When you play poker online, you are swarmed by a variety of players and usually, plenty of chaos. There are the loose aggressive maniacs who love to bluff and make reckless moves and there are the limpers who simply call the blinds hoping their mediocre hand might turn into a monster hand when they hit the flop. We suggest you stay away from the maniac madness, however, focus your attention on the limpers if you wish to make some easy money.

In this blog, we are going to figure out exactly how to slay these limpers in online poker games.

Be a Tactful Player

It’s an established poker rule when you play poker online, never limp if you are the first player to enter the pot. However, what should be your plan of action if your opponent is a limper?

Be the Attacker

One of the major things to remember is that opponents who are limping in online poker games are very rarely holding a strong hand. This means they are betting mostly in the hope of hitting something on the flop. In such cases, bet big and aggressively to prevent others from entering the pot and aim to make it a one-on-one with your opponent.

The other advantage you have against them is that they are usually not the most skilled poker players on the table. A great thing about raising is that limpers would mostly call a raise and then compliantly fold when they don’t hit the flop.

Scan the Table Diligently

Always observe what kind of players you have behind you when you play poker online. Be careful when you are raising and you have a skilled player behind you. They might manage to read your poker strategy and act accordingly. In this case, you can choose to bet aggressively but try to keep your bet size down. In online poker games, this gives you the easy option of folding in case someone 3-bets.

If everyone on the table is passive and tends to call a lot, then big bets make more sense when trying to isolate an opponent.

On the contrary, the table will also have players who are limping to trick you and might re-raise against your raise. So, practice on reading your opponents and then review every move you made after the game end.

Limping Behind

It is not advised to limp right at the beginning of the game, but as the dynamics change so does your strategy. Limping is more sensible when someone playing before you has limped and it looks difficult like you’ll be able to go heads-up against anyone by making a large bet.

Limping is also a decent idea when the players after you tend to call easily and you aren’t holding a very strong hand. In cases where you hand is good but players are aggressive, limping into the pot prevents them from 3-betting over you and forcing you to fold.

Let us know if this strategies helped you. Until then, enjoy unlimited online poker games on PokerBaazi and keep slaying the limpers off the table!