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Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a variation of the Solitaire game whose primary goal is to shift all the cards from the pyramid to the foundation piles. In order to do so, the player must arrange all cards from a standard pyramidal arrangement of 28 cards. Microsoft boosted the popularity of all Solitaire games including Pyramid Solitaire in the 1990s and since then they have been with us till date. Players can now enjoy free games of Pyramid Solitaire online and indulge in up to 10,000 challenging levels and keep it going!

Fun fact: The odds of winning a Pyramid game is 1 in around 50 games! Like the sound of it?

To know all about how to play the Pyramid Solitaire classic game, let's take a quick walk-through of the rules and gameplay. We shall start with the value of each card in the Solitaire game for a clear understanding of how to play it well.

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Value of Cards

Kings are valued at 13. Queens carry 12 points each Jacks carry 11 points Every other card must pair up with another card to form a total of 13 points to remove themselves from the pyramid and fly away to the Foundation pile.

Goal of the Pyramid Solitaire Game

The objective of Pyramid Solitaire is to expose blocked cards from the pyramid and match any two cards in pairs that total up to 13 points and remove them to the foundation pile in pairs. Kings can be shifted to the foundation instantly once they are unblocked.

Pyramid Solitaire Game Set Up

The set up of Pyramid Solitaire is different from the original Classic Solitaire game. One must shuffle the deck and then deal the cards in a way that they form a pyramid. To do so, begin by placing one card at the top and place 2 cards in the second row, 3 cards in the 3rd row and so on until you reach the 7th row consisting of 7 cards.

Once complete, you shall notice that the pyramid is a total of 28 cards in this particular order in the Pyramid Solitaire game, including the online version. Alternatively, the dealer can also choose to make six rows of 21 cards. Whatever number of cards remain, the dealer must place them face down at the table and that shall form the draw pile or stockpile for the card game.


In order to play the Pyramid card game, the player must remove different pairs of revealed cards if they add up to a total of 13 points. This means as per the values assigned to the cards in this game, Kings can be shifted right away to the foundation. However, as per the rules, one must make sure that the cards need to be face up and accessible.

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This means if a Queen rests above a 10, the 10 cannot be shifted to the foundation and the Queen must be removed first. Also, as per the Pyramid game online rules, once a pair of cards is taken away to the foundation, they cannot be replayed in the game or re-matched with any other card to get rid of other card.

What is the role of the Draw Pile, one may ask?

Players can draw or use cards from the draw pile by picking one card in a single turn and use it to match it with another card from the pyramid and throw it in the foundation. In case, the card you draw cannot be matched with any card from the Pyramid, it goes straight into the waste pile.

Also, as per the rules, the player can use the top card of the waste pile to match it with the card you draw next from the stockpile or any exposed card in the pyramid structure. When you run out of cards in the draw pile in the Pyramid Solitaire classic game and you fail to make any more matches, the game is over.

Scoring in Pyramid Game

To assign scores in the card game, you must count the number of face up cards that remain unmatched in the pyramid. This means the perfect score or the ideal score in a Pyramid card game is zero as there shall be no cards left in the pyramid if you successfully complete the game. Play this game for free on Microsoft Store or download one of its fun variations from the Play Store and enjoy!

Pyramid Solitaire - FAQ

Q. How does the pyramid game work?

When you play Pyramid Solitaire classic online, you must match pairs of any two face up cards that total up to 13 points and remove them to the foundation pile. By following this procedure, you must discard all the cards from the pyramid onto the foundation pile to achieve the perfect score of zero points.

Q. How do you play the Pyramid Solitaire game?

The Pyramid game is a challenging variation of the Solitaire game and as the name suggests, cards are arranged in the structure of a pyramid in this game.
● The goal of this card game online is to expose all cards from top of one another and match them in pairs of two that add up to 13 points in order to be able to remove them from the pyramid and place them onto the foundation.
● Players can also choose to draw cards from the stockpile to match them with cards from the pyramid and shift them to the foundation to complete the game.
● A game of Pyramid Solitaire ends when you achieve the perfect score of 0 points if you can successfully shift all cards from the pyramid to the required destination.
● Failing to do so will end the game and you will be scored penalty points as per the remaining unmatched cards left in the pyramid.

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