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Kanchan Sharma - Poker Player

Being a woman, it takes a lot of nerve and determination to hit the felts of poker, a highly male dominated sport, globally and in India too. Success comes only through patience and persistence, and there have been fewer female names in the global poker home even, lesser so in the Indian poker circuit.

Among this very few recognized women in India, is a name now that’s well known in the poker community. While the international arena has enjoyed some stellar entertainment from the likes of Annie Duke and Liv Boeree, India has not disappointed the female poker fandom either. From Minissha Lamba to Muskan Sethi and now the young gun, Kanchan Sharma, the female gang is enjoying a steady rise today.


Education & Career

Kanchan Sharma poker player has been lured by the innate appeal of Poker by a friend who plays poker professionally while she was an Instructional designer back in 2017. She completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce from University of Delhi.

Hailing from the stunning city of Agra, such was the charm of the game that it led her to quit her running profession which had been into for 4 years and pursue her admiration for poker into a full time career. Her current earning has been at present INR 93.88 lakhs in online poker itself. Her Personal best online score has been INR 9.39 lakhs in a domestic event. Kanchan Sharma also played live poker events and scored a personal best of INR 1.01 Lakhs in Baazi Poker Tour in the year 2019.

Kanchan didn’t know much about poker, but as she dug deeper and studied the game, her interest towards developed and grew manifold. She worked hard and gained a decent level of understanding of the game during her free hours for about 6 to 7 months and when she felt confident, she quit her job.


Kanchan Sharma poker player doesn’t follow a strict routine for her game. All in all, in a daily basis, she ensures to roll into some physical exercise as well as a bit of meditation to reboot herself both mentally and physically before her game. Besides, she makes sure to practice Yoga daily and conduct a few review sessions during daylight before she hits the tables and goes grinding. To strike a balance, Kanchan makes sure to take a couple of days in a week to rewire herself for the coming week just like a regular job.

Family and Friends

Kanchan’s family were aware of her interest in poker and knew that she had been playing recreationally for some time. When she made up her mind to play poker on a professional level, she invested her time dedicatedly toward the game before breaking the news to them. By the time she communicated her decision to her parents, they had a fair idea of her interest in poker and had seen her put her efforts into the game alongwith her full time job. As such, she didn’t face much resistance from them in spite of their initial skepticism.

How has Poker Changed Kanchan’s Life?

Poker has changed Kanchan’s way of life for the better. No other profession has taught Kanchan Sharma the value of patience and resilience in life better than Poker. Striving in this mind sport tests discipline and dedication on a level than most fulltime corporate jobs. Being a highly competitive sport, Kanchan insists on the importance of self-motivation and a healthy mindset to be on top of the game.

Future Goals

Like all the big guns and the rising stars, in the coming years, Kanchan Sharma plans to work hard towards clasping the world’s most coveted title and perhaps a bracelet along to seal her glory in poker at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

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