Online poker games have been a game changer for the skill game of poker in India over the past decade or so. The remarkable rise in the number of players in the Indian poker community is a testament to the popularity of online poker as the century continues to unfold. As such, one can see more casual players acknowledging the game seriously by taking on online poker tournaments to level up their skills and earn real money.

So, if you are a beginner and have played enough free rolls and cash games for a while, joining the realm of online poker tournaments is an excellent choice to rev up the action. In this blog, we shall cover a few tips and game strategies to enable new players a flawless start in their online poker tournament venture. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Online Poker Tournaments Tips and Strategy

Whenever we are exploring an unchartered territory, in this case, the realm of poker tournaments, the primary goal should be to familiarize oneself with the nuances of the game through a gradually progressive approach to achieve success in the long term.

It’s easy to get excited when stepping in the tournament zone, so, these tips and strategies will focus on highlighting the dos and don’ts to be acknowledged so that you don’t mess up when you begin your real money run.

  • Start Small

Starting out with low stakes poker tournaments is the 1st wise move beginners should apply to keep their game open and analyze it thoroughly. Starting small also helps players begin their run with a smaller bankroll, thus alleviating money concerns and focusing better on the game. Losing big money can be highly soul crushing at the start, a common reason why most people quit sooner than ever thinking poker is not their game.

So, we say you refrain from this rookie mistake and stick to rule no.1. The online poker realm unlike a live game, witnesses scores of different type of players each time you hit the felts. Hence, start small and get acquainted with the variance and subtleties to build a solid grip on the game.

  1. Single Table Only

It might seem lucrative to test the waters by multi tabling at once and creating that safety net in your mind by doubling your winning stakes, however, in reality, multi-tabling can have dire consequences if you are still new to playing online poker tournaments. The key strategy to improve your game is to focus and play in a single tournament for a good amount of time until you start to develop a consistent winning streak.

  1. Use Poker Tools

This might seem irrelevant because more than often, new players do not feel the need to invest money to buy poker tools and simply assume experience alone will serve the purpose. That’s where you are highly wrong.

If you are really planning to take your game seriously, poker tools are going to be an indispensable asset to work your way up. We know it may seem as a deviation, but it’s super important to highlight how online poker tools can change your command on the game and transition you to a smart player in the least possible time.

  1. Track your wins and losses through your hand histories
  2. Check your own game and your opponent’s detailed game stats regularly
  3. Using such tools habitually can give away leaks in the game, both you and your opponents!
  4. Fix those leaks and use your opponent’s leaks to your advantage
  5. Automate many actions at the table
  6. Poker tools create the ability to multi-table and discover the most appetizing tables to help you win more money!

Doesn’t seem so lame anymore, right? A common poker tool that new players can start using from Day 1 is the Hand History tracking program inclusive of a HUD that reveals detail game stats on every hand played by you and your opponents. Such a tool lets you analyze no. of hands played, pre flop raises, 3 bet percentage, and aggression factor of an opponent and so on.

  1. Play Tight But NOT Aggressive

Playing aggressive first hand at the beginning of your first few online poker tournaments is not so wise as charming as it may though seem. This strategy is only used by players having enough experience with poker tournaments, so, in the beginning, simply play tight.

For a clear view, take note of these points.

  • Avoid playing too many hands and instead observe your opponent’s betting patterns very closely
  • Avoid playing trash hands
  • Play medium strength hands only when there’s a potential draw in sight
  • 3-bet on premium hands pre flop such as AA, KK, QQ

Get ready with these strategies and join a couple of online poker tournaments that feature lucrative guarantees for minimum buy-ins using these pointers and see how it builds your game.

PokerBaazi announces Bankroll Builder Series (PBBS) May, 2020

Selection of the right poker tournament is crucial for new online players who are about to roll in with their hard earned money. So, we have something special arranged for you today that can offer a mega head start to your online poker tournament run for good.

PokerBaazi (PB), a trending online poker room in India has announced its fresh monthly edition of the PokerBaazi Bankroll Builder Series for micro-stakes players and those planning to kick off their real money run on a high note but for lesser money.

PBBS Highlights:

  1. 29 online poker tournaments for a INR 6LAC total prize pool hosted live on the PB app between 25th-31st May
  2. Buy-ins range between INR 15-500 offering new players incredible chances to build your bankroll from scratch
  3. Play the Highroller 1.25 GTD for a buy-I of just INR 500!
  4. Multiple exciting formats such as Win the Button and Progressive Knockout tournaments
  5. Additional incredible Leaderboard prizes worth over INR 55,000

This is definitely one of the safest and most profitable online poker tournaments so far in the history of online poker in India where new players can enjoy a confident run by boosting their chances to win plenty of real money and create an attractive bankroll for buy-ins that hit the spot.

So, go ahead, get those tools you need and apply your poker brain in the felts and go head on for some nail-biting action only in the tournaments that’s on your side starting today!