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Cash Games

Cash games are the real deal where you truly experience the thrill of playing Poker. The skill and strategy required to earn real money in Poker is an unrivalled experience making it a game of high pursuit.

Live and Online cash games are poker games played with a minimum buy-in, but not a fixed predetermined amount. No-limit or Pot-limit online cash games usually require a buy-in of 20-100 big blinds. So let’s say in a game with blinds Rs.1/Rs.2, the minimum buy-in could be as little as Rs.40, but a standard buy-in would be Rs.200.

Free Poker Tournaments

The buy-ins in real money poker online cash games are equivalent to real money value which means the chips you receive are in proportion to the money you buy-in for. Besides, online cash games in India allow players to join and leave as and when they please. Once a player runs out of chips in the game, they have the option of continuing play by adding more poker chips to the table, provided they back it with a real money deposit.

Typically, Poker cash games online in any poker app have fixed table limits. If players wish to play a higher stake, they will have to leave the table and find another poker cash game online with better-suited limits. This choice mainly depends on the knowledge and experience of the player in the game.

Depending on the same as well as one's current poker bankroll , one can choose from micro, low, medium and high stakes poker cash games online at the best poker sites like PokerBaazi.

Online Poker Cash Games to Play

  • Texas Holdem Poker Cash Game
  • Omaha Poker Cash Game
  • OFC Poker Cash Game

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular variation of the poker game. At first, the game begins with two cards, known as hole cards, being dealt face down to each player, followed by a betting round known as the Pre-flop and then 5 community cards are dealt in three phases or rounds. The player who makes the best five card hand and is still in action wins the pot.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker Cash Game is another community card poker game similar to Texas Hold'em in which each player is dealt four cards and must make his or her best hand using exactly two hole cards and exactly three of the five Community cards. Like other variations, in the Omaha Poker Cash Game too, you bet in each round as per the strength of your hand.

OFC Poker

Open Face Chinese Poker or OFC is a variant of Chinese poker in which players are dealt a total of 14 cards out of which 13 are used and placed in three rows as per the hand rankings. OFC Poker is a points based game unlike the other variants in which players receive points based on their hands on each row. The game was born in Finland in the mid-2000s and spread to Russia a few years later.

No-Limit texas Holdem poker online cash games India:

  • Micro - Rs.0.01/0.02 to Rs.0.05/0.10
  • Low - Rs.0.10/0.25 to Rs.0.50/1.00
  • Medium - Rs.1/2 to Rs.4/8
  • High - Rs.5/10

Online cash games in India have provided a much-needed gaming platform for every player to experience the thrill of online poker with real money. If you are new to online cash games of poker, here's what you need to know before you play the game.

  • A poker player is allowed to buy-into an online poker cash game anytime between hands.
  • A player is not permitted to remove a portion of their chips from an online poker real money games. If a player buys-in for Rs.100 and makes Rs.100, the player is not permitted to withdraw the Rs.100 originally invested.
  • A player might need to forfeit their seat on an online poker cash game if they want to rejoice their winning. However, the best poker sites often have a time limit before the player rejoins.
  • If a player attempts to put additional money during an online real money poker game, he may do so after the completion of the hand and not in the middle of it.
  • No limit online cash games often have a maximum buy-in.

How to Play Online Poker Cash Games?

Online cash games are the bread and butter of a professional poker player. Players grind their way up in stakes while making a living with online cash games in India. As a poker player, when you visit a poker site's lobby, you are presented with multiple poker variants and formats to choose from.

Free online games are one such and often run 24/7 and there are plenty of open seats you can take as a player. You must choose online poker cash games based on the level of play you are at and the bankroll in hand. The good part is no matter your skill level or bankroll, there’s a poker cash game online for everyone.

Cash game strategies

So, you have been playing free games for a while and know the basics of poker well. When you start off playing poker cash games online, you must keep in mind that your opponents are of varied skill levels and it’s best to take it slow and observe in your first ever cash game. Here are a few other tips that will help you get started when you take your first seat:

Begin small

An important part of your first few poker cash games online is no doubt practising the fundamentals and learning some solid poker. You should also take the time to familiarize yourself with the interface of online cash games. It’s advisable to start with low stakes even if you got the money to play high stakes.

Lower stakes help you focus on the long-term goals of the game and become a profitable online cash game player. It also reduces the stresses that come with losing as you learn the ropes of online poker cash games.

Get familiar with the software

Online poker real money games can be overwhelming for a new poker player. Take time to understand how to choose a poker game from a poker site’s lobby, the user interface of the poker site, the buttons, icons, features and what they represent.

The last thing you want starting with online cash games is losing a chunk of money because of a misclick or running out of your additional time bank. Online poker cash games require you to know the action and wagering features and the time bank features to avoid such errs. Take time out to grasp these features of the cash tables.

Don’t start with multi-table

Poker players are often seen juggling multiple online cash game tables. While that option remains open to everyone, there’s a reason why only the seasoned players do it. While starting, you need to take time to understand the flow of the tash game and playing multiple poker real money cash games can be overwhelming.

It’s all about the position!

Online cash games in India are all about the position. Take time out to understand the positions on the table. It is a common strategy to play the majority of your hands in late position when you're starting with poker cash games online. The later your play, the more position you have over the players at your table and you know how players will wager before it’s your turn to make a decision.

Play tight to start right!

The desire to win money via online cash games can prove to be an expensive ordeal if you decide to be adventurous in the beginning. Keep the play less aggressive, with the right starting hand ranges and generally a game that favours the tighter side. Open up your range as you get familiar with the nuances of the game.

