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Diamonds cards

Diamond cards are one of the four standard suits of a french deck of playing cards. In fact, it is the only suit that is not adapted from the German deck of playing cards. The diamond playing cards are represented by the symbol (♦) and is of the colour red. In older accounts of German card games, it is known as Karo. The same suit of diamond cards is called Egge in Switzerland.

The diamond appears to be of a lozenge shape, a parallelogram which has four equal sides that is placed one of the points. The sides of the symbol are round in shape sometimes and the 4 vertices happen to be placed in a square that gives it the appearance of an astroid, which is a certain type of roulette curve. Most standard diamond playing cards are red in colour but in some deck of cards, they are coloured blue. If you didn’t know, the official tournament deck of the card game Skat, the diamond cards also happen to be yellow or orange in colour that is similar to a German deck of golden cards.

History of Diamond Cards

Symbolism In French playing cards

Diamonds, in their universal sense, represent light, warmth and femininity. However, if you take up their symbol in playing cards, historians claim that the four suits of the French deck of cards represented the four different classes of medieval society. Chalices and cups that are the modern hearts symbolise the clergy, coins or the diamond cards represented the merchants, Spades stood for nobility and the military while clubs and batons represented the peasantry.

The diamond cards also by contrast represented the upper class since the paving of stones in church chancels were the shape of diamonds. These stones typically marked the graves of the dead aristocrat.

Symbolism In Tarot cards

If you seen a deck of tarot cards, you might have also seen the symbol of diamond playing cards. As a matter of fact, diamond playing cards signify energy, money, courage and earthly matter.

To put things straight, the meaning of these symbols have evolved with history, earlier they used to be marked as pips of sorcerers and goblets. However, in modern historyof card games, these same playing cards including diamond cards have taken the shape of printed forms and are often perceived as social symbols that can reveal secrets of the pictures carved in a standard deck of cards. It makes sense that the diamond playing cards have taken up a more contemporary meaning of business and wealth creation. Similarly, spades represent the general struggle of life.

To sum up, if you specifically talk about the diamond playing cards, they have, over time, represented the following across time.
● Money, Coins, Pentacles
● German bells
● The element of Air
● Merchant class

Indeed, the more you dig, the more you uncover about the interesting journey of card symbolism encompassing diamond playing cards. The modern deck of playing cards include 13 diamond cards from the ranks of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In different games, they may carry special meaning and hold their own importance. Why not play your favourite card games to find out today.Hope this helps rest your curiosity.

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