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Durak Card Game

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An awesome online game of cards, Durak game is a shedding based game that originated from Russia but gained applause from all parts of the world. The objective of this game is to shed away all your opponents' cards.

Leftover cards convert into a draw pile. The topmost card from this pile is face-up, and the suit turns into the trump suit. The entire play comprises bouts where one player acts as a defender while the other is the attacker and they aim to beat one another.

The last player having cards in hand is known as the Durak or the ‘Fool’. The game is best played among 2 to 6 players. It is a skill-based card game based on strategy, memory and probability.

Only 36 cards from the 52 cards deck are suitable to play the game, and the rankings start from A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6. For those who love speedy and edgy games, the Durak card game is a great choice.

Durak Card Game Key Features

Here are a few things you could note when you choose to play Durak online.

  • Game Mode - There are 3 modes to play this card game- transfer, play, or throw-in with 24-36 cards. You can invite friends or even play Durak online against live opponents on gaming apps.
  • Daily Bonus - Complete quests and claim your daily bonuses.
  • Chat with players - It’s a great way to interact and indulge with your group of friends as you can play this game with in-game chats and exchange animated emojis. It also serves as a platform to discuss and learn some excellent durak strategy.
  • Fair Play - Like most online games, the Durak card game online adopts the RNG format, which assures random deck generation and fair shuffling of cards.
  • User-friendly interface - In-depth graphics and feasible optimization on all devices imparts a comfy interface that enhances the screen friendliness and navigation for the gamers.
  • Chat with players - It’s a great way to interact and indulge with your group of friends as you can play this game with in-game chats and exchange animated emojis. It also serves as a platform to discuss and learn some excellent Durak strategy.
  • Free play - The best part is you can play Durak card games online for free.

Durak Card Game Rules

Following the rules of the game can prove immensely helpful in facing off your opponents and achieving wins after wins. Let's quickly sneak over the crucial features to keep in mind:

Let's quickly sneak over the crucial features to keep in mind:

  • Deck and Dealing- From the standard pack of 52-card decks, you only need to utilize 36 cards for this game starting from the 6s and above.
  • Each player here is dealt six face-down cards, and the cards that are left serve as the pile. It is referred to as the talon.
  • The top card from the draw pile is turned face up and is kept beneath the talon to form the trump suit for this hand.
  • All trump cards from the lowest to the highest beats all other cards from the remaining suits.

Durak Gameplay

As per the Durak card game rules, here's how you play the game. Based on the main goal of shedding all your cards, here is how you begin. For starters, the game revolves in a clockwise position and comprises attackers and defenders.

Here are the basic steps to play this game.

  • The dealer shuffles the deck and all players receive their 6 cards. The rest of the cards are set aside together to form the draw pile.
  • Once the trump suit is revealed by the dealer, the player who gets the lowest trump card plays first as the attacker.
  • His goal is to beat the defender by playing cards of higher value from the same suit.
  • To successfully defend the trick, the defender must play one of his own high value cards from the same suit to beat the attacker. If he doesn't have a higher rank defending card, he can play a trump card to beat the attacker.
  • The cards are discarded when a defender wins the trick. When an attacker wins the trick, the defender shall pick up all the cards of the trick and lose his turn.
  • When this happens, the other players get the chance to shed any card that matches the rank of the cards that have been played in this round. The defender must then pick all the cards including these additional cards.
  • The turn now passes to the player seated next to the defender and a new round begins. If the attack fails, the defender becomes the next attacker in the Durak card game online.
  • The game continues this way until when one of the players has shed all his cards i.e. he runs out of cards or till a player reaches a pre-set score.
  • The player who is left with cards in his hand ends up losing and is called the "durak".

There exists different variations of the Durak card game online, as such you must check out the specific rules of the game to get started.

Durak Card Game Strategy

As per the main strategy to play this game, players need to make multiple attempts for defense and get the attacker to move on. For making the final decision, here are the things you need to consider below:

  • What are the types of cards available in your hand?
  • Which are the cards accessible with the opponents?
  • What type of cards can you pick earlier?
  • Which cards are left inside the talon?

It is ideal for attacking any player having the highest cards as the defense gets trivial for them at this stage. Another tactic to play durak games online is to save the trump cards till the very end.

Play Durak Online Card Game

Is this Russian card game alluring you and you’re wondering where to play it? Play durak online with your friends and family to stay connected and interact with fun! It is a skill-based card game, and you need to be reasonable enough for finding the right options. Learn the rules well and observe your opponents carefully to develop a foolproof strategy and beat the odds.

Try out this great game and follow all the Durak game rules to avoid being crowned as the ‘fool’. You can also explore other online skill based games like Online Poker unwind yourself and contest your skills to bag big wins on PokerBaazi! Download the app to explore the stunning world of skill based card games.

Durak Card Game FAQs

Q. How to play Durak with 2 people?

The Durak card game rules are the same for any number of players. When you play Durak with 2 players, both players take turns to become the attacker and the defender depending on whoever wins the previous trick. The first player to run out of cards becomes the winner.

Q. How do you play Durak the card game?

In this online game, every player is dealt six cards, including 1 card at a time. The aim of the game is to reduce and finish all the cards from your hand first among other players. There is no winner when you play Durak card games online; rather, the player left with one or more cards is the loser.

Q. What cards are used in Durak?

The top 36 cards of the 52 french playing cards deck are used in the Durak game. They rank highest to lowest from Ace to 6. The remaining cards are set aside. The objective of the game is to win tricks by making successful attacks and become the first player to shed all his cards.

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