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Poker Series

Poker is a skill and agility game that is usually played for money. The amount of money bet before the match contributes to the excitement of the game. Poker tournament series is the most interesting format of poker game, and they adhere to higher ethical gaming rules and require their participants to meet the same standards.

To participate in online poker tournaments in India, each player must pay an entry fee or buy-in to be eligible for the prize pool. The buy-in is also set up in such a way that the rake fee is revealed. A 9–10-seater table is used in the majority of poker series online. Each table is given a single deck of cards and a dealer. A player can be seated in one of two ways: randomly or by drawing from the cards.
The number of players on the remaining tables in a poker series online gets more unevenly distributed as the poker game progresses. Due to busted players, some tables may still have 9 players, while others may only have 5. When all of the poker chips in a Poker tournament series are in the hands of one player, that player is declared the winner.

Free Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Series & Tournaments in India 2021

Poker tournament series begins in two formats: Scheduled poker tournaments that start at a specific time and Sit N Go tournaments that start once a certain number of players have registered.

Most Popular and Profiting Poker Series and Tournaments in India 2021

Day/TimeEvent NameBuy InGTD
Daily 8:00 AM - 2:00 AMFree Entry TournamentFree5K - 20K
20th Oct - 24th OctEnd Boss10000+10005 Cr
Daily at 8:30 PM50K GTD [RE]100 + 1050K
Daily at 9:00PMDepositor’s Freeroll Tournaments-20K
  • Free Entry Poker Tournaments - A free entry poker tournament is one in which the buy-in is zero. These Poker series Online are mainly made for novice players who want to play online poker for free. Hosted on the PokerBaazi app, free entry poker tournaments series commence early in the morning at 8 AM and continue until late at night, 365 days a year.
  • End Boss - In upcoming Poker tournaments in India, EndBoss is the biggest Poker series 2021 solo tournament hosted by PokerBaazi. Each participant is fighting for a share of the enormous 5 CRORE GTD prize pool over the course of five days of fierce competition around the country in this latest Poker series in India. With a total of 5 lines, the buy-in price is Rs 11,000. This multi-flight competition is for those who can build a strong endgame and become the toughest opponent to battle out the pros.
  • Daily 50k GTD (Guaranteed Poker Tournaments) - A guarantee in this National poker series simply means that the minimum prize pool will be announced prior to the tournament. The Daily 50K is a great way to get ready for Sunday by entering a tournament and winning some cash and great prizes on PokerBaazi.
  • Indian Micro Poker Series - This is the largest micro stakes poker tournament in India With five trophy events and a Player of the Series Trophy, the IMPS gives you the opportunity to fight for ultimate glory. Every IMPS online Poker series has a prize pool of at least 250 times the entrance fee. Stay tuned to PokerBaazi promotions for the latest edition.
  • Depositor’s Freeroll Tournaments - This Online Poker series tournament do not need an entry fee, but a minimum deposit that is much more rewarding as a reward. If you're wanting to dive into the trials of poker and sharpen your aces, this is the game for you. By just making a deposit of Rs 200 or more, you may receive a free ticket to the daily 20k GTD freeroll pokerevent running regularly on PokerBaazi.
  • Satellite Poker Tournaments - To keep the fun alive, Satellite Poker tournaments also come into a concept. In this event, the prize pool comprises a seat in a higher-buy-in tournament from the low buy in event, and the winner gets a free seat to the Main Event usually registered for a substantial fee. They are ideal picks for those who do not have the bankroll but possess the skills to give the pros a run for their money.

Play these Poker tournament Series and Earn through PokerBaazi

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Poker tournaments in India on PokerBaazi, if you want to join the biggest Indian poker community and make constant money. Every online Poker series tournament is unique, ensuring that you get the best gaming experience that you won't find anywhere else. Download the all new PokerBaazi app now and keep winning big!

Poker Stakes in Poker Tournament Series

When it comes to Poker tournament series, the notion of Poker stakes is introduced, which makes the game less tricky. The greatest amount of money a player may utilise in a game is referred to as the stakes. It's like if a player selects 40 NL, he or she is only allowed to play against players in that range. Poker Stakes is typically divided into five categories:

  • Micro Stakes: This Poker Championship are mostly for novice poker players who want to improve their abilities. They are played with blinds ranging from 0.01/0.02 to 0.10/0.25. A player needs a lot more patience in online poker series, and it takes decent amount of experience in practice contests to become a real money player and earn money out of the game.
  • Low Stakes:- This is a one-level-up from micro poker stakes game in which the participants are more experienced and know how to play Poker series online. A player must be aware of the strategies which they have to apply in the biggest Poker series 2021 and select the table with care in order to increase their chances of winning. Recreational players prefer low stakes poker events, where they may earn between 2.5 and 5 thousand each month on average.
  • Mid Stakes:- The majority of players struggle at this point, and this mid stake Poker series online is played with 12, 2/4, and 3/6 of your blinds. Here you will discover experienced poker players with whom you will have to compete, and you'll have to acquire exponential thinking in order to better analyse your opponent. The majority of mid stakes poker games are played at stakes of 200NL, 400NL, and 600NL.
  • High Stakes:-This Poker Championship usually begins at 400NL and continues until 2000NL is obtained. Players that participate in high stakes poker tournaments have a one-in-a-lakh chance of winning, as the name indicates, they played for a huge amount of money. It is difficult to win in these games as you must be a professional.
  • Nose Bleeds:: If High Stakes is so challenging, you can imagine how much nose bleeds be difficult. Only those with a great deal of ability and bankroll to bet a large sum of money may play these Poker series online. Also called ultra high stakes poker games, buy-ins are the highest of the highest and money swings are quick and overwhelming that might cause a ‘nosebleed’.

What Poker Shark Prashant (@prasshanth11) Says?

♣ What strategies do you employ to prepare for and navigate through the increased player fields and toughercompetition during an online poker series?
        I study and review up on theory, hand ranges, and strategies and set specific bankroll for the series I play andstick to it. All the while, its crucial to maintain a positive mindset, manage tilt, and try to stay focused.In order to navigate a large pool of players, I pay a lot of attention to table dynamics to exploit my opponents’weaknesses. When offline, I continuously analyze my hands, especially challenging ones and seek advice from experiencedplayers to gain new perspectives on the game.

♠ Which online poker series in India do you consider the most prestigious or exciting, and why?
        I can only think of Endboss immediately, as it offers multiple day 1 opportunities with a reasonable cost and a hugeprize pool on day 2 for a large number of players.In general, all multi day series offer an amazing experience for players of all level to gain maximum value.

♦ What advice would you give to players who are relatively new to online poker series in India and want to make themost out of their experience?
        Start small with lower buy-ins. Participate in satellite tournaments to win entry into higher buy-in events. This cansave you money and provide access to win from bigger prize pools. Be prepared for both winning and losing streaks andmaintain a level-headed approach. Remember that poker is a game, and the online poker series is an opportunity to havefun while improving your skills. Be willing to learn, and take on a strategic approach. This way, you can make the mostout of the experience and grow as a poker player.

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