Poker is now the most publicized real money skill game in the online world. Unlike its counterparts that rely on chance, poker is distinct. Poker is a game of skill that has players dedicate a significant amount of time and, if not responsible, money. Due to the rising popularity of online poker in India and the intensity associated with poker-specific behavior, today, we take a look at responsible gaming in poker and what it means to be a player.

The reason why responsible gaming or prevention strategies are crucial to a poker game is that the guidelines/measures strive to improve the capacity and environment for a broader poker player base. Prevention or responsible gaming in online poker is also a concept that can be owned and implemented by a poker site to safeguard its players and nurture a better environment.

Responsible gaming messages in online poker push for

  • The strategy based skilled sport to be pursued with healthy gaming habits and fights all the irrational beliefs of players.
  • Reiterates the ‘skill’ component indicating that even while bluffing, you do not control a critical aspect of the game.
  • Distinguishes itself from ‘games of chance.’

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Players are vital in accessing experiential knowledge that can help improve responsible gaming when they play poker online. As a result, players are encouraged to share their unique perspectives through 24×7 counselling support to help overcome and develop an accountable gaming preventive measure that protect the entire player base.

Considering that poker players distinguish themselves for their skill level, they tend to get defensive when it comes to playing poker online and their intent on convincing non-players of the positive aspects of the game. A player’s impression of being judged might be a barrier to their receptiveness when it comes to responsible gaming.

Here are few perceptions that you could hold as a poker player when it comes to responsible gaming or preventive measures:

  1. It did not apply to me” – Considering the heterogeneous nature of each poker player and the lack of perspective of other players’ gaming experience, this is a pretty common belief among those who play poker online.
  2. Aware but unaffected – Some players are aware of prevention messaging but considered it irrelevant for poker players.
  3. Lack of knowledge and credibility behind preventive messages – Poor understanding of the game could lead to dismissing responsible gaming tips.
  4. Lack of knowledge of the player’s experience – Poker players experience a game individually and often lack a real understanding of what other players are experiencing. Players with compulsive behaviors are then usually deemed as peers who aren’t serious and don’t put in enough effort to improve their skills.
  5. Control over time and life balance – Over investment of time into online poker is also closely linked to a player’s disengagement from different spheres of life such as family and social life.

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To overcome these perceptions and understand the importance of responsible gaming in online poker and its preventive measures, one must thoroughly understand poker’s unique characteristics and nature:

  1. Skill is a significant component and must be given utmost importance – from knowledge acquisition to strategy development to improvement areas.
  2. Poker is all about meritocracy – Players are rewarded for their merit.
  3. Unlike other games of chance, poker isn’t played against the house but the players

Online poker is competitive amongst players like any other sport

Keeping these characteristics in mind, Understanding the importance of responsible gaming is imperative for a poker player. Living in oblivion and assuming it does not apply to you could be at your peril.

Here are a few tips to get you started with your own responsible gaming/preventive measure for your poker career:

Bankroll management – Managing your bankroll is like managing a budget and is an essential component when you play poker online. Learn to have a thumb rule that works best for you, depending on your level of play, or read up on poker bankroll management tips from poker’s best to know what they did right.

Game selection – Another self-discipline strategy you can follow while starting with poker. Learn to choose the game type (hold’em or PLO, cash games or tournaments) that suits you and spot the right game with the right players at the right table to test your skills.

Play for free – At the onset of your online poker journey, play free or low-stake games to reduce your risk while getting the feel of a real money game to improve your skills.

Balance is vital – The elephant in the room when it comes to responsible gaming in poker. The most significant peril is spending all your time and skill on poker. Like everything else in life, ‘poker needs to be played in moderation’ to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle and are in control of your behaviour and emotions. Your state of being is crucial to a game of online poker; ensure you sleep right, eat right, exercise, and practice techniques like meditation to control your emotions.

Be aware of your relationship with poker – Being aware of your relationship with poker is probably the best thing you can do when it comes to responsible gaming. Think aloud and ask yourself:

    1. ‘Is poker meant for me?’
    2. ‘Is my game at a healthy stage?’
    3. ‘Should I keep playing?’
    4. ‘What’s my long-term online poker strategy?’
    5. ‘What do I do to improve my game?’
    6. ‘How much time am I spending on my poker games?’

Spending time on these questions at periodic intervals certainly help bring about a great sense of self-awareness, which is a crucial part of responsible gaming when you play poker online. Known your capacity!


As a poker site, PokerBaazi urges players to be aware of the perils of even a skill-based game and adopt responsible gaming or self-prevention measures when you play poker online. If this piece has got you thinking and you’re wondering where to start, check out the responsible gaming section on PokerBaazi

Our commitment to work with you and help you meander the virtual felts at low risk should drive home your passion for poker and making it a healthy, sustainable, social, and rewarding experience for the community!

Let’s get our cards in right, shall we?