Pratibha Arya - Poker Player

Poker is a male dominated sport globally so when a woman steps up to mark territory of her own, it is worth the talk. Pratibha Arya is one of the rising poker stars in the Indian poker circuit who has been recently welcomed by India’s biggest poker platform , PokerBaazi in 2021. She is one of the truest examples of giving up one’s comfort zone to follow her passion for the thrilling mind sport, Poker. Pratibha Arya, erstwhile coder turned poker player is the talk of the poker town today.
Let's take a peek at the stimulating journey of this Delhi-based female poker player.

Inclination towards Poker

Pratibha had been an ace in school scoring 99 both in her 10th and 12th exams. The inclination towards poker came about around the final semester of college. Pratibha Arya had been playing poker regularly during the time and was going great at it. This is when she decided to take up poker professionally to devote complete attention and grasp the nuances of the game inside out. For Pratibha Arya, the transition was smooth and she didn't face any struggle to make the choice.

Achievements in the Poker World

Pratibha Arya came into limelight after she finished 10th in PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform from the house of Baazi Games’ flagship tournament in 2021. The ace champ has given the men a run for their money and represented the country at Oxford’s Poker Nations Cup and the IFMP Asian Nations Cup in Bangkok. The former techie also grabbed the WPT trophy in World Poker Tour 6-Max India poker Championship .

Pratibha Arya is one of the very few poker players who played against the Artificial intelligence bot, DeepStack and was crowned the become the Player of the league in the Match IPL’s 2nd season. The hardcore optimist recently finished 3rd in the National Poker Series (NPS), held by PokerBaazi. The National Poker Series is India's 1st ever gold medal tournament series hosted by the poker platform.

Winnings in the game

So far, Pratibha Arya has bagged over a crore in poker earnings and her largest payout has been INR 9,40,000.

Her Word of Advice to Budding Enthusiasts

All one needs to do is work on the game and how to get better with each game. One doesn’t really need support if he or she has passion for the game, support will come to you inevitably once your folks and people around you see you deliver results. No loved one discourages or demotivates you when you achieve great results. To stay motivated in the game, a great player continues to apply one’s work despite having a bad day.

Pratibha Arya’s role models in the mind sport include some of the best names in the game such as Phil Galfond, Niklas Astedt and Indian poker pro, Jagdeep Singh.

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