Irrespective of your skill level in poker, the felts are competitive at every stage. With real money on the line, each player wants that cut throat edge. The edge can come in various forms and one such weapon you can use to your advantage is poker tools. A lesser explored weapon in India, online poker tools like poker HUDs are certainly the name of the game that carries great value in professional poker.

So, why not be ahead of the curve and learn the basics of the tool today? Diving into the fundamentals of poker HUDS, we shall see how they can be beneficial in India’s seminal online poker tournaments like the Endboss or the MoneyMaker. Even aspiring players who are attempting for their first breakthrough in tournaments like the PMVS and the PBBS, everyone’s going to want to put their skin in this game. What’s your game plan of how to play poker?

What are Poker HUDs?

A Poker HUD is an application that allows you to collect data and displays essential usable statistics on your opponent.

The HUD gathers data from a player’s hand histories and churns out statistics in the form of percentages that you can view as you play. The application does not mean your game of poker is on auto-pilot mode. It’s more of a co-pilot, guiding and steering you towards making the right decision on the table.

Why use a Poker HUD during an online poker tournament?

1. Ability to exploit opponents

You certainly have an upper hand and can play more exploitative poker.

2. It’s kryptonite for multi-tabling

MTTs are the new grind now. When toggling your attention between tables, there’s often an overload of information which does take a while to assimilate and process. Poker HUDs provide just the right amount of aid so that you can focus on the important decisions.

3. Great way to fix your own leaks!

The Poker HUD data also allows you to review your own game, your statistics and any deficiencies. If that hasn’t got you curious, here’s a look at the tools that might just help you unlock your full potential in online poker!

How To ‘HUD’ Wink Your Opponents with Poker HUDs-pokerbaazi
High stakes tournaments on PokerBaazi such as the PPL, Endboss and the Game Changer have been attracting an enormous number of registrations to the felts, so you can fairly anticipate players outwitting one another with the sole intent to grab such monster guarantees.

Moreover, online poker has been always anonymous and as such, sees a lot of math behind each player’s decisions. Enjoy this simple tool to explore your game during your poker warm up routine and wrap your mind with the perfect math as every week there’s some major titles up coming up to put your stakes on.

Find the complete list of latest tournament and promotions. If you are a regular, you know we keep adding new tournaments every week, so take your poker tools along to the felts and reap some big winnings!