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7 8 Card Game

The 7 -8 card game is amongst the most popular games in India. It is considered the two-player version of the 3 2 5 card game. This game can be played by two players using only 30 cards from the deck. The card game can be a little overwhelming to understand, but there is nothing more interesting than the 7 8 card game once you dive deep.

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In the 7 and 8 card game, one will be the dealer and another cutter in the online card game. The players can choose a dealer either by a vocal discussion or by playing any random card game. Further, the dealer will be responsible for distributing cards to both players. The other person will be called a cutter or caller, who will cut the deck into proportions.

Every round of 7 8 card games constitutes 15 hands, in which the dealer has to score more than seven hands and the cutter over eight hands. Also known as Saath Aath card games in India, it includes several clauses that the players have to abide by to win the game. You will indeed find this game online on various mobile apps that offer a premium card gaming experience.

How to Play 7 8 Card Game?

The seven eight-game, includes only 30 cards and excludes 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's of all suits and 7s of diamond and clubs. Here, the 7s of spades and hearts play an important role. After the dealer distributes the cards, the cutter will dictate the trump suit. The 7 of hearts is the highest trump suit, followed by 7 of the spades.

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Here, the dealer will first distribute five cards to both players. Further, the players will be offered five face-up cards in two batches that they cannot see. These cards will further be used in the 7 8 card games. Players will start by playing the first five-face up card initially offered to them. If both cards are of the same suit, then the highest-ranking card wins the seven-eight real money game. Also, if one of them is the trump card, it surely wins.

After the initial cards are over, the players will take two face-up cards to be played in the same order as before. The process continues until all the 15 hands are done. At last, the dealer must have over seven hands and the cutter more than eight hands.

7 8 Card Game Rules

1.The 7's belongs to the trump suit, no matter what's printed on the card

In the 7 8 card game rules, the 7s card indicates the trump suit, regardless of their actual suits. For instance, if the player plays 7 of heart, the opponent can either play a heart or seven. If both these cards are unavailable, the other player can play a non-trump card.

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2.The 7's belongs to the trump suit, no matter what's printed on the card

Another important 7 8 card game rule includes that the player who wins the first round draws a definite number of cards from the player's deck in the second round in 7 8 tash game.

For instance, of 7 8 card game rules, if the dealer wins and gets nine hands right, which is two more than required, the player will draw the two cards from the other player's hand in the next round. Here, the loser can play mind tricks to deviate the other player's attention, forcing them to draw what they want as 3 patti card game.

3.The trump card is higher than all cards

While playing a saat aath card game, the trump card has the maximum value. It doesn't matter which card you hold; the trump card will always win the hand.

7 8 Card Game Vs Poker Card Game

Both 7 8 and poker card games require skills to crack up your opponent. 7 8 playing cards is a tricky game right from distributing the cards to playing each round. In contrast, the poker game is slightly on the easier side than the 7 8 games in terms of the 7 8 card game rules.

Here, you have to get the highest poker ranking hand using only five cards. However, there are only two players in the saath aath card game, where the dealer has to get over seven hands right, and the cutter of the caller must fetch more than eight hands to win the card game.

The entire process is undoubtedly fun but a little tricky. However, you can easily play both poker card games and 7 8 card games online by downloading an application that offers a premium user experience with utmost safety.

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7 8 Card Game FAQs

Q. How do you play 7 and 8 card games?

7 8 is a tricky card game that can only be played with two players using 30 cards. Here, you will be required to choose a dealer who will distribute all cards. The dealer asks the other player to cut the deck; hence, they are called cutter or collar. After a brief round of distributing cards, both players will play 15 hands to identify the 7 8 card game-winners.

The dealer has to win over seven tricks (hands) and the cutter with more than eight hands to win. Every 7 8 playing card winner is decided through the highest-ranking rank of the two played on the board.

Q. How do you play the sevens card game?

The seven-eight card game is a mind-boggling game played with two players. One of them is the dealer, and the other one cutter. The person who will distribute the cards will be the dealer, and the one who cuts the card pile is the cutter. There will be a total of 15 hands out of which the dealer has to win more than seven hands and the cutter, over 8. In the seven-eight card game, the player with the highest-ranking card will be declared the winner.

The 7 8 card game is widely popular in India. It is one of the best games if only two people are available. You can download 7 8 card game apps to virtual play matches with friends or other app players.

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