Playing with the mind of opponents is an interesting strategy applied by professionals and aspiring players in skill based games. Similarly, when you play live games of poker, a crucial strategy employed by professionals and learners alike is figuring different kind of tells of players.

Poker Face is one of the common defenses used against such attempts made by opponents. A Poker face essentially means a neutral expression put on by players in order to shield the strength of their hands during the game. Live poker games are where the expression, Poker face comes to life.

This blog is dedicated to the various tells and innuendos given away by players in live games. Unveil that hard shell of a poker face and their distinct bodily tells and you can gain significant amount of information or may be a general idea about the hand of your opponents on the table. Here are a few ways you could do it.

Know the Player

When you play live poker games, it is crucial you play with a certain player long enough to be able to decipher his poker face and other tells correctly. That is because professionals can use these tells, especially the widely known ones as a reverse poker strategy to induce a range of actions from other players at the table. Take your time to understand their moves and bodily reactions during specific hands.

The All-in Tell

In games of Texas Hold’em Poker, the All-in move is widely used either when you really got a strong hand or you are pretending to have one. This scenario usually occurs usually in the turn or the river, so you need to observe the betting pattern of the player and see if the All-in shove really adds up. Look if the player is making eye contact with a poker face or his body language has turned mischievous. And then, make your call.

Taking Time

Taking extra time to make a move is a certain poker tell that inevitably shows when making a move with a tricky hand.  Such tells usually vary from game to game and deciphering them isn’t as easy. While checking a move is a clear sign of a weak poker hand, calling bets too quickly also suggest weakness if not a pure bluff.

Calling on the flop also signifies that the player either has a drawing board or a middle or a bottom pair. On the contrary, if a player takes a minute and a half to act, it just might mean that he is trying to deceive you by showing indecisiveness when in reality, he is carrying a strong hand.

The Chilled Out Dude

This player is the one to watch out for. He can seem weak and relaxed but might turn out to be the underdog on the table. If you witness a player in an early position shoving an All-in but sitting relaxed and completely detached from the table, chances are you should take this guy seriously.

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Such players might seem weak but they definitely know their game and can many a times, throw you a curve ball. Follow their strategy well from the beginning to make the ideal move.

Final Thoughts 

If you are a casual player hitting the live tables occasionally, the thrill and the pressure of social interaction may get to you. In such a scenario, it is important not to get intimidated by the dynamics of the game or it could easily lead to your undoing. 

Assuming a poker face must be the thumb rule at all costs. Remain stoic and try not to react to any kind of extremities no matter the nature of the hands you are dealt with.

Professionals typically, carry a similar face whether they are betting or folding in live poker games. Once you can master your bodily tells at a live table, you are less likely to get caught or be beaten in your own game.