Real money online poker has the caught the millennial eye and everyone wants a piece of this pie. Learning the ropes of poker rules and strategies is a steep learning curve. At the onset of your poker career you don’t want to be investing large sums to learn right.

Online poker platforms are encouraging of players joining the poker community and offer a gamut of promotions and poker games to test your poker skills and strategies without a deposit! Yes that’s right, you get to play online real money poker for free!

Here’s a look at four different ways you can play real money poker games online at PokerBaazi without a deposit:

1. Free Entry tournaments

Free entry online poker tournaments are tournaments where in you can take part for free or without any deposit. The clincher? You stand a chance to win real money despite investing nothing. These tournaments are best for amateurs who want to test their poker skills for free.

What’s more? Free entry tournaments offer real cash bonus or RCB that allow amateurs to further play other online poker games and win real money. A fabulous transition to kick start your real money poker career and gradually build your bankroll with nothing at stake!

With over Rs.15 lakhs up for grabs every month, think it’s time you get you started on free entry tournaments 

2. Free Entry Satellites

Free Entry Satellite poker games are online real money poker tournaments that allow you to take play poker online with no deposit and serve as a discounted opportunity to take part in bigger tournaments with larger buy-ins. Take part in free entry satellite poker games and stand a chance to win a ticket to a bigger online poker tournament. This works as a great opportunity to for amateurs to get a taste of how professionals play real money poker online.

Keep an eye out for free entry satellites of your favourite PokerBaazi’s online poker tournaments, who knows, you might just be the next End Boss.

3. New Registration Bonus

A welcome bonus is a sigh of relief for any player registering for the first time. At PokerBaazi, with a minimum deposit of Rs.25, new players receive a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of Rs.2500. As a new player, this bonus works as a great double up for your bankroll and can cushion you while you explore your skills in real money online poker games.

Look out for the new registration deposit code when you make your first deposit on PokerBaazi

4. Fun Social Media Contests

Another great way for new players to win free tickets to online real money poker games is to take part in contests run on multiple social media channels. Here’s a list of a few things you can participate in:

  • IMPS giveaways – Stand a chance to win a free ticket for the upcoming PokerBaazi IMPS series (21st Sept-4th Oct, 2020) by taking part in our contests on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Run during the 2nd week of every month, these contests give out up to 50 tickets! This is a great way to take part in the micro-stake poker games on PokerBaazi without a deposit/buy-in.
  • PokerBaazi Facebook page – Keep a watch out for the PokerBaazi Facebook page for a lot more contests, follow the page, take part in any contest and win a free ticket for your next game.
  • PokerBaazi on Twitch – If you haven’t heard yet, PokerBaazi is now on twitch! Catch one our live streams on Youtube or twitch to learn from the best poker professionals in the industry for free. In addition, streamers also run fun contests and give away free tickets to real money online poker games.

So what’s stopping you from learning for free and standing a chance to play your next real online poker tournament with no deposit at all? Take the leap and test your skills on the real money online poker felts with little or almost nothing at stake and start winning for free!