Poker is the utmost popular card game in the world. Everyone is well aware of the fact that popularity is directly proportional to inevitable myths. So, with poker fame, there comes many myths too. These type of misconceptions mislead people who are working hard to try and improve their games. 

Poker is a game where only about 20% of all players make huge sums of money, and the remaining 80% think they’re good, just unlucky. It’s tough to spend time at a live poker table without hearing all kinds of weird myths and false truths waiting to be proven wrong.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular poker myths and bust them.

  • Aggressive Players are Better

The statement often used- aggressive players are better, is untrue and unrealistic. Aggressive poker players are more susceptible enough to lose more money as they do not think twice before putting their chips at risk. You can only win poker games if you have patience and tend to make right decisions under stress.

  • Poker is a Game of Luck

This poker myth is rampant. Well, we don’t say that luck has nothing to do with the game, but poker is indeed more than that. You need to have a lot of desire, ambition, skills, emotional intelligence, experience and of course, knowledge to win the game.

  • Online Poker is Not for Beginners

This poker myth is ridiculous. Online poker works awesome both for learners and experienced poker players. There are significantly a larger number of advantages to playing poker online as opposed to live. 

You don’t need to worry about your body language, there will be no distraction and you can just be yourself. This is something that would help an amateur player because in a live setting, a newbie will be intimidated by regulars at the poker table as compared to an online poker table.

  • If You Cannot Read Your Opponents, You Cannot Win

There exists such a large number of online poker pros out there, how are they winning? Reading your rivals can help you, however, it isn’t the main factor. There are numerous more things to be excelled at to win a game, like experience, patience, betting rules and strategies, adaptability and basic understanding.

  • Best Poker Players Always Bluff

While it is true that bluffing can help you win a game, yet doing it all the time can be ruinous for you in the long run. There is no point of bluffing if the risk factors are high and you have nothing to support the poker bluff. So, it is recommended to use bluffing in moderation.

  • You Get More Bad Beats Online

Often people come with the statement that the poker players get more bad beats playing online poker than you do playing live poker. The cards online are just as arbitrary as there are in live games, so there isn’t a greater probability of you receiving a bad beat when playing online. You play a lot more poker hands in the same duration in online poker as compared to live games.

The ratio of bad beats still remains the same for the 2 variants in poker, but since the absolute count of hands where a player gets bad beats might be higher due to the significantly higher number of hands played, people tend to believe that they get more bad beats online.

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