Superstition is an abstract noun which is both revered and laughed at by people. Some believe in them religiously while others mock both the beliefs and the believers. The veracity of superstitions is an unknown theorem practically but believers do claim that these impact one’s life hugely.

Like any other field, poker is no stranger to this culture. The following are some of the superstitions related to poker games that has been touted by the poker community over time.

Aces and Eights

Although these two cards, separately, is considered to be quite a good beginning, the combination of both is considered to bring ill luck for the player possessing them as his hole cards. The combination is also touted as the Deadman’s cards.

This pair got stained because this was the combination that gun-slinging lawman, Wild Bill Hickok, a folk hero of the American Old West, held it in his hands when he was murdered in Deadwood, South Dakota at the Number Ten Saloon in 1876. Poker players vouch on the fact that this combination brings ill-luck. 

Three Sixes

This is an intriguing superstition strongly followed by poker players of the Christian cult and also those players who are inherently superstitious. The biblical reference to this combination is, 6-6-6 is an anti-Christ symbol. The combination is considered to be satanic and thus, a lot of poker players fold their cards if the flop-flips 6-6-6, unwilling to encourage Satan.

Pocket Jacks

This one is a result of lack of skill. Technically, pockets jacks is a great poker hand to start a poker game with but using it in strategically is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, its quite difficult to exploit the combination and as a result, most poker players lose the game with pocket jacks as their hole cards. Eventually, this combination in poker games created a reputation of being ominous in nature.

We hope you enjoyed this fun read and learned something new about its cultural and historic connotations over the decades. We say you hit the tables and play these hands your way to prove otherwise.

All the best.