Minissha Lamba - Poker Player

Minissha Lamba: The Silver Screen Star Turned Poker Pro

The name, Minissha Lamba doesn’t need no introduction. She has had a noticeable career in Bollywood and has some blockbusters to her name, sure. Movies like Bachna Aey Haseeno, Yahaan, and Honeymoon Travels Pvt Limited have showcased her acting talents and flaunted her glam quotient, but only few know that the actress is also a professional poker player .

Indeed, Minissha Lamba poker player is a phrase that is more common in the Indian poker circuit today. So, if she has been AWOL from the big screen for a while, where do you think she possibly could be? At the felts of poker. The fact is Minissha has been playing poker for almost a decade now.

Minissha Lamba is one of the top Indian poker players and has made a few appearances in national poker tournaments such as the Deltin Poker Tournament in Goa as well as the India Poker Championship (IPC). Minissha claimed the 4th spot in the Weekend Kickoff tournaments of the IPC in 2011.

The Bollywood actor cum professional poker pro kicked off her poker run with high stakes cash games and when she got a real taste of how the game works, she eventually began playing tournaments. Deltin Poker tournament is one of her favourites as her initial fun began from the hotspot of Goa and when she became a regular, she began visiting the neon lit corridors of Las Vegas.

WPT500 Aria, DPT, India Poker Championship are some of the poker tournaments where she likes to make regular appearances. Yes, the Bollywood diva has been cashing in decent money playing poker all around the world.

Minissha Lamba and Indian Poker

Minissha Lamba has been playing professional poker regularly even since. She also signed up as the first celebrity professional for a well known Indian poker site in 2017. Eventually, Lamba shook hands with the rising team of female professional poker players that includes the likes of Kunal Patni, Nikita Luther , Tarun Goyal and Amit Jain.

International Poker

Lamba participated in the first ever global poker tournament in the year 2017. She participated in the WPT500 Asia Poker Tournament held in Las Vegas in 2017.

How Minisha Perceives the Game?

They say Poker is all about maths and most professionals agree with the statement. However, the Minissha Lamba poker player likes to think differently. Like any other sport, she believes Poker to be a mental game and one must prepare with apt poker strategy . Perceiving poker as a mind sport doesn’t necessarily mean you must be intelligent in the stereotypical sense but rather you must carry emotional sensibility to be ready for the downswings that the game brings from time to time.

We love to talk about female breaking stereotypes and even more when it comes to playing a highly challenging mental sport such as Poker. Minissha Lamba are among the top three female poker players that also include the likes of Nikita Luther and Muskan Sethi. With the growing popularity of the sport in India, we can expect a greater number of women smashing the male domination of this stellar sport any time now.