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Board Games

The Best Board Games Ever: Turn The Tables!

Board games have been around for centuries, played rigorously, travelled across seas and dissolved into cultures of the world. Did you know the popular game, Backkgammon originated way back in ancient poker history around 5000 years ago? Such has been the glamour and appeal of board games that they still continue to dazzle our brains and power up with the greedy adrenaline rush.

Talking about nostalgia, how about we take a quick tour of some of the most classic board games that have been with us in the modern centuries only to evolve and adapt themselves into newer avatars today? Let’s see if anyone of these games misses your list.

Chess Online

Perhaps, one of the most globally popular board games, the history of Chess dates back to 1500 years in Northern India. Over time, the game caught traction as it spread across Persia and eventually Southern Europe. Global tournaments are held today, and now, Chess online tournaments are hosted via the internet more than ever. You can still play the intelligent game of Chess online on the best gaming apps and also win real money, not to mention it's one of the best board games to keep your neurons on fire!

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As you may already know, the prime objective of Chess online is to checkmate your opponent. You can make this happen when your opponent runs out of legal rules of the game to get his or her King out of your way. Like live board games of Chess, the Chess online version too features the standard rules pertaining to different pieces that are being played on the board.

Ludo Game

The Classic Ludo game is played all seasons whenever wherever. One of the simplest board games ever, this one never gets old as it fits people of all ages. With the internet springing in colourful opportunities, you can enjoy Ludo Games online without having a physical get together. Credible platforms also allow Ludo games to play for real money .

The objective of Ludo games is to use the four tokens of different colours assigned to each player to walk them safely to home without getting chipped off by another player’s tokens. A classic old game, this one never gets old!

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Monopoly is one of the best board games that must be enjoyed at least a couple of times in life. Monopoly board games are based on real and played between 2 to 8 players. To be alive in this classic game, you must become and remain rich and force your opponents into bankruptcy. At the same time, you must try to rent, sell and grow your own property. Monopoly board games are best enjoyed among growing kids offering them food for the brain while spilling in heaps of fun!

Monopoly is one of those classic dice and roll board games that requires players to roll the dice and move ahead as per the number that comes up in the dice. You can buy different properties from the bank directly if you happen to land on it provided it isn’t owned by another player in Monopoly. Play Monopoly board games to become the wealthiest player in the game today!


Pictionary is one of those perfect ice breaker and lit board games that if you haven’t tried yet, you must today! Pictionary calls for sick laughs, bizarre imaginations and crazy deductions by your teammates and makes for one heck of a game night with friends and your folks.

All you need is a white board and a marker and split up in teams of two or more. Players take turns in these board games to draw the word that has been given to them by the other team on the white board and your teammates must guess what it is. You cannot give any verbal hints to your teammates in Pictionary board games, it will be considered a foul. The team who can guess the maximum number of words scores more points and hence, wins the Pictionary board games.


Similar to the concept of Pictionary, one of the recent board games in the block is Codenames. Created in 2015, Codenames are card games best played among 4-8 players. The basic concept of Codenames revolves around two teams competing against one other with a spymaster in both teams of red and blue. The spymasters in the Codenames board games offer one word clues to their teammates that may point to several words on the board.

The other team mates in Codenames need to guess the words of their team while skipping words for the opposing team. You can also choose to play Codenames with 2 to 3 players. In this case, there will be only one spymaster. Other players must decipher the clues in the game.


Originating in South Asia, Carrom board games are the best board games enjoyed by friends and families alike and became especially popular in the 20th century. Carrom board games are typically played in teams of two. You can also play Carrom board games individually one against another.

The basic idea of Carrom board games is to pocket the carrom men in either black and white colours in the four corner pockets of the Carrom board using the Striker. All carrom men carry 10 points each. The first player or the team to pocket all carrom men wins the game.

The Red Queen carries bonus points in Carrom board games. Pocketing carrom men of your opponent’s team is considered foul. To pocket the Queen, a player must pocket it and another carrom man of his own colour right after as per Carrom board games.

The popularity and fandom of Carrom board games are so high that it led to the birth of American, Japanese and even South African variations over the decades. Other popular board games that have been around for decades among the popular crowd include the likes of Snakes and Ladders, Scrabbles, card games such as Call Break games and Solitaire games that can now be played in online gaming apps as well. Take your pick and revive the good old eras with your pals today. If any of these board games have missed your attention, we say you go for it right away and discover loads of fun!

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