There’s something in the poker air, your desktop mouse has a slight twitch and the screen has no glitch! Introducing to you the world of PokerBaazi now on Twitch!

Twitching To Know More

Well, Twitch is the world’s front runner for live streaming platforms, bringing together a community of gamers sharing the things they love, all live! The novel pandemic has kept us indoors for a few months now sky rocketing the time spent on online poker games. However, it’s not just online poker that has seen this surge in numbers, Twitch also reported a week on week increase in traffic.

Owned by Amazon, Twitch grew in popularity with the rise in online gaming. In recent years, live and online poker streamers also took to the channel and turned it into a hotspot for online poker strategies and tips. Internationally, popular poker houses host their own channels giving their fan base a much needed exposure to grow their game.

Today, poker ranks in the top 20 most-watched category on the live streaming platform and is of great potential in India as the thirst for the mind-based skill sport continues to be on the rise.

What Does Twitch Do For Poker

  • Adds personality, entertainment and breaks the monotony of just the clicks.
  • Adds the community and easy of communication angle which the game often misses, more so, during the pandemic.
  • Adds accountability – while the game grapples with the taboo stigma, live streaming channels like twitch bring in a great amount of trust and accountability proving it’s a skill based mind sport as they watch all the action live!
  • Helps bridge the gap for amateurs – Poker ‘newbies’ get a sneak peek into live decision making and theory put to practice. What better way to rise up in stakes!
  • Great to build your online poker network – Twitch works as a great networking base for players to connect with other players, seek a mentor or even a potential backer!
  • A great knowledge base – Be it an amateur, a recreational or a regular player, a live poker twitch stream has something to learn for everyone. Why not tap into a free knowledge base!
  • Most importantly, it brings back the fun element of online poker games, making both the streamer and viewers break a leg over something they love doing.


PokerBaazi On Twitch

Being the most popular medium, PokerBaazi also runs weekly contests and quizzes for players on Twitch and Youtube channel wherein some shrewd and uncanny questions from the world of poker await your answers. Winners get free tournament tickets and other exciting prizes. So, stay tuned.

 We couldn’t twitching resist and we spoke to one of our Baazi Live streamers. Here’s what Siddharth has to say about all the online and live poker fun on twitch:

 Twitch is a wonderful platform to express myself. Love the fact that we are making a community in a sport which otherwise seems very individual. See this community becoming massive and helping all the members.

 Feel a part of the PokerBaazi twitch family by tuning right into one of our live poker streams! Here’s how:

  • Simply visit the official PokerBaazi twitch channel 
  • Scroll down to follow the channel by clicking on the “hearts” button on the “bell” button for regular updates and notifications on new videos.
  • Click on the “schedule” button to discover the dates and timings on upcoming videos and discussions on PokerBaazi’s online poker games and tournaments live by the experts!
  • To visit previous videos, click on the “Videos” button.
  • Click on the “Chat” button to chat live with fellow poker players during a live stream and brainstorm and exchange online poker strategies and tips for free!
  • If there’s a live stream going on, you can simply click on the video with the LIVE logo on the top right corner and join the live stream to be a part of the tête-à-tête.


 Here’s also a list of international poker players to add to your watch list!

Poker Twitch TV

Time to hop aboard the PokerBaazi Twitch channel, sit back and enjoy all the twitching action!