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Online games simply mean playing video games on the internet. One can play free online game or play online best games with friends together. The nature and elements to play online games vary from one another. Some online games can be developed with a simple text based display while others are a mix of complex elements such as intricate graphics, gesture sensors and voice control features.

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Today, in the age of smartphones, special free online games are developed that are mobile friendly, for example, games that are compatible with your mobile OS as now players use keywords such as best online games for android to search for best cash games online that are seamlessly integrated with a distinct mobile operating system.

Best Online Games General Overview

Online games have broken the history of behaviour of players that has been constant for centuries. During non-internet times, lazy Sunday afternoons and weekends were the ideal times when friends and families used to sit together and play card games online or free games online of all kinds either to relieve stress or just for the sake of fun. Such was our childhood back then free of stereotypes and preconditions. However, as the 21st century unfolded, the nature of best online games changed forever.

The internet and the smartphone cycle suddenly changed and revolutionized the ways and means of how entire businesses were conducted, not to mention the operations of world economies. Along with it, entered an interesting world of internet of free games online.

Today, the free online games industry is the fastest growing market in the world. Thanks to the synonymous growth and expansion of the smartphone industry, the online games sector has witnessed a record breaking growth of over 300 millions of users with over a billion downloads of free online games apps like poker download in India itself today.

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Such is the appeal to play online games irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity and culture, India has become one of the top markets in free online games as we speak. Best online games have advanced to the point where card games like trick taking or 3 patti have been segregated according to the taste of the audience. Today, there exists online games for kids, online games for PCs, best online games for android, free games online and best online games and lots more.

Globally speaking, the industry of free online games has come a long way and showcases stunning technological innovations, allowing it to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s further set to improve and double its growth in the coming years. Did you ever wonder, how did it all begin?

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The Birth & Evolution of Best Online Games

Did you know that the history of free video games dates back to the early 1940s? This makes sense since the birth and evolution of online games in general has been parallel to the evolution of computers. In the 1960s, computers began to support time-sharing that allowed multiple users to use a computer simultaneously. Soon after, modern links extended this range that allowed terminals to connect to their host computers via leased telephone lines. As technology improved, computer networking through remote servers became possible and introduced the online component that allowed multiple players to play online games together across a single network around the globe.

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In 1984, the first commercial best online card game role playing game named Islands of Kesmai was introduced that used scrolling text on the screen to create maps to locate and depict a player’s location and movements. However, the actual revolution in best online games sprung into action when the LAN network was introduced and later, with the internet, LAN best online games opened up even more and promoted social interaction among players that acted as the foundation of large scale interactive gaming that modern best online games enjoy the most today.

Major Breakthrough in Best Online Games

In the early 1990s, major breakthroughs in playing free online games began after the release of 4th generation 16 bit era consoles that 90s kids have enjoyed during childhood. Nintendo, Sega and Atari made numerous attempts to break into online games using cable providers but none of them really made it due to the slow capabilities of the Internet.

In the late 1990s, the phenomenon was about to take off and the future of best online games seemed thrilling hereon. Nintendo released its most popular add on features in its 64 console debuting the smashing entry of the Super Smash brother’s free online games.

Meanwhile, the year 1996-97 was pivotal as a new string of online casino games and card games like bluff card game were made available to play online. Online casino games like roulette, blackjack and slots could be played via the internet now.

It finally happened in 2000 with the release of the Sega Dreamcast, the world’s first ever Internet ready console that soon became popular. However, due to overwhelming internet costs during the edge of the millennium amounted to huge bills and led to its downfall, experts saying its internet based technology was ahead of its time and hence, was a commercial failure.

Hence, as we entered the millennium, Dreamcast then went on to design the next generation of consoles (guessed it already?) based on the core aspect of online games functionality, the Xbox was released in the mid 2000s.

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Simultaneously, the birth of MMORPG aka massively best online game role playing games such as Run escape, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons allowed millions of players to play, interact and compete against fellow players globally on the same platform. You could now play best online games with friends and connect with new players from across the globe. The online gaming community was growing at a rapid rate hereon.

The Modern Era to Play Online Games

The modern era of free online games have travelled at light speed to reach seminal innovations with every new batch of best online games that seems to defy its predecessors, be in terms of graphics, speed, gesture sensors or facial recognition for improved control and a dream like immersive experience for players. The year 2000 also witnessed the release of Sony Playstation 2 that became a huge success and ruled this generation of gaming consoles.