Don’t be an ATM on an online poker cash table.

This is the last thing you want happening to you when you start with poker real money cash games. As a new poker player, you must understand that your opponents could often be equipped with a higher bankroll and could bulldoze you by playing aggressively.

Don’t fall prey to this, learn to fold or push back when the time’s right. Continue to play a slow and steady card game online with fundamentally great poker and you’ll be on the path to profitability in the long-run.

Online Poker Cash Game Strategies

Strategies are probably the most fun and testing part of poker. In online cash games, you’ll soon notice that certain that worked in micro-stake games may not work on low-stake games. You’ll learn that strategies are the only constant things that change around an poker real money cash game online. The more you play, the more scenarios you pick up on and act or react accordingly.

Online Poker Real Cash Game Strategies

Strategies are probably the most fun and testing part when you choose to play and earn in poker. In online cash games, you’ll soon notice that certain poker strategies that worked in micro-stake games may not work on low-stake games.

You’ll learn that strategies are the only constant things that change around here. The more you play, the more scenarios you pick up on and act or react accordingly.


In online poker cash games, it’s always best to be in a position where you get to act after your opponent. In later positions, you get to see how 5-6 of your opponents will act and this is a great spot to take with great hands, of course. If most players fold, it’s a good idea to raise from late position to put pressure on your opponents and increase your chances of winning the hand in real cash games.

Being in a late position also means you get the leverage of stealing the pot when your opponent indicates missing the flop. Also, remember if you’ve missed the flop you still got the position when your opponent shows weakness, giving you the power to pounce on the pot.

Steal the Blinds

Another great strategy in late position. Once you have the hang of identifying who defends their blinds and who does not, it’s wise to steal the blind from passive or weak players in an online poker game. While they might seem like small amounts, a few steals like this and you would have earned yourself 6-10 additional blinds to your stack.

It’s all about raising right

A good thumb rule to follow at the cash tables is to raise an average of 2.5x the big blind. This is probably a carte blank rule online poker cash games have developed over the years. If you do get called, it’s advised to raise one big blind per caller in online cash games.

Three-wager Light

A three-bet in is simply a re-raise of an opponent’s opening raise. Go easy on the re-raise and avoid weak poker cards in this position. Hands like suited connectors, pocket aces or small pairs are worth three wagerings in poker cash games online.

Raise with Your Draws

In online cash games, it’s a great idea to raise on flush and straight draws. Raising in position when you’re drawing after the flop is profitable. In most cases, you are winning the hand right there. If you do get called and let's say you hit your draw on the turn, your opponent is likely to not put you on this hand and you might get some value with this action.

Let’s say you miss the draw, your opponent is likely to slow down his wager on the next card, giving you the chance to see the river for free. If you do miss again and your opponent checks, since you’ve shown strength it gives you the option to bluff the river!


This is an important part every poker player must learn, folding. Poker players are often tempted to call with marginal hands with the hope to win real cash every time. This is a sign of just getting attached to your cards and one must learn to fold to keep their chips in online poker real money games.

Pot Odds

Pot odds are an integral part of poker math and poker cash games online. Learning the pot odds helps you determine which poker hands to call, raise or fold. Pot odds in poker is the ratio of the current size of the pot to the cost of the wager needed to call. It is the poker probability of winning a hand with a future card to estimate the call’s expected value.

All in all, developing a set of strategies and mixing it up against your opponents as per their level of play is something you should follow if you plan to poker on gaming apps regularly. Play smart poker, keep your emotions in check and make logic based decisions and you shall be fine in the long run.

Cash Games- FAQs

Q. Which is the best online cash game?

There are plenty of amazing online cash games that you can play on the internet today. The most lucrative ones through which you can mint a good chunk of income would be three exciting variations of poker- Texas Hold’em , Omaha Poker and OFC poker. You can play them all for free, stakes and even participate in tournaments to win huge sums of cash provided you got the skills for the game.

Q What online games give real money?

Gaming apps are one of the most trending applications and sources of a parallel income if you love playing games that is. Poker rules the charts in the current market and is one of the best games you can enjoy and also earn real money if you practice the game well and play regularly.

Q What are the different cash games to play?

There are different cash games of poker to play. You can choose as per your bankroll as well as the format and variation of Poker you are most comfortable with. First decide the variation of the game you wish to play, say Hold'em then, pick the stakes and then the format. Do not jump stakes simply with the hope to win huge cash rewards. Take it small and slow and move up as you learn more and perform better.

Q Can we earn money by playing cash games?

Certainly. You can earn money regularly by playing online cash games. Poker is undoubtedly one of the most profitable real cash games you can choose to play today. It is one of the most thrilling games to play that requires a specific set of skills to perform well and win guaranteed money.

You can play poker cash games as well as take part in tournaments on online poker apps. For example, if you choose PokerBaazi, you need to create a poker account and add cash on to your user account to play cash games. When you win real money at the cash tables, you can withdraw your winnings immediately once your account has been KYC verified.

Q What is the best app to play cash games in India?

PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform connects 21+ active poker players from the Indian Poker circuit and is the best choice to play cash games of Poker.

  • Choose from several Poker variations
  • Start at the cash tables for stakes as low as 0.5/1
  • Round the clock Free entry tournaments with 35lac monthly prize pool
  • Use the winnings from freerolls to play cash games for free
  • Multiple tournament formats to explore- Turbo, FLASH, Sit and Go. Win the Button, Progressive Knockout and many more.
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