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Tournament Rules

PokerBaazi adheres to the highest standards of ethical gaming on all its online platforms at all times. We present, project and respect Poker as a skill-based game and expect our players to follow the same paramount standards as ours.

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Introduction to Tournament Rules

Please find below our code of conduct to understand how we offer our services and what adverse behaviours we expect you to steer clear from. Please note that PokerBaazi’s Tournament Rules (hereafter referred to as ‘Tournament Rules’ and as listed below) add to the Terms of Use and Service on this website. In the unforeseen case of a discrepancy between the ‘Terms of Use and Service’ and ‘Tournament Rules’, the former shall take precedence without prejudice.

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  1. We consider poker to be a game of skill and dexterity, and we consider it our professional and moral duty to conduct it in all fairness and transparency. Technical rules, glitches and even some unusual circumstances may not undermine its spirit at any instance.
  2. We host all our Freerolls, Tournaments, Events and Series at the scheduled time as in the Tournament Lobby. Due to some unusual or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve a right to delay or cancel such a Freeroll, Tournament, Event or Series without prior notice.
  3. We disclose information about all Freerolls, Tournaments, Events and Series well in advance so that you can make a conscious decision about playing. This also includes information about the blind structure, length of rounds, rebuy and other relevant aspects of your gaming- and the same can be found by visiting the Lobby section in our Mobile and Desktop applications. Please note that we reserve the right to change the same at any time without prior notice.
  4. To ensure fair play and a secure gaming environment, we assign Seats at random and no seat changes between any two players is ever allowed. The Dealer Button will always be positioned at Seat 1 as the game commences.

We have a commonsensical approach to Rebuys in all our Tournaments- that you must always have an appropriate amount of funds at your immediate disposal in your account. Funds engaged or shared in other Tournaments or in a different currency than Indian Rupee (INR) is not deemed worthy for any transaction on our portals.

Late Registration:

We make allowances for players to join-in late for a Tournament. This process is called Late Registration and its length may vary as per the online game you’re interested in. We do mention the same in our game Lobby in our apps and desktop software. Our Tournaments may allow only one entry or multiple entries per player, and this is subjected to the rules and format preset by us. Any attempts to gain access to an ongoing game in any unlawful way would only attract penal charges to the offending player. We thus request you to follow our code of conduct and ethical gaming very carefully.

Unregistration (to unregister oneself):

Some (not all) of our online gaming tournaments allow the players to unregister themselves from a tournament until a certain pre-specified time before the tournament begins We request you to check the exact registration details of every Tournament that you’re looking forward to play online. This may help you avert last-minute changes to your plans to a certain extent.
Please note that you would be rewarded for your performance only for the games you play in.


Our Poker Tournaments conclude successfully when:

  1. Only one player wins all the chips or
  2. All remaining players qualify for the exact same prize, as per the tournament structure.

Over a period of time, players would get eliminated from a table. We have designed our gaming software to “compress” the gaming environment to either fill empty seats or to balance tables to have a near-equal number of participants. This entire process is automated and unbiased at all times. There would come a time when nine or fewer players are remaining, this would bring all the active players together on the ‘Final Table.’


We consider active gaming just as important as breaks. These intended intervals of no gaming activity help you refresh, refocus and re-align your strategy. You can find the break schedule per tournament in the Tournament lobby of our app or gaming software. Tournament breaks are scheduled every 25 minutes past the hour and are 5 minutes long. Please note that we may not allow breaks in all of our tournaments and such information shall be conveyed well in advance.

Disconnection and Sitting Out

We are preferably an online gaming organization. It means that by participating in and continuing to play in our Tournament(s), you acknowledge that you are exposed to a series of customary risks associated with the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, Internet disconnection, server lags, freezing of gaming environment and other unforeseen aspects that are beyond our immediate control.
Please note that while we try our best in reasonable terms to ensure a proper and uninterrupted gaming experience, we do not accept any responsibility for any issues arising out of it. In the exceptional event of our server crash, we would respond in an appropriate manner so as not to undermine your gaming advantage.

  1. We always make a conscious effort to protect any player, who is disconnected in the later or final stages of the game in a real money Tournament, by offering him Extra Time to let him reconnect.
  2. Should a player run out of a stipulated maximum amount of time in a hand, his/her hand would be folded (if faced with a raise) or may be checked (if there is no raise).
  3. If a player is allotted a table but runs out of internet connectivity before a hand starts, he would be dealt with cards and he would be subjected to posting blind and/or antes automatically.

Please note our gaming environment automatically resets the Disconnect Extra Time after every single successful instance of user reconnection. As you would understand, no blind levels are posted during the Disconnect Extra Time.
Please note that we may not offer DET for every tournament that we host, and we reserve the right to change any or all of these rules without prior notification.


Please visit our FAQ page for more information about this segment.
We offer Chat feature to let players communicate with each other in a professional and jovial manner so that the game is conducted in the right spirit. However, none of this allows the players to indulge in any unfair practice or discussion regarding the game. Discussing cards or sharing other game-based possibilities is not allowed under any circumstances. Violating this rule attracts severe penalties.

Unethical Play

PokerBaazi is India’s Most Trusted Poker Website. It believes in conducting every game in a safe, secure and trusted gaming environment and it also expects its players to play the game in its right spirit.
PokerBaazi prohibits all instances of Unethical Play at all times. These may include, but are not limited to, playing less aggressively, dumping chips, or indulging in revealing discussions on chat or otherwise or anything that violates the code of the game. Such behavior shall result in penalties like confiscation of funds and/or suspension or termination of the offender’s account. We have placed stringent standard measures to look for violations of our rules and to this ensure compliance.
Here are some prohibited instances on our gaming platforms:

  1. You could be feeling sleepy and then you decide to hand over the game to someone at your place to finish it.
  2. Playing with your friend at the same place (one using Wi-Fi and the other on mobile internet) and advising that whosoever busts out first, takes up another one’s control.
  3. Accepting Cash Equity as an exchange for the final few tables of a tournament, thus letting someone else take control of your gaming account.
  4. Going on a pre-planned or unplanned journey and letting someone else play.
  5. Gaining unlawful access to your friend or partner and using the same to play with or without his/her consent.

Server Issues

We know that a server crash is a regrettable event at our end and we deal with it appropriately. We make sure that the hands on the game are frozen in time. We then reset the chip count to the status of just before that particular hand had started. In certain circumstances, we compensate/refund the players as per our tournament cancellation policy. All in all, it is a completely fair process.


With regards to a server crash or other unforeseen circumstances wherein we cancel a tournament, we compensate all competing players appropriately and without prejudice. We allow and credit due compensation to the active and/or participating players in 24 working hours. The active/participating players would get notified in due course of time for the same on phone and via email.

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