Times have been trying these past couple of years and we all could use some mood lifters occasionally. Online mobile games are the perfect recipe to fit your weekend palette and kick in some adrenaline and turn on the fun meter. 

Maddening drama, surgical kills, gripping storylines and heaps of fun, these online mobile games in India will not let you turn heads for as long as you’re in it. So, when you feel beat after a relentless session of poker, loosen up and do yourself a favour.

Online Mobile Games in India

Find another gear and get on the adrenaline train with one of these awesome online mobile games in India. We’ve got a bit of everything for you.

Among Us

Released in 2018, Among Us is a space themed multiplayer online game that online mobile gamers are totally obsessed with. It is basically a survival game where players with groups of 4-10 complete missions on the spaceship and other stunning locations.


While a crew of 4-10 players are busy completing missions, the rest of the crew, usually groups of 1-3 (alien imposters) are hell bent on sabotaging their efforts and killing them.

Therefore, being either part of the crew’s missions is to 

  1. Complete the missions OR
  2. Kill the imposters

If there are an equal number of imposters and crew members, the imposters win. And if the crew fail to complete any catastrophic mission, the imposters win again! 

How to Play Among Us?

When the Among Us mobile game starts, you will be assigned a crew and based on that, tasks will be assigned to you and the goals need to be met accordingly. If you are a crew member, you will need to give a hand in repairing the ship or the colony while keeping an eye for the imposters.

Some tasks can be challenging then others but you will figure it out, ask help from team mates if need be. What makes this one of the most popular free online games is the part where you get to play the alien!

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If you are an alien, it’s wicked! Even though you will see a list of tasks and their map locations, you can fake them because your real goal is to find ways to sneak up on the crew guys, isolate and kill them all!


Launched in 2017, Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale online mobile game in India with colourful cartoonish graphics hitting the spot especially for kids. Although Fortnite is not available on Play Store and App store in India right now, we couldn’t shy away from this delicious mobile game. It is indeed the perfect PV game to hang out with friends virtually over the weekend and get some kills!


How to Play Fortnite online?

The main goal of Fortnite like most battle royale inline mobile game is to be the last man standing or the last team standing in the island when the rest are eliminated. Players can enjoy using awesome weapons, ride cool bikes and cars, enjoy visually stunning sub modes, special events and even enjoy new seasons featuring exclusive themes. 

Besides the Battle Royal mode,you can enjoy some really sick game modes in Fortnite – Creative mode, Party Mode and Save the World. The Creative mode lets you be the king of the island by allowing you to form your own rules and games with the help of interesting tools allowing you to create your own vision for the island! 

The Party mode is exactly what it sounds like- you get to chill! It features aerial obstacle courses, movies, boat races and even live concerts featuring top artists. Enjoy!

Forza Street

Wanna race till the finish line in style? Forza Street is the online mobile game in India you need to dig in for a truly cinematic adrenaline packed experience. Designed exclusively for smartphones, you get to collect and assemble your dream collection of cars to compete in speed driven cinematic races in Forza Street. 


Whether you are new or a veteran from the Forza world, the mobile gaming experience promises equal fun! This popular online mobile game in India is heavy on space and consumes around 1.9 GB, so make sure your smartphone can handle the gun.

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How to Play Forza Street?

The controls to play Forza are pretty simple. Just hold the button on screen for gas and lift to let go of the brakes! However, you need to be sharp with your skills behind the wheels at the corners to collect free nitrous boosts. Forza Street is your ideal weekend partner in crime as you have plenty to dig in throughout the game story.

The goal of Forza Street is simple: complete all the story events. The selection of cars is crucial in Forza Street as it allows you to finish events quicker than usual. If you love a stunning car collection, Forza is your jam because you get to collect cars into different eras and kinds.

You can collect iconic cars from the modern and classic eras and also enjoy a diverse collection and choose street cars, sports cars, supercars and even muscle cars! Start with the tutorial for buttery smooth racing ahead. Forza Street is not a real money game, its all about killing time the free way!

Pokémon G0

Launched in 2016, this is one of the most popular online mobile game in India that doesn’t need any introduction. Pokémon G0 is an augmented reality online mobile game in India in which the world is infected by virtual creatures called Pokémons and you need to catch them.


After becoming the most profitable mobile games ever in the 1st year of launch with more than $500 million downloads, it later went on to become 2020’s bestseller. It has been critically acclaimed for its GPS cum AR technology that promotes physical activity in this game by encouraging you to be on the move.

The concept behind Pokémon G0 is that it uses the GPS of your smartphone to locate and capture virtual creatures called Pokemons that are hiding around you in this very world. You are a human and also a Pokémon trainer and your job is to fight them against one another after capturing them just like the original Japanese game of 1996.

How to Play Pokémon G0?

Once you have settled with your gaming avatar, you land in a virtual world of Google Maps, aka the world around you. As you move around, your avatar moves as well and your phone vibrates when you are close to a nearby Pokémon.

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The Pokémon then pops up on the screen, so you tap on them to try and grab them. They can be of any possible species, so expect the unexpected such as ghost bugs, poison, flying, psychic, grass, water and what not.

Things to Know in Pokémon GO:

  • You catch a Pokémon by throwing a Pokéball at it by tapping and holding on the Pokéball. When the ring becomes the smallest, flick the ball directly at the creature by releasing your finger and get the Pokémon in it!
  • There’s a backpack that lets you pick up and store items throughout your journey.
  • Pokédox lets you see all Pokémon that you have collected so far.
  • Go catch some!

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