The cost and accessibility of technology compounded with the reduced cost of the internet has also worked in the favour of all parties, the service providers, gaming operators and consumers. As a result, the internet base of users playing free online games exploded to billions worldwide. The release of Xbox in 2004 alongwith Xbox live also led to the massive trend of playing online best games. Technological breakthroughs led to a new trending medium to play the best online games on multiple platforms. First shooter online games like Call of Duty ,baccarat game and Counter Strike: Source became new favorites among fans of best online games that could now be played across different platforms such as Windows, Playstation as well as Xbox.

Playstation and Wii marketplace that in itself brought a 360 degree spin in the way people started buying games, updating software and interacting and playing best games online with friends and fellow gamers The Nintendo Wii released in 2006 with Wifi capabilities to play online games. Playstation 3 also released in 2006 with upgraded internet capabilities.

Some of the best online games for PC were designed in this timeline and are worth a trip back in time. Let us warn you, going through this list might induce a strong sense of nostalgia for a lot of you.

Best Free Online Games for PC - Early 2000s

There used to be times back then in the early 2000s where one could play the best online games for free! The list of games that we shall mention below are probably some of the favorite best online games for kids of the 2000s.

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Club Penguin

An incredibly popular free online game for kids in the early 2000s, Club Penguin was one of the best online games free for kids that involved a virtual wintry world boasting clean and visually appealing graphics filled with players as penguin avatars who can enjoy lots of activities and play online games with friends to earn currency, pets and homes in the snowy island.

The Sims 2

Released in 2004, the sequel to The Sims was one of the best free online best games for kids and adults alike. Anyone who’s been a fan of simulation online free games, this one guaranteed hours of fun.

World of Warcraft

The WOW best online video game series is wildly popular till date. Initially launched in 2004, World Of Warcraft has been through a series of updates and expansions, the latest being, Shadowlands, each series adding sufficient new content to the best online game typically such as new playable zones and updated system mechanics to keep your curious genes ticking.

There are many more best free online games for PC released in the early 2000s that are still playable in 2020. Some honourable mentions would include Battlefield 2, Guild Wars , Call bridge Game and Age of Empires 2 & 3.

Mobile Online Gaming- The New Generation

The Modern era of free online games witnessed another riveting revolution. The current generation officially entered the age of smartphones and app stores changing the way people play online games like poker

Although free online games date back as early to 1998 when the pixelated game of snakes was released by Nokia, the real revolution in mobile online games online took off when an exciting platform called pokerbaazi was launched and went on to become the most popular platform to play online games on smartphones. The age of best online free mobile games had begun and from hereon, there was no looking back. Some of the best free and popular free online games that created headlines during this time were Farmville, Angry birds, and Clash of clans. Clash of clans brought back the experience of free online games for pc such as Age of Empires, however, with more seamless best features. Also, Angry birds became one of the best android online free games at the time.

As online games entered the 2nd decade of the 2000s, the launch of online free games were synced primarily with mobile based OS and featured advanced graphics. Some of the best free online android games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfer and Candy Crush are drool worthy till date. In 2013, the launch of Asphalt 8: Airborne also debunked the common perception that great graphics were only possible in free online games for PC thus catapulting fast gameplay in popular online mobile best games to insane heights.

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By 2015, it was projected that free online mobile games would exceed revenues and earnings than that of console gaming. Today, the list of online best mobile and PC games is impressive. Here’s a list of the most popular android and PC best games that the current generation seem to dig. Some of them are exclusively designed as android based mobile free online best games.

Pubg Mobile, Fortnite , Call of Duty Mobile, Minecraft, Pokemon Go , Asphalt 9 Legends , DOTA best online game among many others. Today, battle royale best free online games are all the rage in the online mobile gaming world.

Revolution in Play Online Games

The coming years in online games are entering the zone of virtual reality to make reality seem more realistic! As technology continues to advance, virtual reality is gaining huge momentum and is the new promising future. VR online games offer players fully immersive 360 degree vision, heightened realism with excellent surround sound to modern best online games for PC.

The first introduction of VR was the Oculus Rift CV1 headset that worked by tethering it to a computer introduced in 2015. However, the element of freedom of online gamers was restricted, hence, recent developments are aimed to build groundbreaking VR gaming systems that are flexible and dynamic and are already enroute.

