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Cheat Game

Cheat Game is also known as Bullshit, Liar, Bluff or ‘I Doubt it! It is a shedding-based card game where bluffing or catching your opponent’s bluff could make you a winner. You can play the cheat game online or offline with any number of players ranging from two to ten.

While a single deck of 52 cards is sufficient for two to four players, you can combine multiple decks with five or more players.

Players need to lose all their cards, and one who does it first wins the Cheat Game online. Skills such as prompt decision (as poker skills), sharp memory and intuition could help you win the game in reaching the first position!

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Set up of Cheat Card Game Online

When playing the Cheat card game, also known as the hack game in some regions, the dealer distributes the cards equally among all the players playing the game. You can select the dealer randomly or through a mutual agreement.

The players sit in a circle or opposite directions from each other and after the dealer distributes all the cards, you can start discarding the cards and bluffing the game.

Objective of Cheat Card Game Online

The Objective of the Cheat Card Game online is to lay down your cards and not let other players know about the cards you bluff. You aim to become the first person to discard all the cards from your hand and be a winner.

While you can play the cards as they are or bluff, the player next to you has the option to call your bluff or play his turn. If they call your bluff and your cards are not what you said while discarding them, you will pick all the cards played in the round. However, they will pick the cards played if your cards are what you said.

With the objective of cheat games online understood, let’s move to how to play cheat games online.

How to Play the Cheat Game Online?

Here are the general steps on how to play Hack Game online or offline:

  • The dealer (selected at random or with consensus) distributes all the cards clockwise evenly amongst all the players. Moreover, they keep one card face-down in the center to form a discard pile.
  • In the Cheat card game, players can employ clever tactics by dealing non-Ace cards while claiming to have Aces to discard more cards or by playing any number card and claiming it to be of another rank. The suit of cards does not matter in this card game.
  • The next player then continues the sequence by playing cards of the corresponding rank. Players can strategically discard cards face down, stating the number and rank, but they have the freedom to deceive their opponents by playing cards that don't match the announced rank.
  • In an online Cheat card game, any player can call "Cheat" if they suspect someone of lying about their cards. If the accusation is correct, the player who throws their cards must pick up the discard pile and if not, the accusee picks up the discard pile.
  • The game ends when a player runs out of cards, and that player emerges as the winner. Enjoy the thrill of deception and strategy in the Cheat card game!


The basic rule of the Cheat card gameplay is bluffing without getting caught by your opponents. With the gameplay of the Hack game online covered, it is time for the rules of the gam. They are simple and easy for beginners to understand. So, let us check them out without further ado.

Cheat Game Rule

In addition to the basic rules and steps mentioned earlier, you can spice up your online Cheat Game experience by exploring various variations. These rule variations add an extra layer of excitement and complexity to the game.

Here are a few suggested Hack game variations to try out:

Skip a turn or refrain from lying if the required card value is already played before in certain online Cheat Card Games.


  • Instead of playing only higher card ranks, players can allow cards of rank above or below for the subsequent players in rotation.
  • Modify the rules to allow players to lay down multiple card ranks in the same hand, introducing new strategic possibilities.
  • Players must announce the same rank of cards until someone calls 'Cheat' or all players in that round choose to pass, creating suspenseful moments.
  • By incorporating these variations into your Cheat Game sessions, you can elevate the excitement and challenge, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. Enjoy exploring these different rule options and have a great time playing Cheat Game online.

Variations of Cheat Card Game Online

Now, you know all about how to play Cheat Game online, its time to explore some exciting variations of this game.


It is a German version of a Cheat Card Game online that includes suits and the rank of cards. In this game, the players also mention suits with the card rank to make a call.

Trust, No Trust (Verish’ Ne Verish)

It is another variation with changes in the Cheat Game rules. When players have to pick the discard pile, they can also shed any four cards of the same rank if present. If any player skips the chance, the recent stack is kept aside and the new one is made as per the Cheat Game rules.


In this variant of the Cheat Card Game, every player lays down the same rank cards until someone makes a call and picks the pile. After this, the player to the left starts the Cheat Game with any rank of their choice. However, if any player has four cards of the same rank, they are out of the game.

Strategies on How Play Cheat Games Online

  • Don’t Bluff unless you do not have the required card value, or it might bring you trouble later on.
  • Arrange cards in the proper sequence of the game rotation in Hack Game online.
  • Go for the higher rank of cards that may appear soon in the ranking sequence if you have to lie in the Cheat Card Game. For example, if you have to make a call for 5’s, but you have 9’s and 10’s, then go for 9’s.
  • The hook of the Cheat Game rule is to recall other players’ cards as it helps to make the right bluffs.

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Cheat Game- FAQs

Q. What are the Rules of Cheat Card Game online?

The primary Cheat Game rule is to find if another player is lying about the card value they called by shouting ‘Cheat’. The cards in doubt are then to be revealed to all the players. The player who lied has to pick the whole discard pile and add it to their poker hands.

Q How do you play Cheat Game?

Cheat, Bullshit or ‘I doubt It’ are all the same where players have to shed all their cards and win the game. A Cheat card game online is all about lying and surviving challenges to become a winner in the game. If you love card games, check out more interesting poker game at and win exciting offers and welcome bonuses to play for FREE!

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