot.

The Teen Patti online game starts when each player puts a certain amount of money into the pot. This sum can be categorized as an ante or boot amount. According to the 3 Patti rules chart, this is done to encourage the fear of losing money if the person decides to fold. If a player fold, the lost amount will be divided between the remaining players.

After the initial betting procedure is done, the players can play either blind or seen. A blind player is someone who hasn’t seen their cards; in contrast, a seen player has looked up their teen Patti cards.

Under 3 Patti real money games rules, you can both call or raise your betting amount. Making bets in Teen Patti is also called Chaal. So, you play your chaal when it’s your turn to make a bet. If you call, you will have to make an additional bet of the same amount as your previous bet. However, if you are confident about your cards, you can increase your last bet by a certain amount.

Blind and Seen Betting

There is also a specific limitation while raising a bet that the total bet amount needs to be lower than twice a previous player’s bet. Also, the bet needs to be in even numbers because a player playing blind bets half the average bet, and an odd number cannot be equally divided into two unique digits with no decimals.

As per Teen Patti rules, if you are a blind player and the person before you are seen, then you will have to bet half or an equal amount of your previous bet. However, if the player before you are blind, then you can bet a maximum of twice your last bet.

If you are a seen player and your opponent before you are also seen then according to the 3 Patti game rules chart like poker rules, you can bet the same amount of your previous bet or double the stake. If the player before you are playing blind, you go for a maximum of four times your current stake.


Another primary 3 Patti chart rule includes a Sideshow; you can request other players to show their cards. A person can only deny it a maximum of three times, after which they are forced to show it. The cards are then compared, and the player with the lower hand ranking has to fold their cards.

The game comes to an end after the final sideshow.

The player with the highest hand as per the 3 Patti sequence list wins the game. At last, when only two players are left, a seen player can request a blind player to show their cards by paying four times their current stake. If both players are seen, they can ask each other at the cost of two times their current bet. However, a blind person cannot ask for a sideshow.

3 Patti Rules - How to Play the Game?

3 Patti can be easily played with 3-6 players, using a 52 cards deck, excluding the jokers. Even before the cards are distributed, the players have to make a bet called the boot amount or ante. It is the minimum amount of money that players have to contribute to the pot. After this, each player respectively gets three face-down cards.

Now, it’s time that players either make a call, raise, or fold their cards. According to the 3 Patti chart, cards just like in Poker, a call means that the person moves forward with the game continuing the amount they put in the pot.

A raise implies that the player increases the amount of the bet made at the start. Furthermore, if the player folds the cards, they want to discontinue betting, the money that he or she has already put in the pot will be distributed among other members.

Another Teen Patti rule chart includes that the bet made into the game must be in equal amounts. For instance, if the initial bet was 4 coins, and the next player raised another 4 coins, then the other players also must raise 4 more coins. So, the rest of the players must raise a total of 8 coins to match the latest bet as per 3 Patti rules chart.

Teen Patti Rules Chart Ranking

The 3 Patti game is all about getting the best three cards as per 3 Patti sequence list and winning all the money. This is done by categorizing each card with a rank. The hand with a higher ranking card will win from the other person with a lower ranking.

Here is the complete 3 Patti list of all Teen Patti Hand Rankings that you must know to win the game. You can also call them different Teen Patti sequences.

1. Three of a Kind or Trio

When three cards are of the same rank, they are called a Trio or Three of a Kind. In this, the highest 3 Patti hand ranking would be a set of any three Aces (A♥A♦A♣) and the lowest will be three cards of “two” (2♣2♠2♦).

2. Pure Sequence or Straight Flush

According to Teen Patti sequence rules, three cards of the same suit arranged serially represent a pure sequence. For example, the highest would be A♦K♦Q♦ and the lowest 4♥3♥2♥.

3. Colour or Flush

Under Three Patti colour rules, we can include any three cards of the same suit, to make a Flush. Example: K♣,2♣,10♣.

4. Pair

Out of three cards, two of them need to be of the same rank. For instance, A♥A♦10♥ make a pair in Teen Patti. It is also the highest pair in Teen Patti.

5. High Card or No pair

Just like in Poker hand rankings, if your card doesn’t fall in any of the categories mentioned above, it is said to be a high card in Teen Patti. This means a hand that looks like, A♣,2♦10♥ shall fall under this rank with Ace as the high card.

3 Patti Game Variations

3 Patti online games can be played in variant versions. Some of them are mentioned below-

1. Best-of-four

Every player is provided with four cards, out of which the players had to make the best three cards.

2. Lowball (Muflis)

Lowball 3 Patti Variation rules favour cards with the lowest card ranking than the highest one. For instance, in comparing A-A-A and K-K-K, the first one will probably win, but in this, the player with the lowest ranking (K-K-K) will be awarded a winning point.

3. Bust Card Draw

The dealer will randomly take out one card, and all other cards with the same rank will be eliminated. The players have to fold the selected cards.

