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Poker Stakes

Poker Stakes Meaning

Poker games are mostly played with money; however, there is no compulsion to it. To make the game more exciting and monetarily fruitful, players bet a certain amount before the match. So, if you win, you will be rewarded a sum of money played by the other players.

How to Decide The Poker Stakes You Wish to Play For?

Each online poker game has been categorised under different poker stakes to avoid any future complications. The poker stakes can be directed to the sum of money that a player is willing to invest in a game. These are usually divided into five categories of Micro stakes, Small stakes, Mid-stakes, High-stakes, and Nosebleeds.

When you play with basics of poker mathboth online or offline, you are given three choices: check, open, bet, or raise. If you don’t have to play for any poker stakes, you can call for a “check”, otherwise “open”. As the game proceeds, you can also increase your poker stakes (within a certain limit) as per your poker hands. These guidelines are essential to maintain the integrity of a poker match and avoid all confusions.

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Poker Stakes in Online Poker Tournament

Poker stakes meaning can be defined as the maximum amount of money that a player can use in the game. For instance, if someone chooses 50 NL (No limit), they are only obliged to play less than the limit. This is mainly done to reduce the risk of the table and make it more organised.

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Each poker game will fix both minimum and maximum buy-in, so the players can easily add or remove chips according to their needs. While playing for a specific poker stakes, players in no form can go beyond a certain limit. Simply put, poker stakes meaning only implies the amount of money you generally pay to join a particular poker tournaments or a cash table.

Players fix their poker stakes meaning according to their skill level and practical experience of playing against a certain level of players. As such, games too are defined into five level of poker stakes. Players can opt for any poker stakes depending on their poker bankroll management skills and game knowledge and experience.

  • Micro stakes poker
  • Low stakes poker
  • Mid stakes poker
  • High-stakes poker
  • Nosebleeds poker

Now, you get the poker stakes meaning, so you can pick your table stakes according to your level of expertise and financial strength.
For better clarity, let’s split them and do a quick brief.

Micro Stakes Poker

The beginners mostly play micro stakes poker online games. The ones that have just learned poker and want to work on their poker skills with real money games. The only player that can win in the micro stakes poker online is the one that is calm and takes due to observe the table and their opponent’s moves and focus on slowly building their own strategies.

Also, micro stakes poker online games are played with 0.01/0.02 to 0.10/.25 of the blind. This is the best poker stakes to actually practice the skills that you have learned. So, play a lot of hands and dominate other players. The true poker face meaning actually can be understood in micro stakes poker online because if you want to ace across all poker stakes, be it small stakes poker tournaments or high stakes poker, you got to meticulous from the start.

Patience pays off in micro stakes poker online. It takes years to be a pro and notch up to high stakes poker games and win handsome amount. So, if you want a boost in the initial stage, sign up on micro stakes poker sites that offer the best micro stakes poker online games with prize pools worth playing for.

If you struggle to find unique micro stakes poker sites, visit PokerBaazi and sign up to get initial bonus on your first deposit and play micro stakes tournaments such as the IMPS for buy-ins as low as INR 15 and enjoy a safer run.

Low Stakes Poker

Low stakes poker are one level above micro stakes poker game. Here, the players are comparatively advanced and know what they are doing. Low stakes poker tournaments are the safest of all poker stakes and are a great choice for those who have laid the ground work to play some smart poker across such poker stakes.

Most recreational players are attracted to low stakes poker games. On an average, players associated with low stakes poker games make between 2.5k to 5k every month. The small stakes cash game are only played with just two stakes, including 0.25/50 or 0.50/1.00 of the blind. However, those playing small stakes poker tournaments might earn higher.

Here, you need to be fluent in the gameplay and must know your strategies. You must also choose your table very carefully to accelerate your chances of winning low stakes poker/ small stakes poker tournaments. Consistency and practice are the real weapons required at this level of poker stakes if you wish to stay in it for the long haul.

Mid Stakes Poker

This is where things get real in poker stakes. Most poker players get stuck at mid-stakes due to greater difficulty. A mid stakes poker game is played using ½, 2/4, and 3/6 of your blinds. Here, you will find excellent poker players that play magnificently. You need to expand your strategic thinking horizons and think beyond your own game.

In mid stakes poker when compared to small stakes poker tournaments, you must develop exponential thinking to analyse your opponent’s game. Each move in mid-stakes poker will determine different strategies that could only develop with regular practice and home work. Most mid stakes poker game are played between 200NL, 400NL, 600NL.

High Stakes Poker

Just as the name suggests, high stakes poker games are played for an enormous amount of money. Maybe only 1 in 1 Lakh players ever qualify to high stakes poker games. Players playing such matches have already learnt every bit of poker while climbing up the poker stakes ladder.

High stakes poker games usually start from 400NL and go till 2000 NL. Each match played under high stakes goes over $1000. However, winning in such poker stakes is as difficult as luxurious, so, unless you aim to be a professional, take your time before you consider high stakes poker.


Such poker stakes games are one step even further from high stakes poker. Nosebleeds are only played by those that have earned a great fortune and are willing to risk everything to win the game. Each Nosebleeds game starts with a minimum of $1,000,000 which is quite a lot of money even for an established poker players.

However, ironically the winning rate of Nosebleed is higher than high stakes poker games due to such a conservative circle of people playing the match. Professionals can go for Nosebleed if they have such massive amounts to stake, otherwise, switching across live poker stakes is always possible.

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If you are excited to play for different poker stakes, then PokerBaazi is definitely for you. We offer both free poker and paid games to our users to encourage them to master their poker skills. You can also play high stake games without worrying about any money complications as easily as low stakes poker or even micro stakes poker online.

The poker stakes are unmatched at every level on PokerBaazi to offer you the best gaming experience without stressing on your poker bankroll. Download the poker app to join our 20 Lakh PokerBaazi squad to win and earn through poker today!

Poker Stakes FAQs

Q. What do stakes mean in poker?

Poker stakes play an important role during the betting process. This refers to a certain amount of money that a player uses to play poker game. And, once you determine the poker stakes, you cannot go beyond it. No player is allowed to switch poker stakes during an ongoing match.

Q. What is mid stakes poker?

The mid-stakes are the most used poker stakes, and most players, even experts, choose to stick to them during the game. These are mainly referred to as ½, 2/4, and 3/6 of your blinds. The mid-stakes poker includes 200NL, 400NL or 600NL. You have to play such poker stakes very carefully to safeguard your poker chips.

Q. What is a high stakes poker game?

High stakes poker games is only played by wealthy poker players and professionals who have enough experience to invest such a gigantic amount. These poker stakes usually exceed $1000 and are played 5/10, 10/20, 25/50 or 50/100 of the blinds. Beginners must not start with this, or else it could cost them a bomb if they lost.

Q. What are the small stakes in poker?

Small stakes poker tournaments are amongst the most popular ones. Poker players who have gained decent experience in the industry are primarily involved in small stakes tournaments. This only constitutes 0.25/50 or 0.50/1.00 of the blind. The small stakes poker tournament is mostly played across poker stakes between 50NL- 100NL.

Q. What is the initial stake in poker?

Players who just entered the industry and are looking to earn money through poker go for the micro stakes poker online games. These are played in 2NL, 5NL, 10NL or 25NL. It only takes 0.01/0.02 to 0.10/.25 of the blind. You can surely start by micro stakes poker online games and eventually move up the ladder.

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