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Texas Holdem Poker

Poker is gaining familiarity around the world. The gaining popularity of poker is all because of its gaming rules and the interesting strategies associated to it. The most popular variant of poker is the texas holdem poker online.

The origin of Texas Holdem poker is unknown till date which clearly indicates that the game is ancient. With the days passing by, the informality attached with it was reduced and the game evolved to become one of the finest indoor games played at international levels. Starting from live poker, the world failed to realize when Live Texas Hold’em became online Texas Holdem.

Texas Holdem is guilty of keeping the players involved into it for very long hours since with the time, the game only turns more and more interesting and addictive. Thus, playing live player is hectic for any poker enthusiast. One might be playing for long hours on his strong will power but the body sometimes puts all the guards down. So, online poker is a solution to all the discomfort that live poker can cause due to long playing hours.

Texas holdem poker online

Playing texas holdem online has many perks practically. You get the comfort of playing at home, in your own space with your own choice of accompaniments and time. You will be the one deciding the tables, competing players, game time, stakes and buy-ins. Such freedom offered to the players has automatically etched a special place in the hearts of poker enthusiasts for online poker.

Texas holdem poker online and offline are just fraternal twins. Both of them have the same core with difference in appearance and nature. Just like in offline Poker Texas Holdem online has also consists of 5 community cards and two hole cards for each player. To win, you need to make the best combination with the 5 cards from the available 7 cards. Also, just like in the live games, online Texas holdem has pre flop, flop, turn and river round, accompanied by usual betting rules of texas holdem poker. It also requires strategies like bluff, aggressive playing, passive gaming etc. to take down the pot. The major difference is, offline poker is based on a short term observation but online poker needs you to observe your opponents over a long period and then draw conclusions. The reason is practical- when you play offline poker Texas Holdem, you are able to read the body language of your opponent who is physically present right before you but online felt doesn’t give you this privilege.

Many people have a pre-conceived notion that online poker is rigged to benefit the poker websites. Such notions are nothing more than myths. Like offline poker, texas poker online also works on algorithm, probability and combination. Even the online websites are not sure about what the board would flip in the next round. It’s all coded and works on the programming. Also, it is important to bust another myth- online transactions on the online poker websites are not safe. All the transactions on trusted poker websites like PokerBaazi  are encrypted and are safe. Most of the times, such websites also take up the responsibility of your money in terms of transactions. But ofcourse, it is very important to play on correct platforms to keep your money even more secured.