When Chris Money Maker won the WSOP main event poker tournament, the biggest of all world poker tournaments from a 10 USD satellite, he started what is now known as the “Moneymaker effect”. Seeing him compete and win against some of the best poker players alive back then as an amateur, skyrocketed the popularity of poker in America. It also gave all aspiring poker pros something to dream about.

Santhosh Suvarna has done the same for all poker players in India today. His score of 45 crores in the 250k USD World Series of poker Super high roller (yes that is indeed the entry fee) is a landmark achievement in Indian poker history.  It’s the single highest amount of poker prize money any Indian player has ever won.

Picture this, you are Santhosh, you are playing for a massive buy-in against a lineup full of literal poker legends in the flesh. Phil Ivey, Adrian Mateos, Brian Kim, Ben Tollerene. Some of the best high-stakes pros not just today, but in the history of poker. You are a successful businessman from Bangalore. How would you feel? Scared, anxious, like you have no chance?

Santhosh couldn’t care less, he played in survival mode and let the pros duke it out. Ben Tollerene emerged victorious with the last 4 remaining, he had most of the chips in play.

Faced with an all-in by Chris Hunichen, Santhosh let the spirit of Doyle Brunson guide him to victory by trusting the Ten Duece or the Texas dolly to lead him to victory and it sure did. Chris was out and it was down to Santhosh and Ben. Santhosh was still at a slight deficit but he had survived an onslaught of poker sharks throughout the tournament, he was unfazed and ready for the final fight.

It was a tough match but Santosh played phenomenally against adamant opposition and won enough chips to put himself in a dominant lead and completely turn the tables. Ben’s last hail mary in the Queen Four didn’t come through for him as Santhosh flopped a pair with his Ten Seven and created History.

“I’m feeling very happy,” He said “Every day I’m learning, I’m going deep in every tournament.”. His audacious playstyle, total fearlessness and adorable personality have won the hearts of not just those who play poker tournaments in India but all across the world as well.

Congratulations legend, thanks for bringing another WSOP win home for us!

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