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Best Money Earning Apps in India

Today, no matter you're at work, munching during lunch break or simply sitting bored clueless wondering how to make your free time count, the best money earning apps in India can be a stellar option to earn money online simply by playing your favourite games.

Online money earning apps in India have grabbed immense attention in the last few years due to its huge money making opportunities. Such apps allow us to earn money by making us less guilty when we spend our time playing card games online.

In times of uncertainty, where job security is rampant, a side hustle is not a bad choice. Although real money earning apps cannot be categorized under full-time jobs, these platforms launch different gaming tournaments like Poker and Rummy that can be played to earn high-end rewards.

Here, we will give you a glimpse of how you can earn some extra cash through these game earning apps without much investment, key features to look at and important factors to consider when choosing such a platform.

So, without wasting a moment, let’s begin.

Free Poker Tournaments

How Online Money Earning Apps Work?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. All sections of society, including the lower and middle class, now have access to the internet and smartphone, using which one can download money earning gaming apps like Online poker and start playing. Such platforms are best for college students, house-makers, working professionals, retired citizens or any other person looking to earn money online in their spare time.

Most of us are still in doubt whether these online money earning game apps are real or fake. Let’s erase these doubts today for good by figuring out the key factors that determine a platform’s credibility.

Key Features of Top Real Money Making Apps

1. Great User Interface

The top real money earning apps in India offer an excellent user interface to their users. The developers make sure the platform is easy to use, and the users can navigate the application smoothly. Before settling down to any online earning app, make sure to explore all the functionalities of the app and save your time spending on a platform that does not work.

2. Responsible Gaming

While playing money-oriented games, you must ensure that the platform follows a responsible gaming policy. This is done to help users who wish to set parameters for optimal gaming time and avoid getting addicted to the forum. Using the best online earning apps will allow you to set deposit limits, time breaks, and even game restrictions for a suitable period.

3. Simple Withdrawal Policy

When installing an online money earning app, you must go through its withdrawal policy to understand if you are comfortable with the mentioned procedures. An appropriate example to check the authenticity of the app is to identify the key factors to pour in and take out money.

Make sure to double-check if you find anything suspicious. You can also read user reviews before investing any money and time on the platform. The platform should offer a simple withdrawal policy that facilitates instant transactions with multiple payment options.

4. Free Application

Various money earning apps work without investment. To begin with, it should be a free money earning app that doesn’t charge you anything during registration. For players who are just getting started, the platform should ideally provide a welcome bonus to help users maximize their returns when they make their first deposit. The idea is to have the opportunity to make the most of your free money to learn and earn at once.

5. Multiple Tournaments

The app should host a multiple variety of tournaments across different formats and for the widest range of stakes to accommodate players of all skill levels. For example, if you want to play poker, the platform should typically feature freerolls as well as cash games starting from as low as INR. 1. The idea is to provide multiple options for players to choose from to maximize their winning chances.

6. Play Anytime Anywhere

If you are looking to play games like Poker, Rummy, or Teen Patti, free game earning apps can be your ultimate choice without physically visiting a casino. Such platforms give you the exact feeling of playing your favourite games but from the comfort of your home. For instance, many real money poker apps organize daily tournaments to help people earn extra cash for micro buy-ins.

7. Player Friendly Promotions

Many applications have launched various programs that dedicatedly work to generate extra income through referrals, reward schemes, cash backs, flagship tournaments, and many more.

To grab these offers, you need to do tasks assigned by the application. You can call your friends and relatives to download the application and log in using your code for referrals. Gaming applications majorly launch various tournaments that align with the player's level. Winning such competitions will give you big rewards and encourage you to play further.

On PokerBaazi, new users can enjoy a 100% welcome bonus on their first money deposit. Players can utilize their bonus to play at the cash tables and get acquainted with the gameplay without any initial investment. Credible money making apps also have a safe withdrawal policy to help you take out money hassle-free onto your desired destination, be it on e-wallet or bank account.


8. Customer Support

Good customer support can go a long way in building trust and loyalty among users. It is also possible that a money earning game app may encounter issues such as technical glitches, payment processing or account related queries. A responsive customer support team offers a means for users to report these issues and receive assistance in resolving them.

Important Factors to Note

1. App Reviews

It's important to read app reviews before downloading and using an online earning app to get a sense of their experience with the app. Reviews can provide useful insights into the app’s performance, reliability and potential issues that the application may have that can hinder user experience.

