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Rakeback Meaning in Online Poker

Poker Rake is a fee taken by the house (casino, card room or online platform) from each poker hand or tournament played as a way to generate revenue. The amount of rake taken from each hand can vary depending on the type of game and the betting limits, but it's usually a small percentage of each pot. It is a common practice in the poker industry and helps ensure the sustainability and growth of the business.

A lot of players that opt for free poker games do not know that online poker rooms offer opportunities to win this rake back into your account or simply utilize the poker Rakeback feature to earn extra income. Let's find out, shall we?

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What is Rakeback in Poker?

When you play real money games of poker, the house (dealing side) takes a little portion of the pot as the rake or commission. This occurs each time a player delivers a playing hand during the cash game. The Rakeback meaning signifies this percentage of money-back. It deals with the amount of rake the player gets back specifically as per particular poker promotions in online poker games.

Typically, users receive between 20%-50% of the winner poker Rakeback amount in their account. However, the actual quantity differs as per the platform you choose to play at.

What is the Significance of Rakeback?

During poker tournaments and cash games, the house takes away a small percentage of their stake after each tournament. In the standard poker room-centric card game online, this is a profitable option for the platform. Typically, the winner of poker Rakeback gets a part of the saved rake in the account at month’s end or per match.

The significance of poker rakeback is that it allows players to receive a portion of the money they have spent on rake back, which can help reduce the overall cost of playing poker and increase the player's profitability. The earning potential in online poker tournaments improves via this strategy.

Poker Rakeback deals can be a crucial factor in a player's decision to play at a particular online platform or card room, as they can significantly impact a player's bottom line. In the best online poker sites, the online poker Rakeback option is usually available as part of their monthly promotions.

How Does Rakeback Work?

For players trying out the best online poker Rakeback winning poker probability, earning money through this method is not difficult. All the players at the best Rakeback poker sites can participate in the raking if they get a poker card to deal out.

To note, the scope of gaining rake is not possible if the action finishes out before flopping. In tournaments on the best Rakeback sites, players may get an extra offered percentage. This along with the amount a player originally places to participate can earn them a high winner amount. After winning a hand, players get an extra amount as well; the percentage depends on the size of the deal.

How to Calculate Rakeback?

There are three ways available to calculate the amount of online poker Rakeback you can earn in poker free mobile games online. These include:

1. Contributed Rakeback

Here, the players get a portion of the overall cash they donated to the pot. For example, the total pot amount in the online poker Rakeback game is $100. The house would get 5% of it as a rake, i.e., $5, while the winner poker Rakeback is 40%. Consequently, the Rakeback meaning in this case is $2 entering into your account.

2. Progressive Rakeback


Multi-table players gain the highest Rakeback amounts through the best poker sites via the Progressive Rakeback calculation. Casual players, on the other hand, only win small amounts as poker Rakeback percentage.

Progressive rakeback in poker refers to a type of rakeback program where the amount of rakeback a player receives increases as they play more hands or contribute more rake. This type of program is designed to reward players who play more frequently or generate more rake amount of money, and it provides an incentive for players to continue playing at the online platform or card room offering the deal.

Progressive rakeback programs can vary in their structure and the rate at which the rakeback increases, but they typically involve a tiered system where players earn a higher percentage of rakeback as they reach higher levels.

3. Dealt Rakeback

Dealt rakeback in poker is a type of Rakeback program where players receive a percentage of the rake generated by the hands they are dealt into, regardless of whether they contributed to the pot or not. The amount of rakeback a player receives is based on the percentage of hands they are dealt into, rather than the amount of rake they contribute.

Dealt rakeback is typically lower than traditional rakeback, but it provides a more consistent source of income for players who play a lot of hands. Here's an example of dealt rakeback in Poker.

Suppose an online platform takes a 5% rake from each pot, and they offer a 25% dealt rakeback program. In a particular session, 100 hands are dealt and the total rake generated is INR500. So, if the player was dealt into 50 hands during that session, his rakeback would be calculated as follows:

INR500 * 25% = INR125

INR125 * 50/100 = INR62.50

So the player would receive $62.50 in dealt rakeback for that session, regardless of the amount of rake they contributed to the pots in those hands.

Reason to Opt for Rakeback

A major benefit of online poker Rakeback is the vast winning potential here. If gaining a high volume of money is a priority, online poker Rakeback is a commonly chosen alternative. In this context, keep in mind that the best online poker Rakeback opportunity is only available on specific platforms. For the safest gaming experience, check the legal status of the best poker Rakeback games regionally.

Is Rakeback Harmful?

In the best Rakeback poker sites, rakeback involves gaining extra money without doing complex activities. For many players, online poker Rakeback doesn’t seem to be a credible option. This is mainly because of the lack of knowledge among poker players. However, the best online poker Rakeback options from popular brands are safe and are an efficient way to earn some extra cash.

How to Begin Earning through Rakeback?

The setting up process of the basics of online poker Rakeback accounts is simple. The steps here include:

  • Search for the best Rakeback poker sites.
  • Access the sign-up instructions and follow the steps diligently.
  • If you have a sign-up code/bonus code, fill it in during registration.
  • Verify your identity accurately.
  • Choose the payment method, add the minimum deposit.
  • Play cash games and tournaments to earn money and rakeback as per the promotions.

To note, most of the best Rakeback poker sites do not allow switching accounts to online poker Rakeback-centric accounts midway. Users have to create a new account to earn legit rakeback.

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Poker Rakeback FAQs

Q. What is rakeback meaning in poker?

Rakeback in poker refers to a portion of the rake (the fee charged by the house for each poker hands or poker tournament) that is returned to the player as a rebate or refund. The rakeback is usually expressed as a percentage of the rake paid, and it can be a significant source of income for players who generate a lot of rake.

The purpose of rakeback is to reduce the overall cost of playing poker for the player and provide a more consistent source of income, while still allowing the platform or card room to generate revenue.

Q. What are the best poker rakeback sites in India?

PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform is one of the best platforms to enjoy the best rakeback deals and promotions on its most popular poker tournaments and cash games. Register on the app with your user account and play cash games across stakes to avail the best rakeback poker offers and deals. and make lucrative profits for the time spent on the felts.

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