The lockdown has not been easy on any of us and neither has the unlock transition. While some might manage to stay productive, a majority scramble with their unproductive hours. Yes, as a poker player, you have enough going on and online poker keeps you going. However, we all need that break, a breather to take our mind off things, yet stay engaged and not utter the words ‘I’m bored or stressed’ especially those of you still working from home.

Thanks to online streaming content platforms like Netflix, we have terms like ‘binge-watching’. Today we thought we’d run by a few Netflix shows that poker players must watch during this unusual times. Could be the adrenaline, the suspense, the psychology or just the rib-tickling humor that qualified these shows. More so, they bring out the similarities of life skills and online poker skills and how they could be used interchangeably in our everyday life.

Let’s tune right in!

Money Heist

This Netflix Original TV series opened up the world’s eyes to great Spanish Television. The series is based on a criminal mastermind nicknamed ‘the professor’ who meticulously plans to pull off the biggest heist in history – print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

The intricate, yet sophisticated plot makes it a must watch for every poker player. From studying your opponents (profiling the people who he will encounter during the heist), to planning for future streets (having a plan B in place when plan A didn’t go their way), to exit strategies (knowing when to stop and avoid getting caught), to our favorite, outwitting your opponent (getting hostages to wear the masks), this Netflix TV series has all the traits of a great poker player!

Drive to Survive

This adrenaline pumping Netflix original series follows the world of Formula One. Even if Formula One is not your thing, this show will make it a thing! Each episode covers a formula one team, the brand behind it, the technical team, the machine and the man behind it. 

Similar to poker players, formula one drivers are making decisions in split seconds, under tremendous pressure with plenty at stake! It’s all fair in love, racing and poker we say, losing is part of the game, you take it graciously and prepare for your next race (game). It is the survival of the fittest as teams (imagine your online poker coach, your stable or even your rail) work endlessly to ensure their beasts perform on the tracks!


This contemporary Netflix TV series captures the story of a financial advisor and his family who move from Chicago to Missouri Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a substantial debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. The protagonist played by Jason Bateman is seen morphing from a smug arrogant finance advisor to a greedy money launderer as circumstances hurdle the family man into survival mode and test him repeatedly.

Marty Bryde played by Bateman is probably in the worst situation of his life and the lessons we take home from the series include finding the win-win in any situation (maximizing your EV), trusting your gut when you cannot trust anyone around you (instincts matter on the felts) and to never be sold on the ‘get rich quick’ promise, because real life cannot produce rewards all the time (be prepared for down swings)! 

The Spy

The Spy is a thrilling mini-series based on the Israeli intelligence community, Mossad. The six episodes tell the tale of Israel’s most prominent spy, Elie Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian Government in the 1960s. Undercover operations require new identities, convincing people of those identities takes commitment and Cohen is seen subtly transforming from getting jacked in his training to shifting his way of speaking, demeanor and behavior to reflect how half-a-decade of spy craft can change a man.

Very similar to the psychological warfare that plays out on the felts; from portraying a certain playing style to wearing multiple thinking hats to adjusting your moves as your opponent gets suspicious, it takes commitment and conviction to be successful in these roles. A gripping tale till the very end and a must watch!

Thanks to modern television, you aren’t just enthralled but also being educated. You never know when pop culture can open up avenues and insights for life. We hope that the above list keeps you motivated, entertained and brings out the better of you during these tough times.

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