By reading users reviews, you can make informed decisions about whether to use a particular app and what to expect from it.

2. Terms and Conditions

The best money earning apps in India typically feature their terms and conditions on their website or their application that users need to understand before using the app. Read them thoroughly to gain valuable information on user rights, privacy policies, and legal requirements.

In a world where data drives many of the technologies, services and experiences that we encounter every day, it’s important to ensure that this data is handled securely, and user privacy is protected. Therefore, it makes sense to check out how user data is collected and used by the app, the kind of activities that are prohibited on the platform and the consequences for violating the app rules.

3. Legal Considerations

When using the best online earning apps in India, one must keep in mind several legal considerations. One of them is the income you earn through such apps that are subject to taxation. Users must report their income on their tax returns as failing to do so might result in legal action. In addition, you must also check if the state or city you reside in allows the functioning of real money games because if your state bans such an activity, it might have serious legal consequences.

4. Security Measures

Game earning apps handle sensitive user information such as personal data and payment details. Therefore, as a user, you must ensure that the app has adequate security measures in place to protect your information. Common security employed by the best online earning apps include secure logins, encryption, and two factor authentication. Also make sure that the app is utilizing a secure payment gateway that keeps your payment details secure.

5. Payment Options

When choosing an online earning app, you must consider the payment options it offers. Some apps may offer multiple payment options such as bank transfer, e-wallets, Debit/Credit cards among others while others may have limited options.

You must choose an app that offers convenient payment options that are additionally secure as well as be aware of any transaction fees or other charges associated with specific payment options.

Keep in mind these key features and important factors when you decide to explore the exciting world of real money games and you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun!

List of Best Money Earning Apps in India

1. PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi is India’s biggest online poker hub of over 30 plus active players who love to play and celebrate the glory of poker! Featuring all the popular variations with some exclusive formats of its own, experience playing poker on the most seamless and fastest user interface with your friends and competitors from all over India.

If you love poker, this is the place to be. Play for the widest range of stakes, win from massive prize pools, explore exclusive formats like ‘All-in or Fold’ and treat yourself to world class gaming on a platform where you hold the cards!

2. BalleBaazi

If you play fantasy sports, BalleBaazi is one of India’s best places to be. Play unlimited fantasy contests and championships of domestic and international events of fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi and win real cash prizes from mega prize pools.

BalleBaazi fantasy app stands out in this realm due its exclusive Player Intelligence Report that hands out information on Player and Team stats and recent records, venue performance and Fantasy points break up among others. Such a compact and precise report allows players to make informed decisions when drafting fantasy teams in fantasy matches and improve their winning chances significantly.

3. Dream 11

Dream 11 is one of the oldest destinations of Fantasy Sports in India. The competition level is high on this platform due to its large user base. Here too, you can enjoy multiple formats of Fantasy Football, Cricket and Kabaddi and play with your friends. The app features multiple payment options to facilitate safe and smooth transactions.

4. CardBaazi

If you are a sucker for card games, CardBaazi is your one stop destination for the most entertaining card games. You can play skill based card games such as 13 Card Rummy, Call Break, T23 Game and even childhood favourites like Ludo. Explore interesting variations of Rummy such as Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy among others.

Cash games start as low as INR 4 on the game app, so play them for a wide range of stakes and as per your skill level and earn while you learn!

5. Gamezy

If you want to explore games across different genres, you may check out Gamezy. They host a variety of online cash games including Fantasy Sports, Ludo, Rummy, and even fun games such as Snakes and Ladder. The real money earning app also hosts Practice games, 100% Bonus games and gadget leagues too. New users can enjoy welcome rewards up to 12,000 Bonus.

5. Winzo

Another popular choice to explore different kinds of games online is Winzo. Users can play the most popular mobile games such as Fantasy Cricket, BasketBall and arcade games such as Archery, Carrom, Fruit Samurai, Bubble Shooter 2 and Metro Surfer on the Winzo app.

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The online earning app facilitates safe and secure transactions and winnings on the platform can be instantly credited to the user's bank account.

Money Earning Apps- FAQs

Q. Which is the best money earning game app?

Any online earning app with a great user interface, player friendly promotions, variety of tournaments, secure transaction methods complemented with round the clock customer support and positive user reviews makes for an excellent choice to play and earn money online.

Q. Which cash games can earn real money?

A variety of cash games can earn you real money provided you have the knowledge and skills to earn from it. The most popular cash games that pay you real money online include Online Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports and Teen Patti among others.

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