Are you a thrill seeker? Does that adrenaline rush make you an invincible poker player?

Open Face Chinese poker is the latest rage in the country as it offers a break, filled with thrill and excitement. If that’s the case with you, we must tell you that PokerBaazi offers several formats of the poker game with their own OFC poker rules and features to drool over. We offer three exciting OFC poker variants: regular OFC, progressive OFC and ultimate OFC. Now that’s thrilling enough to get all of the adrenaline junkies hit the OFC tables! Assuming you know the basic OFC poker rules, let’s learn how to play  poker (OFC poker) during the initial stage of the game.

Learning The Point System Is crucial

In order to build poker hands that let you score the highest on an OFC table, you need to learn the point system. Want to hit a strong hand in OFC? Build it keeping in mind the scoring system. For example, a four of a kind in the middle row gives you 20 extra points. Yes, OFC poker rules extend to all rows letting you earn bonus points!

tips to play open face Chinese poker-PokerBaazi

Setting of the first five hands is critical

Poker pros believe that it is wise to try and go for the highest scoring possible hand right from the beginning. Worrying about fouling can be taken care of later in the game.

Pay attention to Position

Not being in position in Open Face Chinese Poker makes it difficult for a player to freely act towards building the strongest hand with the first five cards. Entering fantasy land becomes much more difficult because you need to act aggressively to do the same. However, if you find yourself in position, think and act towards entering fantasy land only.

Keep track of all live cards

While you’re working to set the strongest “OFC Poker Hand“, you need to keep an eye on your opponent’s cards. Be aware of what’s happening on the table. We’re pointing this out only because players tend to get engrossed in setting their own hand.

Observe your opponents

Like all poker variants, it’s vital to keep an eye on your opponent’s hand in Open Face Chinese poker. If it looks like he/she will end up setting a foul hand, try to play safe. Don’t make risky moves such as trying to enter fantasy land.

For more tips and strategy specific to fantasy land, read OFC Poker: Fantasyland with Friends

It’s time for you to reap the maximum benefits out of your newly acquired Open Face Chinese poker skills. If you didn’t know, playing OFC poker on PokerBaazi is doubly fun! Your get to earn exclusive Reward Points at the Cash tables and unlock our Premium list of Baazi Rewards besides your winnings.

The exciting prize list offers rewards such as Jaguar Xf, iPhone 11 Pro, a trip to Vegas, MacBook Pro, redeemable chips up to 2,50,000 and much more. If you still carry doubts, check our simple poker tutorial and start playing like a pro! As we mentioned above, you got three thrilling variants to choose from giving you enough reasons to ease your cravings for online poker action.