4. Stud

Stud is very similar to Stud Poker. This Teen Patti Variation presents a combination of face-down and face-up cards. The players have to struggle to get the perfect highest ranking three cards.

5. Draw

In this, the dealer distributes the cards even before the betting. Draw gives players the chance to discard unwanted cards and purchase new ones through money.

6. Community

Under the community 3 Patti Variations rules, each player is given an insufficient number of cards. The players have to make the highest-ranking combination of three cards using the excess cards (community cards) from the table.

7. Cobra

It is an amusing Teen Patti card variation, where the players pick their cards from the deck and place it on their forehead. This way, everyone gets to see their cards, except the player.

Teen Patti Sequences: How to Make Them?

Now that we know the different hand rankings in the Teen Patti game, let’s understand how we make them and compare their strength against one another.

Trio or Three of a Kind

In a game of Teen Patti, a Sequence in 3 Patti is basically the arrangement of three consecutive cards. As we gather by the Teen Patti hands above, the highest Teen Patti sequence in the game is Three of a Kind also commonly known as a Trio.

Formed of three cards of the same value or rank, this is the unbeatable combination that beats all other Teen Patti sequences. It is the ultimate winning hand in this game.

These Teen Patti rankings are based on the value of cards. The order of ranking in Teen Patti starting from the highest to the lowest in value is Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Here, Ace can act as both a high and low card. Therefore, the highest Teen Patti hand looks like A♥A♠A♦. By the same token, the lowest hand is 2♦2♣2♥.

Since Three of a Kind is the highest Teen Patti sequence, even the lowest hand shown above will beat the next highest hand, a Straight Flush.

Straight Flush

This winning combination is followed by the second highest Teen Patti Sequence known as a Pure Sequence or Straight Flush. This is made of three cards of the same suit arranged in a serial order. This means A♥,K♥,Q♥ forma a Pure Sequence. It is also the highest Pure sequence as per Teen Patti rules. Similarly, the lowest Straight Flush shall be A♥,2♥,3♥.

Flush or Colour

The 3rd highest Teen Patti sequence in order of ranking is Colour. Also known as Flush like that in a Poker game, this hand is formed of three cards of the same suit but not in a sequential order. In Poker, 5 cards of the same suit are required to make a Flush. In Teen Patti, three cards is all you need to make a Flush. Examples of Flush would look like: A♥,7♥,2♥ and K♠,10♠,5♠.


Pair is the 4th Teen Patti sequence in order of rank and strength. This is formed by arranging two cards of one rank and one card of a different rank. So, One pair hands in Teen Patti would be A♠,A♥,5♣ and Q♣,Q♥,7♦. However, as per the hand rankings, even the strongest Pair that includes Aces is beaten by higher Teen Patti sequences such as Flush, Straight Flush and Three of a Kind.

High Card

Any hand that doesn’t fall under the four 3 Patti sequence list we discussed above makes a High Card. This means when two players fail to make any of the hands above, the winner will be the one who has the highest ranking cards. Let’s take two hands, A♦,10♥,J♣ and Q♣,4♦,K♠. Since Ace is higher in value than King and Queen, A♦,10♥,J♣ shall beat Q♣,4♦,K♠.

Teen Patti Rules: Become a Teen Patti Pro Player

3 Patti is also considered a replica of three-card poker and is also called “flush” or “flash” in many areas. The game is regarded as a sign of safe gambling and is very much promoted in Indian society.

The popularity of 3 Patti is mainly because of two reasons. One would be its simplicity to play, and another directs towards a religious story of the Hindus. 3 Patti is majorly played on Diwali, a significant Hindu festival. It is believed that Goddess Parvati played such games with her husband, Lord Shiva. The Hindu society believes to follow the same steps as their God to attain prosperity.

Also, 3 Patti rules are very easy to remember. There is not much calculation in the teen Patti rules chart like any other Poker or Rummy games. People play it as a family bonding exercise and like to play the game online too to make some extra cash during free hours.

3 Patti Rules FAQs

What is the rule of Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is the simplest of all online games, including poker and rummy. The players will first bet a certain amount even before the cards are distributed. Each player will then get three cards respectively; now, they can either call, raise or fold. After every round, the member with the highest hand ranking wins the game.

What is a high card in 3 Patti?

According to the 3 Patti game rules, a high card has no same rank or suit. The highest-ranking card will be AKJ, and the lowest would be 5-3-2.

How do you play 3 Patti at home?

3 Patti is mostly played at home during Diwali. You just have to distribute three cards to each player and follow all the Teen Patti game rules. The hand with the highest rank wins the game.

3 Patti is an extremely popular and fun game, which is super easy to learn. You can now play 3 Patti online by downloading an application on either your mobile or tablet. Here, you can also invite your friends or play with world-class 3 Patti players. You might also earn real cash by winning all the Teen Patti tournaments.

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