Online multi-flight poker tournaments are a delight for any professional poker player and by far the most preferred format of the game. So, what makes multi-flight poker tournaments such a chip magnet?

Definition: Multi-flight poker tournaments are phased tournaments with more than one entry day. Each starting phase plays up to the same point and all remaining players qualify for the final phase. The final phase comprises players from all other starting phases.

Here’s a look at the upcoming MoneyMaker online poker tournament flight schedule to help illustrate the above

Play the 1CRORE GTD on 18th October, 2020

India’s first ever 1 CRORE GTD online poker tournament brand, THE MONEYMAKER, is back with its latest edition! Enter the tables on 18th October at 7:00PM to win big and join the glorious poker circuit to be a part of Indian poker history.

Buy-in directly for 10,000 + 1000

The MoneyMaker 1 CR GTD can be played for a direct buy-in of ₹11,000 with multiple re-entries. A stellar opportunity to multiply your investment to nearly 1000X on your buy-in!

  • Fret not if you haven’t got the desired buy-in, play its satellites starting for just ₹22 and receive incredible value for your effort and amazing skills. Satellites to the multi-flight poker tournament are live already!

Join the following qualifying tournaments to the mega-event:

  • Play Step-2 satellite for just ₹550 DAILY at 6:00PM
  • Play 2-seat GTD satellite for just ₹1100 DAILY at 8:30PM
  • Play the hourly Step-1 satellites for just ₹22 DAILY between 12:00PM and 6:30PM
  • Get FREE ticket by using special deposit codes. Click here for all details.

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What’s more?

  • Players can choose to qualify to the final phase by playing any one of these starting flights.
  • Players cannot register for the final phase directly, they can only qualify for it from one of the starting phases.
  • A player can take part in more than one starting phase as long as he/she is not registered in more than one flight at the same time. Effectively, a player cannot qualify for a final phase twice.
  • A phased online multi-flight poker tournament has only one prize pool which is gathered by all the starting phase tournaments and summed up to the final phase. The prize pool distribution occurs only in the final phase.

The best feature of multi-flight poker tournaments is that any time a player fails to qualify to Day 2 through a particular flight can take another shot at the same tournament by playing another flight. Now, isn’t that awesome? With that set in stone, let’s get to enjoy some bites from the poker pros themselves. We asked professional poker players and serial crushers on PokerBaazi for some poker gyaan on multi-flight poker tournaments, here’s their dope.

online poker tournaments

Laksh Pal Singh

“There are multiple factors to consider in multi-flight poker tournaments. Tanking a bit if you’re short in the final level helps. Putting pressure on shorter stacks who are looking to bag is also a strategy you can use towards the end of Day 1” “Strategy is obviously to go into Day 2 with a big stack. Generally, go ham in the starting flights and try to bag big. Also, if I bag, I don’t fire again (re-buy in), since it’s the biggest stack forward and as it is pretty hard to bag.”

Waiting to see this gunner at the MoneyMaker and check what new poker tricks he has up his sleeve.

Vinod Megalmani

“In multi-flight online poker tournaments, keep track of those bullets. The aim is to make it to Day 2 and from there, stack size doesn’t matter. But, if you do make it through day 1a with 50BB, I would advise you to not fire again, at least I wouldn’t. I discipline myself to one bullet each flight and probably go crazy last flight if needed.”

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Can’t wait to see this Bangalore pro set the MoneyMaker felts on fire!

Gaurav Sood         

“Just play the best you can and take all the spots you can to make a worthwhile stack and even if you don’t have a big stack for Day 2, it’s a new day, new possibilities. Good luck! “

Eager to watch this young gun blaze the MoneyMaker felts!

Well, you have it from the pros themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Make your way to the MoneyMaker satellites right away and guarantee yourself a seat for India’s much-awaited online poker tournament of the year. Literally a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ at poker glory with 1Crore guarantee, so make each hand count!