Teen Patti, a popular Hindi version of the traditional three-card game, has been enjoyed in India for ages. Also known as Flash, it’s an exciting alternative to three-card poker. This blog explores the key sequences in Teen Patti that can help you create winning hands.

What Exactly is a Teen Patti Sequence?

In Teen Patti, a sequence refers to the specific combination of three cards dealt to a player. The value of these sequences determines the strength of your hand.

The biggest sequence in the game is held by a player who has 3 cards of the same value but belonging to different sets. To cite an example, 3 Aces, 3 Kings, 3 Queens, or 3 Jacks are generally considered the highest sequence in 3 Patti. As can be seen here, the value of these cards determined the rank of the sequence.

3 Patti Sequence List

The sequence list in Teen Patti determines the strength of your hand and ultimately your chances of winning. Here’s a concise guide to the Teen Patti sequences:

1. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)

  • Description: Three consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Example: 3, 4, 5 of Diamonds
  • Highest: A-K-Q
  • Lowest: 4-3-2

2. Color Sequence (Flush)

  • Description: Three cards of the same suit, not in sequence
  • Example: 3, 5, 9 of Clubs
  • Highest: A-K-J
  • Lowest: 5-3-2

3. High Card Sequence

  • Description: No sequence, pair, or same suit
  • Example: Any three random cards
  • Highest: Ace
  • Lowest: The card with the lowest rank

4. Trail or Trio Sequence

  • Description: Three cards of the same rank
  • Example: A-A-A or 2-2-2
  • Highest: A-A-A
  • Lowest: 2-2-2

5. Straight Sequence

  • Description: Three consecutive cards, not of the same suit
  • Example: Jack of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, King of Hearts
  • Highest: A-K-Q
  • Lowest: 4-3-2

6. Pair Sequence

  • Description: Two cards of the same rank plus one different card
  • Example: Two Kings of any suit
  • Highest: A-A
  • Lowest: 2-2

How to Make the Highest Teen Patti Sequence?

Here are a few tips to help you make the highest sequence in Teen Patti and increase your chances of winning:

  1. There are no bad cards in Teen Patti. You should be adept at getting an idea of the hands that your opponent holds and wager accordingly. Don’t be in a rush to fold.
  2. Start small. The best way to play Teen Patti is to play more hands while wagering low. As you play more, your chances of winning a sequence also increase correspondingly. You can then place more bets as you gain skills and confidence in the game.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Working on enhancing your skills is a key Teen Patti priority. The more you practice the game, the highly likely you are to win over your opponents.


Teen Patti, a beloved game enjoyed both traditionally and online, is simple to understand and play. To truly master it, regular practice against opponents is key.

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Disclaimer: Playing online poker and other card games can be addictive. We encourage you to play responsibly and have pure fun with the game.