Poker fans often take to twitter to follow their poker celebrities closely. However, poker celebrities also take to Instagram doling out both poker strategies and life advice. If you are a professional poker player in India and mean business, you ought to be keeping up with the international world of poker. Knowledge is your only weapon in poker and you should be quenching in its fountain everywhere you can. 

We know you poker players don’t like the hassle or links or multiple downloads, all you got to do is click (since we know how much you love the click) follow on their Instagram profiles and you have an easy breezy way of getting your daily download of poker news from pokers’ best.  

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They are not necessarily the top poker players in a player’s list, however, you can enjoy brilliant and consistent content, be it grinding online or live in casinos to amazing trip snaps to firing it up in tournaments!

So, get ready to dive into the world of these awesome poker players and soak in all their live and online poker exploits at the world’s most exciting tables. It’s time to read their stories up close, enjoy what’s lurking behind the scenes, check out their hand histories and follow some high stakes poker action on the go.

Who knows what might tick for your next game?

We also think Dan Bilzerian is not the only gramer to be following in the poker community. Follow these poker celebrities who are winners both on and off the felts!