An Exclusive Segment: Real Money Online Games (RMG)

As online games continue to expand its realm in the internet, an exclusive segment of real money games online are growing as a parallel niche domain. Several surveys indicate that online free games sites are mushrooming at an extraordinary rate in India post 2010s with a steady rise in the number of users as well as gaming operators. In India, the real money online games industry typically offers card based skill games such as poker game, rummy, 3 patti and fantasy sports. The perforation of the internet like wildfire and reduced costs of smartphones have boosted the popularity of online free games attracting a niche audience of the age group 25-40.

free Online games are more mobile oriented to offer flexible gaming experience to players at their own convenience. As the smartphone revolution spread across demographics in the post 2010s, the appetite for online free games has grown substantially in this decade and more homegrown online game sites have cropped up to satiate this growing appetite.

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), apex body regulating online skill gaming in India, recently announced that over 10% of online players are involved in online free games that contribute to a 2000 cr industry as of 2020 that’s estimated to rise by 3.5% by the year 2025.

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This reinforces the fact that skill based online free games like poker have found a solid space among the best and popular PC and android online games and have established their own devoted segment of audience in India. Games like rummy, online poker, 3 patti and fantasy sports are some of the ruling online free games in India today.

Key Markers Lifting RMG Industry

Free games have forever been stigmatized and looked upon as a derogatory practice that’s associated with gambling and free indulgence with real money. However, with the clear definition of the nature of online free games by the Supreme court have reaffirmed the faith among fans of poker skill based online free games


Indian courts have stated on several occasions that no game is entirely skill based and all games involve a certain degree of luck. However, for better clarity, the apex court under the Public Gambling Act 1867, made an exception and stated that any game whose result is predominantly determined by degree of skill as opposed to the element of luck is a skill game and therefore, game legality. As such, card based online games like poker and rummy find themselves in the skill zone today whereas games like roulette and 3 patti fall in the ‘game of chance’ category.

Responsible Gaming

In the year 2018, the AIGF released a skill games charter based on four core principles to promote responsible gaming among players and online games sites. The objective in online games of skill is to strengthen player protection based on globally best practices, good governance, integrity and legality.

To elucidate on this, let’s take the example of a leading best poker site in India founded in 2014, PokerBaazi. The online games site takes concrete steps and effective measures to promote responsible gaming for all players. Players are allowed to set deposit limits daily, weekly and monthly to effectively manage their poker bankroll when playing online free games of poker.

If that doesn’t help, then online gamers can take a break by deactivating their account for a certain period of time during which revival of the account is prohibited. If these responsible gaming tools fail to offer respite, the Baazi team extends proper counsel to players by connecting them to a psychologist or a counsellor. Several other online games sites today offer relevant support and guidance to players to practice responsible online gaming and refrain from any form of obsession.

Booming IT Industry

The booming IT industry in India has led to an exemplary shift in the online multiple gaming industry due to the rise of smartphones, concrete digital infrastructure and widespread use of the internet. As Indians eagerly embrace the digital medium, it’s not just regular online games for PC and mobile Android apps of card game like poker app that are profiting but impressive revenues can be seen in the real money gaming sector in the past 5 years with engagement in skill based popular online card free games on a steep rise.

Real Money Factor

The idea of playing online free games on mobile phones and winning real money is an intriguing motive for online gamers. Online game sites have been striving to promote skill games like online poker and rummy through value driven collaborations, launch of a poker university and by introducing cheapest and highest paid online poker tournaments that could very well be the foundation of individual careers for interested players in these sports. Today, the popularity of online skill games is stupendous as online game sites continue to amp up the stakes and guarantee attracting players to participate from all across India.

While poker and rummy are single player games at the core, fantasy sports are best online games that allow players to form teams of 11 by including players in the team based on their knowledge of the sport and current form of players. Players win real money based on the live performance of individual players on the field.

Plus, the thrill of playing online real money free games and live games with real participants coupled with quick digital payment modes further add to the interest in online skill games today.

Summing Up

These are exciting times for the Indian gaming industry. A KPMG report recently suggests that the Indian online games industry is reaching a new zenith. In the next five years, we can expect rising job opportunities in this sector, improved gender parity among those who play online game PC and mobile online games, rising number of gaming developers, introduction of new VR technologies and artificial intelligence for affordable rates along with focus on localised gaming themes and content. These will prove to be some of the key drivers of growth in the online games industry that are already on its way to become a commercial reality in India.

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