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Poker Tables

The poker table has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1700s. Early poker tables were often folding tables that could be used for other purposes when not playing poker. They were typically made of wood and had elaborate carvings and inlays.

In the post-colonial and early American period, poker tables became simpler in design. They still had folding tops, but they were made with straight lines and ovolo corners. These tables were often made of mahogany or walnut.

The modern poker table as we know today is a far cry from its early predecessors. These tables are typically made of felt or Teflon-coated fabric and have a built-in rail for players to rest their arms. They also have cupholders and other features that make them more comfortable for players.

In recent years, the popularity of televised poker worldwide has led to the development of specialized poker tables. These tables are typically oval in shape and have a built-in pocket cam that allows viewers to see the hole cards of the players.

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The Modern Poker Table

The modern poker table is a sophisticated piece of furniture that is designed to provide players with the best possible experience. These tables are typically made of high-quality materials and have a number of features that make them comfortable and functional.

One of the most important features of a modern poker table is the felt top. The felt top provides a smooth surface for cards to slide across, which makes it easier for players to make their bets. The felt top also absorbs sound, which makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Another important feature of a modern poker table is the rail. The rail provides players with a place to rest their arms and cards. It also helps to keep the cards from sliding off the table.

Modern poker tables often have a number of other features, such as cup holders, chip trays, and built-in lights. These features make the game more comfortable and convenient for players.

The Future of the Poker Table

The future of the poker table is uncertain. However, it is likely that the poker tables will continue to evolve as the game of poker evolves. It is possible that we will see tables with even more features in the future, such as built-in cameras and electronic displays.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the poker table. However, one thing is for sure: the poker table is an essential part of the game of poker and it is likely to remain so for many years to come.

Understanding the Positions on a Poker Table

Understanding the positions on a poker table is crucial for any poker player. It’s part of poker strategy to exploit the strength of your position on the poker table.

Position on a Poker Table

The positions on a poker table are vastly referred to in relation to the dealer. The position of the dealer is crucial to understand whether you act first or last. In poker ‘having position on you’ refers to the player seated to your left and this player will act after you.

The dealer button moves around the poker table so that all players around the table are given equal opportunities in each position. Here’s a look at the positions on a poker table depending on where you are seated.

The Button or the Dealer

The button is certainly the best position on a poker table. After the flop, the dealer or button is the last player to act in every wagering round, therefore giving you ample information and time to make a decision.

Early Position – EP

Early position on a poker table refers to the three seats to the left of the dealer or button. Players who are in early position need to act first, thus, making it the least favorable position on the poker table. Since you are also closer to the dealer, you have a worse EP, since you don’t have prior knowledge of how other players will play this hand. The three early positions on a poker table are:


The small blind acts second to last pre-flop and is the first to act in all other wagering rounds that follow. Since a player is playing blind, it’s probably the worst position on the poker table.


The big blind goes last when it comes to pre-flop action. However, in this position you become the second player to act in all wagering rounds following the pre-flop. The trade-off to play after the SB is that you’re double his/her blind. Barring pre-flop the BB position is a losing seat in the long run.


Acting first pre-flop is certainly like a gun being held to your head, therefore the term ‘Under the Gun’. A position of pressure pre-flop on any poker table.


The middle position refers to the 3 players seated to the left of the last early position. You remain at the middle of a poker table, neither a great nor a bad spot. While it means you can play a little lose you still have a few players to act behind you and should proceed carefully in these positions on a poker table.


While the button is a great position so are the two players to the dealer’s right. These players have the best view of how a poker hand is going to play out and are in a strong position to decide whether to call, bet, raise or fold. If no wager has been placed round late position players, claim the pot by wagering. This is known as ‘the betting position’. The dealer button is one of the late positions on a poker table, the other two are:


Cutoff position is probably the best position to be a little adventurous with your poker hands. Most players in this position raise aggressively to force the button to fold.


The position is aptly christened since the button and cutoff steals are common. If you are in this position on the poker table, you’ll probably hijack the two later seat’s actions by stealing the blinds before them.

Poker tables play an integral role in a game of poker. Buy a poker table to get you started at home amongst friends, add a poker set and you are all set to explore the poker felts.


In conclusion, poker tables are the heart and soul of any poker game. Understanding the positions on a poker table is vital for every player, as it directly affects the strategies they employ. Whether at home with friends or in a casino, a poker table sets the stage for thrilling gameplay, where skill, strategy, and luck collide. So, gather your poker set, take a seat, and let the chips fall where they may on the green felt of poker tables!

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